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Living Large

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Living Large  - Page 3 Empty Re: Living Large

Post by Tek February 9th 2012, 10:37 pm

"Alright Elena" he said with a smile, "The pleasure is all mine"
Tek then looked up at the plane that was taking off, that had just dropped the cavalry off.
"Hope you don't mind losing a few men" Tek said as a grin came across his face. He pulled his goggles down over his eyes and took control of the jets' systems. He then jumped up, and flew up on top of the cockpit and looked down at what was in front of him. "Let's see what this things' weapons systems can do" Tek said while feeling like a kid in a candy store with all the cool gadgets on this thing. He thought to himself "weapons systems, fire." and all the guns attached to the plane fired down all over the park. Next Tek surfed the plane down directly towards Captain Caveman and flew up and backwards as he watched the plane inches from the barbarian's torso and neck. "Let's see what you got Tarzan." Tek shouted while flying back he flew over next to Elena
"This plane is full of fuel, and it's going to explode. If you can't fly grab a hold of me, if you can well now would be a great time to take off, are you with me?"


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Living Large  - Page 3 Empty Re: Living Large

Post by Forceaus February 9th 2012, 11:05 pm

Forcewave just managed to see that the man had avoided his attack when he flew his way up to the plane.He didn't have time to concern himself with that matter however.He had another matter to attend to.The armored man with the blades and all the strange creatures were rushing right at him."So they are enemies."He thought to himself.At least he now knew.Millenia had offered to take care of all the newcomers, but he didn't have the time nor the convience to wait for that.
He had already seen that these things were capable of healing themselves from any damage they might take.But the fact that they took damage in the first place mean't that they were not invincible.The armored man was coming at him faster than the creatures.He had already created a gap between him and the creatures.Forcewave saw this as an opening.He ducked under the blades blasted him in his right side as he quickly moved past him and then launched an attack wide enough to hit each and every one of the strange creatures.He then took off again.He was still after the killer.
He saw that the killer had gotten off the plane and had flown back to where the woman was.Captain Caveman was very close to them."Oh what am I going to do now?"He asked himself quietly.He wanted to attack but he was worried about hitting him too.His odds of only hitting those two whilst avoiding hitting the big guy from this angle weren't good.Besides he didn't want to anger him.He had already seen what the guy was capable of.

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Living Large  - Page 3 Empty Re: Living Large

Post by Chellizard July 26th 2012, 5:19 am

I bet you and Tek could both agree to end this topic and gather EXP. Press his buttons and remind him to give you a proper ending post, if he fails to comply, give a proper ending and gather EXP.

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