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Ivan Alexander Lena

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Ivan Alexander Lena

Post by Ivan Lena on December 21st 2011, 6:29 pm

Real name: Ivan Alexander Lena
Villain name: N/A
Title: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 29 when the accident happened in 1986, now he is 71
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Caucasian)
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Green
Height: 1 meter 85
Weight: 60 kg

A tall man stands above me wearing a white lab coat under what seems to be a sort of armor. Not a single hair on his body, his penetrating green eyes staring down at me, I can’t move, he’s not looking at me as a human, but as something else. His breathing is heavy, going into some kind of machine. Large burn marks on his face, skull, anywhere where I can see a piece of skin. Something that seems like armor on his shoulders and chest, connected with wires and tubes to his breathing machine at the front, while at the back a small metal box, connected with wires to his brain, in the center of the armor on his chest, a large red star. He turns around, on the other side a hammer and sickle crossed. A communist, I’ve heard about them, but I never knew they were still alive.
A large needle in his hand as he turns back to me, filled with a bright red liquid.
I scream in pain, but then I hear a scream louder than mine…
‘Slavsia, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoe,
Druzhby narodov nadiozhnyj oplot!’

Ivan is insane. Obsessed by the motherland, willing to die for it. Highly intelligence aids him at his goal which he will never let it go, world domination.

Ivan was born in the Soviet times of Russia. Raised by the teachings of the motherland, he was taught to praise communism and hate capitalism. Ivan was always highly intelligent for his age, a certain goal in his mind since being a kid: making the motherland grow. Make it become stronger. Ivan finished his studies in psychiatry and then started to study more about surgery and genetic manipulation. In 1986, at the age of 29, Ivan was sent to a modern nuclear facility not too far from Kiev. In the reactor, on the 26th of April, the accident happened. Chernobyl melted down, and Ivan was exposed to high amounts of radiation. Ivan managed to survive somehow, and his radiated body has managed to slow his aging process, but still is destroying his body. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Ivan has sworn to himself that he will restore the pride of the motherland, Rodina Mat, and make it larger, stronger. To unite all of the proletariat of all of the countries under the same border. No matter how violently this must be achieved. Ivan uses his intelligence and knowledge to genetically manipulate animals and humans to become mindless killing machines, and uses knowledge gained on radioactivity after the disaster how to enhance these experimets. He has several former Soviet-occupied hideouts in multiple places around the world, and is working from there.


Power Grid:
STR: 2
SPD: 2
END: 1
INT: 6
EP: 0
FS: 1
$: 1
Roleplay sample:

The ape screams underneath me as I inject it with the elixir that the motherland has given me. It does not understand that it shall serve for a much greater purpose, along with his brothers. Just have to see the радужка. If that turns bright red, then its good.


“My friend, Rodina mat seeks your aid.” I start to untie the chains holding him down. The beast has calmed down, parts of his skin and flesh gone, it happens when living things are around me.

The beast rises, standing on all fours on the ground, looking at me with its giant head, he could swallow mine within a single bit. But Rodina will not let that happen.

“Now go, join your brothers and sisters. Your comrades are waiting for you and take them. Lead them with the help of Rodina to gain victory. Not for me, but for the motherland. For a united world, where every man is equal, where every man is what he was born as. A servant of Rodina Mat.”

Ivan Lena

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Re: Ivan Alexander Lena

Post by Super Cutie on December 21st 2011, 7:37 pm



Super Cutie
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