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The Monotony of NYC

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The Monotony of  NYC - Page 3 Empty Re: The Monotony of NYC

Post by Plural March 20th 2012, 11:09 am

Serpent watched as her pets were beaten and slapped around by the caveman with a look of pure contempt. How someone could have such a general disregard for the life and wellbeing of another creature, especially ones so majestic and nobel as the snake was beyonf her realm of understanding.

She allowed her lips to curl into a wicked smile as the beastly bumbling behemoth fell to his knees in anguish when the venom of her familiar seared into his flesh and melted the organic material from his bones. it was satisfying to see him begin down the path of penance for his folly.

" Sseee? Now was that so hard? You got all worked up for so little an accomplishment. If only your allies would stop fighting now too everything would be just fine. We could walk away. You could walk away. Everything would be...Did your mothers never teach you to thro things at people. Especially not at ladies. i'm apalled by this violent behavior," the snake woman mused, her words thick with persuasion as she lifted a hand and with an emerald nail pointed at the giant snake flying towards her and it writhed in midair, transforming into a puff of acrid deep green smoke.

She made the mistake of turning her attention back to Gwharr however as the explosive met its mark a moment later striking her in the chest just before it exploded with its kinetic reverberation, hurling the woman back almost 30 feet into the museum with a girlish scream of pain, something her body was mostly unintended to handle. The remaining three snakes hissed violently hearing the pain of their mistress. With alarming alacrity they slid themselves across and over everything in their way until they coiled themselves on the steps to the museum that would be the main approach to the witch who was master to them.

The remaining police cars were still milling about as well as two careened towards the mighty caveman hoping to monopolize on his moment of seeming defenselessness. One killed its lights and silent like a cruise missile, speed along from behind the armored hero and hoped to knock him off his feet again so that the tech head villain could try and pound him into the dirt. The last vehicle left available kicked up dirt as it turned towards the youngest among them and went to distract him for but a moment.

All would've been well except for the otehr grenade Plural had used earlier. It too found its mark on the ground right in front of Binary who had been too busy staring down Retaliate to notice the orb. The resulting pulse of energy sent the man flying as well with tremendous pressure , slamming him into the wall beside the hole the pair had crafted earlier. The impact came with a sickening crunch as he bounced from wall to cold unfeeling concrete, blood oozing from his mouth. The Guy struggled to get back on his feet and continue but all he could keep thinking was 'Why am i doing this? I'm too smart to be a super villain or at least the sort of villain that pulls his own hesits...'

Plural pumped his arm forgetting his place for a second ntil the flash of red and blue told him one of those damned police cars was on his left. he was a moment too slow to catch it and it hit him causing his force field to shimmer into visibility for a moment as it helped him to absorb the impact before he gave the car mighty forearm slam to the hood and the engine sputtered and the car bucked. the moment of vehicular hesitation allowed him the chance to gain traction with his feet and that was all it took for him grip the grill and tug the car up onto its trunk and with a few kicks he bent the axel and then rolled the car onto its side turning his attention back to his two allies in this, aware that both were in pain from his sensory link with his sentry like clone.

"Roll on the ground Captain! Get that stuff off of you or it's going to keep gnawing at your everything!" the blond hero advised, sprinting over towards the guy before anything else bad started to happen.


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The Monotony of  NYC - Page 3 Empty Re: The Monotony of NYC

Post by EndZoner March 20th 2012, 7:08 pm

Jason was charging at Binary when his danger sense was activated which aleted him that something was coming at him fast, "What? But I don't-", Jason was interupted when he was rammed by a police car and smashed through the windshield, "Woah!", Jason yelped as he claws his way into the car and seated himself in the drivers seat. "I wonder if I be on the news for being a menace on the road?", Jason said to himself as he grabbed the stearing wheel and try to control the car. However the car seemed rebellious and begins to swerve around in an attempt to discourage Jason from doing what he is doing. With his strength, Jason stear with force and ran over a demonic anaconda which seems to mad about that. The anaconda use's its reflex and strength and flipped the car over. Now upside-down, Jason tries to to get out of the car when he saw the anaconda slithering towards him. Getting back in the car, Jason formed a blade on his right hand and positioned himself to punctured the gas tank of the car and ignite it. The anaconda was getting closer, but Jason need to time himself to kill the snake in the explosion, the snake sinks its fangs into the car to shake Jason out, and instantly Jason thrust his blade into the gas tank, whiched caused an explosion that blew the head of the snake off. Jason rose from the wreckage of the car, "I should really stop my fights from ending in catastrophic outburst's.", Jason said as he began making his way to the museum to deal with the other two snakes
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The Monotony of  NYC - Page 3 Empty Re: The Monotony of NYC

Post by Troglodyte March 21st 2012, 11:38 am

the pain was so intense that the Great, Grunting, Grargantuan Guy could barely move. His vision was blurred, and his brain was all confused and panicked. The only thing that made the caveman not give in to the injury and lie down and merely scream was the fact that no pain lasted all that long for him. It was his only consolation, and the mangra he clung to with all the mental strength that he could muster. It was hard, though. as he looked down he could see a few small puddles of reddish sludge. In his pain-addled mind he breifly wondered where these puddles had come from, but within two seconds he realized taht this unsightly sludge had once been his face. Skin, bone, hair and cartilidge melted down and mixed up with the hightly corrosive, acidy venom. However, the hot burning sensation soon tourned to a dull ache as the acid started to lose it potency, due to being mixed up with too much of his blood and flesh. And that in turned allowed his regeneration to initiate.

Gwharr looked up at the witch, half of his face looking like nothing but a pile of slaughter-offal with bits of bleached bones poking forth here and there. His eye was gone, and his lips had be disolved, revealing the unsettling rictus-grin of the skull benath it. The other, mostly undamage side of his face was all but undamaged. Untill recently it had been a mask of pain and rage, but now the pain had vanished from his brutish, primitive facial features, leaving nothing but a rage and a lust for blood. The dull ache was soon replaced with a somewhat pleasant itch that let the caveman know that his regeneration had finally kicked in. His flesh was growing back over his skull, and a white lump that was going to become a fresh eye was already forming in its socket. To an onlooker it seemed like a recording of the acidity played backwards, but without the green logey present, and much, much faster.

"To hurt me, but to not be hurt for long! To just be angry now. To take it out on you!" The caveman said, his face almost completely reformed, with a few of the irrevorcably damaged bits dropping off to be replaced by fresh cells. Gwharr leant back, parting his hands as much as he was able, before slamming them together with as much force as he was able, and a shockwave towards the two evil-doers in front of him, knocking over cars, and blowing all snakes that stood in its way into the air. The jarring noise of glass shattering could be heard as most of the windows in the surrounding building gave way before the caveman's destructive attack
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