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Post by ghost on January 19th 2012, 11:48 am

- - THE FEAR - -

Real Name: Lan Frown
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: The Fear/The Hunger
Title: “AHHH”, or any other terrified yell people tend to scream.
Alignment: Renegade/Villain
Age: Age is unknown but his body takes the form of a 19 year old.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Black
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 170lbs

Costume Description/Image: He has a totally black figure. He has a face but no hair, his eyes have no color; everything is totally black. Sometimes you can see a extremely dark blob moving around upon his body. If this dot where to be examined you would find it to actually be a dark blue. He calls it his, “Hunger”.

When in the real world he does like to wear suits over his dark body if the occasion calls for it, and sometimes wears a human like mask to cover his dark skin. He only wears masks on covert operations. When walking about normally he doesn't like things touching his face.

The Fear is actually a nice guy. He can be a gentleman, but most of the time is it covered up by evil tendencies. The evil does not originate in him, it is absorbed from The Hunger.

The Fear is good at following orders but sometimes Hunger drives him to do different. He likes to eat food and sleep even tho he doesn't need to. It makes him feel more like a human.

When Fear entered the world his first inclination was to destroy mankind. It was because of them that he was created, and because of them that these horrible creatures were made, but he soon found out that the destruction of man could not be done alone, and was most likely.. unlikely to happen, Humans are a resilient creature, and strive to survive. He has found that working with the sum of the earth was the way to go, his long life and abilities gave him the underhand in destroying humans that are wanted dead. He tries not to be full of himself, but it sometimes happens.

Lan Frown was the name that the world gave the protector of the minds of the people. By, "The Protector" I mean to say that he is a humanoid creature that was created to keep the beasts in the dream realm; in essence, he was given the responsibility to guard the human world from the monsters that they created in their minds.

This is his story...


Lan's dark eyes opened slowly. He was laying upon a large stone on an extremely high mountain, the likes of wich would make mount Everest look like a speck. The view from this elevation quickly grasped Lan's sight. He looked and seen deep gorges, running rivers, forests of spiny trees, and groups of wild, strange looking creatures, some didn't look vary friendly, and some did. Yet all where covered in a shadow, the land was very dark. Of course Lan didn't realize it at the time, but it was as dark as midnight would be in an earthly sense. His eyes where in tune with the darkness, and this would be nothing compared to a 'dark' day.

He sat up, brought his legs across the stone and kept staring into the distance. He felt that he belonged there, that this was his calling. He didn't notice that this was the first time he was thinking, or why he was laying on the dark dream stone, thoughts of a long, peaceful, fulfilling life seemed to engulf him. Then the thoughts ended as he felt a hand land on his shoulder. Lan didn't act like he was surprised, something seemed right about another person being here. He looked over to his left, seeing a man that had a slight shine to his skin, he wore a long robe, but Lan didn't see his face, that part of his anatomy seemed brighter then his entire body combined.

"I give this land to you... So you can subdue it and keep it at bay." The man said, as it seemed, he was looking into the distance.
"Mine...?" Lan asked.
"Yes, there is a land beyond this, a land that is desperately evil, this... is its center. You need to stay here, and keep the creatures of this place below the peak of this mountain, and away from the outskirts. Do you understand?" The man answered, and asked.
"Yes, I understand... But.. why? What are these creatures?" Lan couldn't help but ask.
"You are not my first creation, there are others... Humans. This is the land where all of the creatures of their minds go. This is the land of their dreams, some creatures are nice and friendly, others are not. You are equipped with the knowledge to survive and the skill to keep the.. not so friendly creatures at bay. If I did not place you here, the minds of the humans would be overwhelmed with evil. The gate to the human world lies beyond this land, to the north, and another here." He pointed to a large silver gate. It had to be thirty feet tall and the polls that where on it where sharp and pointed, like someone would try climb over it, yet there was nothing on the other side, just more darkness, as it seemed to Lan.
"I understand..." Lan replied, and jumped to his feet.
"Thank you.." The shining man said, then stepped backward and vanished into nothing.

The valley screeched. "Guess its my turn to vanish.." He said as he took a moment to memorize the scenery. Then Jumped downward. The cliff was sharp and the rocks that where beneath him where even sharper. The sun was like a dark glow, it sent its rays strait at Lan, revealing his dark black figure, almost like a glossy plastic. But the rays where quickly blocked by the thin branches of the spiny trees. Lans body gained momentum as he glided downward, then his feet suddenly hit the ground, the sharp rocky ground that was underneath him. It seems like it would hurt, but his gleaming skin pulled back, and his body didn't even disturb the rocks below. Everything felt normal to Lan. (he hasn't known anything different) His legs moved quickly because of the momentum that he had gained. He was getting closer to the valley, but he knew it would take forever at this rate. The beast was heading north, "Not toward the gate.." He thought, then looked up. Seeing the flying animals above his mind began to wonder, "that would be nice.." He leaped into the sky, spread his arms and suddenly his dark elastic skin molded to the shape of the wings he pictured in his mind.

The wind past his face quickly as he gained on the monstrosity. Its body was like a worm, yet it had four legs, and its head was large. It looked much like a Chinese dragon, with all the random hair that was on its body, some going down its worm like form and others coming off around its claws. When it looked up at Lan, he could seen the hair on its face, some right above its lips and large mouth, and more below it. He took his time and examined the creature.. looking for any weak points in its body. "Lets try this" He said, and quickly got above the dragon, but not for long. Lan's body quickly morphed into a sharp pointed mass heading right toward the creatures head. The mass of space between Him and the dragon gave Lan's body great momentum and speed. The dragon had been moving quickly toward the gate, destroying the spiny trees beneath its large claws, and destroying larger trees with a burst of fire from its mouth. But it all ended when Lan's body collided with its head.

Lan thought that the kill was going to be more humane, like chopping the head off of a snake, but this was more like a meteor smashing into earth. The brains and dark fluids oozed out of the creatures head as the point of Lan's body failed to penetrate, once Lan could feel the ground beneath him, wich didn't take long, he let gravity morph his body into a ball and he bounced away from the dead dragon. It wiggled a little and made some harsh gargling noises for a moment or two. "huh... that was easy." Lan thought, then headed toward the mountain once again, not by walking, but by the new found discovery of flight, Lan smiled.

Years go by, Lan's body does not age, nor does he feel any were on his body. Time is not of any concern to him in this world, except once every 4 years it gets darker then usual and the creatures of the world seem to be more destructive, more attempts to get through the gates are made at this time as well. Lan came to know it as, The Onslaught.

_-_-_THE HUNGER_-_-_

The fire that sat in front of Lan crackled and popped. He wasn't cold nor did he need to eat, but the fire usually scared a way the big creatures, and they dare not run toward a 'forest fire'. Lan quickly reasoned that the north gate was now secure and he could make his way to the mountain. He liked it up there the best. The view brought back memories of the day he was created. The feeling he got standing in front of his maker was something that he longed to have once again. He knew deep down that it would never happen, he would never see him again. His mind wondered as he jogged toward the mountain.

Crashes, shrieks, howls, barks, screams, and louder still, shrills filled the forest around Lan. "The Onslaught.." The thought jolted through his mind. His body became like an arrow with wings and he shot toward the mountain top. The creatures made it there quickly. A horde of undead humans rushed for the gate. He shot through as many as he could on his way to the top, sending them on a trip to a smashing destruction for the bottom of the mount. His mind no longer had the opportunity to wonder, every fiber of his being now went into the devastation of everything that came toward the gates. When he made it to the top, there where only four zombies there. He easily took care of them with a quick slice from his morphed arm. "This is only the beginning.." He thought, as the horde came more violently. The zombies where easy to kill, he didn't have to strain himself to much on these creatures, but he did need to keep his eye pealed on the north gate. It is unusual for the creatures to rush more then one gate at a time, but all it takes is one creatures bravery, and all hell can brake loose.

The slashing never seemed to get old for Lan. It was so easy, it reminded him of the times he went walking through the spiny trees, cutting as he went. The bodies of the zombies where soft and mushy almost like... "No.." That is all it took. His mind wondered for a moment. His eye caught a creature in the mists of the flames to the north. It looked like a wolf, its body seemed glossy like his own. He had no time, if a creature where to get through the gate.. He rushed down the mountain. Slaying the zombies as he went. Suddenly, a large Cerberus roared and rushed out of the thick trees before him. "I don't have time for you!" He yelled out of frustration. and morphed into a puddle of goo, the momentum of his body was awesome but he aimed just right. He shot right through one of the Cerberus's mouths. "Now you have a head to drag around you .." Lan thought, then continued downward. Still slaying with his sharp sword like arms. He knew that it would take forever for the dog like monster to make it to the top with a dead head.

Finally the end of the horde appeared, he leaped into the sky, using his wings he made it to the north gate in a matter of seconds. He didn't see the creature on the decent, but figured it was hiding behind the dark silver gate. The sharp rocks beneath his feet caught his attention. They where not disturbed a bit. Lan continued to keep an eye toward the mountain, watching for any stray zombie, or creature. "Where are you..?" He said, while walking around the gate. There was nothing there, nothing that he could notice anyway. This almost scared Lan. He was sure he seen something, it was almost an extra sense when it came to finding and killing new creatures, there is nothing he doesn't recognize, or couldn't notice. He didn't have time to sit there and think.

He ran back to the top of the mountain, keeping an extra eye on the north gate he quickly came up behind the struggling Cerberus and cut off the other two heads. "That was unusual.." He thought, "The Onslaught usually lasts a few days.. but this time it was but a moment..." Something seemed to pierce through Lan's mind. It was the first time he felt fear.

Later that day the glow of the flames to the north had trouble lighting through the darkness that was before it. Lan made another fire on the mountain and decided that he would go to the North gate for the night. "Now that I think about it... it usually gets darker in onslaught session.." Lan thought, and concluded that he had no idea what had happened, but there was something new in the land, and he was about to find out what.

After Lan arrived at the north gate, he added to the fire by throwing in a few peaces of the thin dark wood of the spiny trees. The fire quickly burst into a blaze.

"You are an interesting creature..." A voice came from behind the gate.

Lan quickly rolled into a ball and jumped far from the voice as he landed his arm quickly morphed into a sword, prepared for anything. "Who is that?" he asked, staring toward the gate. The light from the fire was hindering his sight, he was looking almost right at the flames, trying to pear over them and make out what was by the silver fence.

"Don't worry about that... just stand still!" The creature yelled and jumped forward. The flames under the animal flickered a little as the monstrous wolf like creature leaped over the blaze. His black gleaming skin almost reflected the flames perfectly to the ground below. The monster landed about five feet from Lan. But suddenly something happened that Lan did not expect. He quickly leaped forward, but in mid flight the creature turned into a long, thin pole, making his body more difficult to see and to defend against; he was using the flames behind him to his advantage, it was difficult for Lan to see with the almost blinding light behind the wolf.

Lan almost didn't have time to react, the wolf's move shocked him almost like the first time he heard a trolls roar. But he moved as fast as he could to the side, letting the dark narrow body of the wolf fly by. Lan kept his eye's on the creature, turning his body in the direction of his new enemy. "What do you want with me?" Lan asked.

The wolf laughed a little, and replied, "I want out!" He yelled jumping again and using the same tactic; turning his body into a long poll like form, but this time when Lan stepped to the side, the creature returned to its original form, swinging its gigantic paws with its claws ready to strike. All it took was one touch, the little contact the creatures claw made with Lan was apparently all the wolf needed. The sharp peace of anatomy was stuck to Lan, and the creature soon had all four Legs almost glued to Lan's body. "What the heck is happening!" Lan yelled in his mind. It almost felt like his body was being torn apart with a wedge. He began to notice that the creatures entire legs where within his own body, he couldn't help but scream and drop to the floor. Pain rushed through him, every part of him began to throb and send sharp pain to his brain, this resulted in more horrified yells, until the creature vanished into his body.

Several hours later Lan awoke from a deep sleep. He had passed out form the intense pain. He thought maybe it was just a nighmare, if it was, it would have only been the second he had. Both, Lan quickly concluded, where very intense. The protector stood up, pain of swore muscles and a headache rushed through his body. It seemed like everything hurt, his back, his arms, specially his shoulders and hips, even his hands and the bottom of his feet. "What happened...?" Lan questioned. Then a loud laugh burst out from his body. Not out of Lan's mouth, but out of his shoulder. Suddenly a face appeared pressing out of his dark gleaming skin, it almost seemed like the two where one, in fact... they where.

"Good morning sunshine..." The creature said and laughed again. "Sleep well?" He questioned in a kidding manner.

Lan jumped and started to hit his own body, pressing on the dark skin, but it was no use, he just hurt his own muscles more and the creatures face just moved to the back of Lan's body. The Protector sighed in frustration, "What have you done ... and why? ... who are you?" The questions slowly came out of Lan's mouth.

"You really don't remember do you? I am a part of you." The creature answered, then jumped out of Lan's body from his back. "Do you remember last 'onslaught' session? You had a dream..." he continued and began to laugh, "What a pity.. the first time you sleep and you have A NIGHTMARE!" He yelled making 'nightmare' stand out in his voice, the wolf strolled out in front of Lan, his body gleaming in the little light that was given them. Lan looked intensely. "You are... my nightmare... " Lan said and stared... "you.... no...".

The monster stood there and laughed, "An intelligent creature, a creature in a 'scary' form, and something that can.. release the monsters of this realm" The wolf said mockingly, and spoke as if reading from a list. "Eh, learn to love me" he said and walked toward Lan's body. When the two entities collided it was almost like a drop of water landing in a puddle, but minus the ripples.

Lan soon realized that he could do nothing about this creature. He knew that he didn't like the idea of something living inside him, especially something that he dreamt about, but what could he do? It wasn't like the monster was going to hurt him, and Lan almost felt like he could use some help protecting the gates. And soon the creatures started to rush at the gate at the top of the mountain, zombies pounded on it, and dogs scratched and barked and bit, yet the silver gate stood. Lan started toward the mountain, his muscles still swore from the night before. The wolf was flouting about in a dark ball upon Lan's body, but quickly leaped out in front of while he was in full stride. "Stop.." The wolf said calmly. Lan's body had a hard time stopping, and when he did he was about a foot in front of the wolf and the inertia almost put him over. "What are you talking about?" Lan questioned. "I am not going to let you continue this... I want out of this place, and the only way to do that is to let those creatures destroy the gateway to the real world." The wolf quickly explained. "Out?" lan questioned... "yes.." The monster said.

For the first time, Lan looked at this place like a jail cell. For the first time, he almost looked forward to the destruction of the silver gate. He knew that he would be defying his creator, but Lan, like the wolf, now looked to have fun.

_-_-_-The Real World_-_-_-
(Wanting to finish in RP if ok...? maybe I can put a link up.)
When out in the real world, Fear got a job as a mercenary.. working for the CIA, FBI, and other crazy organizations that where able to pay him a lot of money to kill high priority targets.

The Fear:
Power Grid:
STR: 2
SPD: 2
DUR: 5
INT: 2
EP: 6
FS: 3

Being able to shape and mold his body at will. He is able to stretch and shape his body into anything he can think of. Making him able to become as flat as a pancake or even stretch his arm to the top of a skyscraper. He can form objects with any part of his body, his arms, legs, or his whole if he wishes. The things he can form can even be guns, or anything with moving parts.

WHEN HE WAS created Lan was made so he could fight the creatures of the dream world with out any problems. He has a mouth, but does not need to breath. Eyes, but he does not need to see, ears but does not need to hear, and a tongue, but does not need to speak to relay what he wants to communicate. His skin is highly sensitive, so that without eyes, he can feel vibration and with out ears he can... ..feel vibration, with out a mouth he can use the dream world to relay messages into the person's subconscious. All of this, to make the perfect weapon against the evil of peoples minds. He does not need to eat, nor sleep, but he likes to. Being from the dream realm, he is able to enter and exit it at will.

- - The Hunger - -
Name: The Hunger
Age: unknown
Eyes: Gold
wight: 300lbs
The Hunger is a creature from the Dream realm, it is evil in all aspects. This whole being is created from the hate of others.

The Hunger is a creature that lives on/in Fear. When inside of Lan’s body it takes the form of a extremely dark tattoo, if looked at carefully, you would notice it actually be dark blue. The tattoo is a tribal wolf. When outside of his body it takes the form of a dark colored wolf with Gold eyes (but under examination you would find it to be dark blue).

The Hunger is an intelligent creature. He likes chaos and things not in any particular order. He likes food, but is like Fear in the seance that he doesn't need to eat or sleep. He can be ruthless and not show mercy, he likes killing and anything that causes destruction. He listens to fear most of the time and realizes that he is the cool headed on of their relationship.

All of the evil tendencies that the Hunger has, slowly seep into Fear. Fear learned that will power can overcome them tho, but sometimes chooses not to fight it.


The Hunger was created in the dream realm when Lan had a nightmare. He talked the monsters of the world into making an uproar, so he can get close enough to Fear and end the existence of the silver gates, causing the possibilities of the creatures to get out. When he combined with Fear, or Lan, his new home was with him. Hunger knew that he was created by Fear's nightmare, while Lan forgot all about it. And all hunger had to do was touch him, and he could combined with him, it seemed they were made with the same substance. Now hunger and Lan live in the real world, and enjoy the destruction of others. .

Powergrid: 23 +1 Durability
STR: 3
SPD: 3
DUR: 6
INT: 3
EP: 6
- - 2 Malleability
- - 4 Fear Summoning
FS: 2

Not able to shape-shift to the extent of Fear, but is able to become any shape he wishes, even blending into a flat surface.

Fear Summoning:
Bringing peoples nightmares into reality. Mostly creatures. But he is able to flood the building if a person is afraid of water; the water would originate from the persons mind. The Hunger is able to form somewhat of a warp whole releasing the nightmare. (this warp whole is a one way deal. Unless story effects it) People do not need to be sleeping for his abilities to work. The creatures that are from the dream realm are physical things, not illusions. Most of them heed what the Hunger says. Al tho there are illusion tactics that the Hunger can deploy, such as making bugs appear on walls and the like, (he has the capability to release them into the real world, but when dealing with illusions he is basiclly just letting their image pass through.)

Power Grid colours: Black and dark blue

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Post by The Cowboy on January 19th 2012, 3:53 pm

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