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Villain for hire

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Villain for hire Empty Villain for hire

Post by Terrance December 21st 2011, 8:05 am

I'd like to get Taiz into the loop, and get my first rp done. Consider this his villainous résumé. Looking for criminal organization or powerful stand-alone villain to join.
Taiz is a master of sonokinesis; he can create and control soundwaves with his mind. He also possesses superhuman intellect coupled with this power, which manifests itself as an extremely strong intuitive understanding of sound, a knack for scientific inventions and great musical and artistic talent. Not to mention great general intelligence and quick learning abilities.

Taiz can make for a useful addition in several ways. He can:

-Kill people at close range through usage of intense bursts of ultrasound (can only be harnessed like this at long range with the aid of tools*).

-Cause debilitating pain through the use of ultrasound bursts (larger spread and longer range, but not lethal)

-Produce basically any possible sound using his mind.
-Thus he is able to create music and voices and can be used to entertain and set a nice atmosphere in a lair.

-Create sound-based weaponry and gadgets, ranging from sonar devices to sonic cannons and much more.

He is also a snappy dresser, lovely conversationalist, and simply the pinnacle of civilisation and politeness. A way to easily ensure his loyalty and dedication is simply by stroking his ego. Making any attacks on said ego will be most counterproductive, and is generally ill advised.

Taiz is mostly motivated by his love of the theatrical and the dramatic, but besides that only cares about his own pleasures. Wealth, fame and a chance to be part of something glorious are good incentives to motivate him with.
Taiz prefers not to associate with villains of pure and chaotic evil, since he does have a moral compass of his own, however small it may be. He also has little trust in the truly evil, since they might stab him in the back.

*tools have not yet been approved.

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Villain for hire Empty Re: Villain for hire

Post by The Ranger December 21st 2011, 11:43 am

have him join the Harbringers

The Ranger
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The Ranger
The Ranger
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