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I Love College.

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I Love College. Empty I Love College.

Post by Andrew January 2nd 2012, 2:56 am

It was a Thursday night and Andrew didn't have class the next day until noon. "Well I need to catch up on some of that research paper" he thought to himself. He looked down at his cable box to see it was already 10:45. "So much for getting started early" he said out loud. He looked over at his TV and saw Walker Texas Ranger on. "You have the life Mr.Norris." Andrew said to the screen, while sighing. His phone rang, it was his best friend from school Patrick.
"Hey man, you want to go clubbing tonight" asked Pat.
"Yea I want to but I can't." said Andrew disappointed with himself for not doing the paper earlier.
"How's shit man? You seem distant with us lately." Andrew's friend asked.
"Yea i just have to be an athlete, a student, a super h.. hard worker. It gets tough."
Andrew heard screams coming from out his window.
"We're gunna have sex with me whether you like it or not." he heard a man say.
"Please, no, stop!"
"I gotta go." Andrew said and hung up his phone. He threw his shirt off grabbing his outfit from his hidden drawer in his dresser. Threw on his mask, and jumped out the window.
"Look I see you want to get your rocks off bros, but this is not the way to do it." Phoenix said.
The attacker turned his head and stared at him, while his friends watched.
"I'm sorry does this concern you, the man asked Phoenix.
"Nope, but I will not just sit back and let you jerks have your way with this poor girl." said Phoenix starting to get a little angry with the perverts arrogance.
"Looks like I get to have my way with you instead." said the attacker, and started bolting towards Phoenix.
"If you could actually run as fast as you run your mouth, I'd be nervous. However, you're way to sloppy my friend." Phoenix swept the attackers leg and the attacker fell to the ground. He pulled out a butterfly knife and pointed it in Phoenix's direction.
"So a butterfly knife, do you even know how to use that thing?" Phoenix asked starting to laugh a little.
"I mean the way you're shaking, you're gunna drop that thing" The man came at Phoenix swinging and slashing hopelessly. Phoenix dodged it, and came around with a round house to the face. The man dropped the knife and started falling in one motion Phoenix caught the knife, grabbed his enemy and put the blade to his throat.
"Please, don't kill me! I give up, I give up." the man said. His friends were now all circling Phoenix.
"Actually no I don't." the man said.
"Fuck me" Phoenix thought to himself.
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