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John Aliquam (PC) and Azazel (NPC)

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John Aliquam (PC) and Azazel (NPC)

Post by Mockingbird on December 29th 2011, 12:41 am

John Aliquam

John Aliquam
Charlie Wesker
Arthur Moreau
The Man with many faces
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: British
Hair: Naturally Black (formula alters it to appear in any other way)
Eyes: Naturally Brown (formula alters it to appear in any other way)
Height: Naturally 5 foot 10 inch (formula alters it to appear in any other way)
Weight: Naturally 161 pounds (formula alters it to appear in any other way)

Costume Description/Image:


A Psychopath is one way to describe him. He has shallow emotions and a lack of empathy towards people. He is manipulative, cunning and remorseless. To him, people, especially not advanced ones, are expendable. People to him are nothing but pawns on his chessboard. He is a genius with a talent for engineering. Patient and resourceful, he never rushes his plans and waits for years for them to be completed. His interest with heroes borders on obsession. He feels no remorse or guilt for what he does. In his mind, he is helping the world by starting nuclear war. He believes that by doing so, he can make the human race stronger. His favourite style of music is Opera, specifically German opera.

John was born in London, England in the year 1998. His mother was an award winning mechanical engineer and his father was a Psychologist at an insane asylum. His mother fell into a drug addiction to cocaine and her life went downhill from there. In order to pay for her drugs, she started to be a prostitute without John or his father's notice. John was curious about "superheroes" and heroes in general. He wanted to know what made them tick and he enjoyed watching them squirm. One day, when he was 14, John walked in on her having sex with two gentlemen. It was obvious that she did not want to do it and he hated seeing these people use his mother. He took the fire axe and killed the two men. After his father learned of this, he left them and said that John belonged in the insane asylum.

Heartbroken and alone, John's mother killed herself to escape. 15 year old John was put in orphanages. During this time, one of the foster parents did tests on him to give him the ability to shapeshift. When he was 17, he ran away to America so he could find his father who he learned had moved there. When he found him, he hoped that he would accept him at last. He was wrong and his father wanted nothing to do with him. While his father slept, he slit his throat and took over his majority shares in a company. Never having to work, John focused himself on the question that was always on his mind; what made heroes tick? He spent years researching and researching, maybe he could become one of them and learn it. But he realized that these heroes did not need partners but rivals. His psychopathic tendencies would have lead him down the path of the villain eventually anyways. Now he spends his time plotting from the background, waiting for the right time to test different heroes. He gathered up a group of mercenaries that he has paid over or manipulated into joining him but no one knows they exist. They are loyal to his cause and do not rat him out to authorities or heroes if captured due to the injection of a loyalty serum into them. Recently, he discovered what his father really did. He was the leader of one of the largest mafia's in America. John has spent time factoring this revelation into his back up plan. Since the introduction of his powers, he has lost track of which look and name is his original.

Genius level Intellect
Shapeshifting into any person

Power Grid: (-1 for wealth)

Character Image/Description:
John Aliquam:
Charlie Wesker:
Arthur Moreau:


Real Name: (formerly) Kurt Brandt
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Azazel
Title: The Silent Assassin
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 6 foot 3 inches
Weight: 200 pounds

Costume Description/Image: Whatever the situation calls for


Azazel is a loyal soldier. He is brave, fearless and has unwavering loyalty to John. The robotic eye increased Azazel's loyalty to John to the point where he would kill himself on command. He does not care for people as all the people he loved died. He believes that people are expendable and does not mind being a piece on John's chess board due to the eye changing elements of his personality.

Kurt was born in New York City in the year 1988. His father was a soldier and he did not see him much because he was often deployed in Iraq. He wanted to grow up and be just like his father. When he was 12, his mother had a heart attack and died. He was sent to an orphanage until he joined the army at 18. While he was in the orphanage, a 15 year old Kurt learnt that his father had been killed. In the army, He was a stellar soldier and worked his way up quickly. After a mission in Afghanistan, he was the only one left alive of his team. Driven mad by all the death that had been caused to the ones he loved, he quit the army and began offering his talents elsewhere. He was a hired assassin. He was feared and well known by the criminal underworld. Eventually, he abandoned his name and adopted a new one, Azazel. He lost his left eye on a job and wore an eyepatch over it until he was the first to join John Aliquam's mercenary group. He became John's right hand man after various missions. John gave him a robotic eye for his hard work and dedication.


Name: Enhanced Optic
Abilities: Can toggle between heat vision and enhanced vision (the ability to see further). It can tag faces for tracking so he doesn't lose his prey.
Description: in Red

Name: Sniper Rifle
Abilities: Fires custom bullets. The bullets themselves have 4 STR.The rifle itself is equipped with a suppressor.

Name: Hidden Blade
Abilities: Normal hidden blade

Name: Pistol
Abilities: Normal pistol, fires normal bullets.

Master of aim
Master of hand to hand combat
Superhuman Intellect

Power Grid:

Character Image/Description:

With the eye implant above

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Re: John Aliquam (PC) and Azazel (NPC)

Post by Copper on December 29th 2011, 3:18 am

Approved until stated otherwise

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