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The Chaos Queen (open)

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The Chaos Queen (open) Empty The Chaos Queen (open)

Post by Arcana February 9th 2012, 5:54 pm

"This might do you some good. After all, I think you need a break from your heroing anyway. Aaron commented, taking a sip of a water bottle in his left hand. Looking at Sean with an almost quizzical look, raising a blonde eyebrow. Though Sean simpy shrugged, hand dug deeply into his pockets. Honestly he wasn't concerned with breaks, and when he needed to take them. If he wanted to rest, Sean would take some time to do so. Actually he was supposed to be doing that now, while he helped escort the rich boy to the bank. As if he needed any help with what he could do.

"You call playing babysitter a break? Thats just plainly stupid." Sean grumbled, eyebrows scrunching closely together. He unconciously adjusted the zipper of his grey striped jacket as the bank came into view. Much to his protest, Aaron had him bring his equipment, defeating the purpose of a break. Though apparently he would need them in a city like New York, even on a break. The two walked through the front door, Sean keeping as far from the front desk as possible. Though Aaron was the usual talking bastard, as he engaged in a conversation with the bank teller. Apparantly that was his cousin or something.

"Thanks Christine." He said with a glimmering white smile. He held a white envelope in his ahnds, stuffing it into his pocket. Sean wondered for a second what it was, but honestly he didn't care anout it. he smoothed the blonde streaked black hair from his face, as his eyes darted to the doors."Don't be so impatient squirt, we have plenty of time."

"Don't call me that." Sean said simply, though Aaron only laughed at that. Then the ceiling gave in at the center of the building, a silent alarm set off. "Well this is new." Sean said sarcastically.
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