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Flayer #971

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Flayer #971

Post by The_soapmaker on February 3rd 2012, 7:28 pm

Real Name: Number 971
Super Villain Name: Flayer (Actually: 'Flayer #971', but the rest died in a tragic accident)
Title: Sandy / Dust Devil
Alignment: Renegade and Evil (Lawful Evil in heart, Chaotic Neutral in practice)
Age: 30 (though they age slower and he's grown in a vat)
Gender: Male
Race: Some weird extra-dimensional alien race (and genetically altered too!)
Hair: White
Eyes: Full blue, however gay that might be
Height: 7'2" (these motherfuckers are huge!)
Weight: 310 lbs (and heavy)

Costume Description/Image:

Personality: Being a genetically altered soldier, literally grown for the purpose to serve and fuck shit up, #971 has a great sense of loyalty and he takes pride in his work (which is; mauling people and wrecking their stuff). However, he is also easily angered and knows little boundries. He can be kind at times, and still feels emotions and all that pansy shit, but he is trained to forcefully choke up his feelings, so he can seem emotionless. In fact, his race is genetically wired to experience emotions five times more intense (double rainbow all the way) than humans, kinda like Vulcans and Elfs and the like.
One can also describe #971 as a lost soul. His entire race has been wiped out (don't feel sorry, they were bastards), so he wanders the universe alone. He is the last of his race. Which is a bummer. He can get melancholic from time to time. One can also describe #971 as merciless. In his eyes humans are not more than cattle that can be herded and harvested. He feels little to no compassion for humans and does not understand nor truly desires to understand their ways and habits. He kills, not for fun, not because of hate, not because he needs money, but because it is how he is wired. He is death incarnate, non-discrimentory, remorseless and merciless. But he's a pretty nice guy if you get to know him.

History: Number 971 was grown by an alien race from a different dimension in order to be sent to earth in order to form the vanguard of their invasion. After he was fullgrown and got out of his vat and prior to his decent upon our lovely planet, he was extensively trained in their martial arts for twenty years straight. Seemingly being the very best of his kind (that is: artificially grown supersoldiers), it was he who was send by spacetimedimensionsomethingcraft to Earth first, to scout ahead and carry out minor missions. Sadly enough his entire people were wiped out by thermonuclear bombardments by a rival alien race at the time of his first mission on Earth, and obviously the invasion of Earth was canceled. And now Number 971, who could not commit suicide because he's mentally en genetically wired to protect himself from bodily harm as best as possible, works as an assassin and as a freelance IT-consultant to earn some money to buy food, though he occassionally devours human prey in backallies where he resides.

Powers: Number 971, as his wiped-out genetically altered kindred, has the ability to turn himself or parts of himself in a dustcloud consisting of millions of tiny razor-sharp shards. While one shard can only make tiny scratches, the entire cloud of mister sandy-pants over here can flay the flesh of normal humans in a matter of seconds. This is also how #971 eats, for he has no mouth, which he covers with a scarf, as in the picture. He can also fly in dust-mode. As the cloud is him and he is the cloud, capturing a part of the cloud would mean he would have to live without that particular part of his body, which can pretty much be a vital part of his body.

Summary for lazy people:
-Can turn himself in a cloud of microscopic but razor sharp shards.
-Can fly.

Power Grid:
STR: 2
SPD: 5
END: 2
INT: 2
EP: 5
FS: 4

Power Grid colours:
Pink and Golden, because I feel so gay at the moment.

Character Image/Description:
As you can see in the picture, mister Flayer has some pretty nifty gear to wear. This is ritual battle armour on his demolished home planet. It is organic, yet sturdy and durable as steel and it is literally grown to him, so even when he is in his dust mode, he still carries it alongside him. To conceal all this, he wears a long dark green coat and one of dem woolen rastafari-hats to conceal his bone-white hair.

Roleplay Sample: Do I still have to do this?

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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Re: Flayer #971

Post by Ace on February 3rd 2012, 7:55 pm

This should be an interesting character.

I used to have a signature, but then i decided against it.

Quote : no

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Re: Flayer #971

Post by The Gray Mask on February 10th 2012, 10:53 pm

Soapmakers back? Tis.. Tis a glorious day..
The Gray Mask

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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