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Monsterous [Open]

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Monsterous [Open] Empty Monsterous [Open]

Post by Zuberi December 17th 2011, 12:54 am

"Shit its abit chilly today." Zeb never really liked the cold that much, it did not suit his body in anyway whatsoever. The sound of fast moving feet caught his attention from the coldness and he swerved his head quickly to the left just in time to see some woman running with a desperate look on her face. "Eh." He tried to catch her attention and she almost ran into him before noticing he wanted to help. "H-He's trying to kill me! Help! Call the cops or something!" Zeb grinned loudly inside. Nobody liked a man who hurt women which mean he could have some fun. The man in particular looked more upper-class than he was expecting. A nice grey suit and expensive looking shirt with a messy tie and angry expression to show that something was wrong. The man was obviously looking at the woman standing next to him, who was moving closer as Zeb was nearly half a foot taller and had a very scary aura about him. "Hey, whats the probl-" Zeb didnt even get to finish talking before this asshole tries to push him out the way, unfortunately the movement caused his arms to temporarily flex back at maximum strength. This exerted a multi-ton force on the mans shoulders announced itself with a huge crunch and crackling sound as his collarbones and upper arm both proceeded to nearly instantly stop functioning.

'Shit...." He had overdone again. This incredible strength could be a real bore sometimes if he didnt concentrate fully. The man did not even realize neither arms were gonna work until he tried to raise one to slap this woman that was standing behind Zeb to get away from his reach. "Ill kill YOU YOU BI-AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" The shock his body had experienced finally pierced through to his mind and he couldnt sense anything but agonizing pain from both his arms being torn from their sockets as well as the muscle tissue being fully torn in his upper shoulder region. "Thank you so much sir!" Zeb turned around to see a happy looking face on the woman who quickly ran away leaving him alone with this pitiful crying trash. This guy was really starting to piss him off, sure he could easily kill him with a punch to the chest barely using any power, but he could see the dude had security since 15 black SUV's had decided to roll up to their location. "I dont have time to deal with this 90 minute movie bull." Zeb quickly knocked out the dude as carefully as possible before proceeding to not only lift up the frontmost security vehicle before they could get out, but throwing it a city block away. The crunch of metal and anti-climatic lack of explosion was something he was used to at this point.

"M-M-Move another s-s-s-tep and we will fire on y-" Ex-military pissed him off the most. Punching him in the torso in such a way that he would fly into the other 5 guys who would be standing in the correct spots by the time this man was sent airborn, the sound of the mans sternum shattering was a very familiar one as well. "Ooooooo Fun TIME!" A very disturbing look arrived on Zeb's face as he realized he could have fun with these punks as he pleased. The first 5 were already knocked out and most of the others decided to stay in their cars, ramming others out of the way to flee the scene. "OH NO YOU DONT" Timing it right so he wouldnt get injured, Zeb put all his strength and smashed his intertwined fists into the hood of an SUV trying to run him down. The front instantly collapsed and was crushed into the ground, which also proceeded to crack into a large crater as the two people inside flew out still moving at 40 miles an hour.

Monsterous [Open] Powergridblyde

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Monsterous [Open] Empty Re: Monsterous [Open]

Post by Volt December 23rd 2011, 7:38 pm

Volt sped through the streets, wondering what to do. No matter what kind of ridiculous situation he got himself into, five minutes later he would be bored again. He didn't need to sleep, as long as he absorbed energy from something electronic every now and then, so he was always looking for something to do. Out of the corner of his eye, the blue haired criminal spotted an old woman walking alone down the street. Hm... I need to buy a new pack of cigarettes anyways, and I'm bored shitless. What the hell. He thought to himself as he quickly switched directions, heading straight for her purse. In less than a second, he snatched the bag, knocking the old woman over in the process. He stopped for a quick moment and looked back just long enough to say "Sorry Betty White, I'd help you up, but I'm in a hurry. Thanks for the cash though!"

Volt rifled through the old woman's bag at superspeed, taking some things out and throwing them away, and keeping others, all while still running down streets at 250 mph. Suddenly a black van smashed directly into the building next him, and he instinctively stopped, immediately curious. He cocked his head to the left, and saw a bunch of black vans exactly like the one that had just been launched through the air parked, surrounding one buff ass looking dude. Volt dashed into the middle of it, excited to get involved.

"What's up man!" Volt said in a casual friendly manner, as if he was already acquainted with the large man. he looked down and realized he was still holding the woman's purse in one hand, and her lipstick in the other. "Uhm... This isn't what it looks like... Uh.. This is mine! It's a lifestyle choice. I swear! it's good for holding... Uh... Lipstick.... Whatever man I'm just here to kill me some mysterious black van people." Volt laughed as he dropped the bag and the lipstick, making guns with his hands* and pointing at the men pouring from the vans. "Badapdos." he said as he fired bolts of electricity at two unlucky bastards.

*((Not like real guns, like this, just for the record.))

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