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Gwharrs Experience

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Gwharrs Experience Empty Gwharrs Experience

Post by Troglodyte December 4th 2011, 12:36 pm

Name: Gwharr AKA The last Caveman

Power Point Gain (3/4)

Experience (80/84) 15 used to buy up str to 7. 25 used to buy up End to 7

Historical threads:

- The freaks come out whenver they freaking want 6046 words=12 Experience and 46 words

--Lance Vs.Gwharr: The tunnels. 5504 words 11 Experience and 4 words

-Strangers in a strange world 3196 words=6 Experience and 196 words.

--Black'n'white 20121=20 xp and 10121 words

7843 words=13 XP and 1343 words

--A Viper's Nest
12839 words= 16 XP and 4839 words

--Strangers in a strange world
4028 words= 6 XP and 1028 words

Current threads in liquid time order:

-The thirteenth child

-Walking the streets once more

-The Horror from the deep

-The Necropolis

-The Chaotic State Of Things


--How to make a hideout

-Bliss: The best pal a caveman can get

-Aurora:Dramatically killed love-interest

-Forcewave:Seems alrighty

- Darryl The Nanozombie: Gwharr considers Darryl a nuiscance that needs to be stomped out.

-Professor Inferno: "The son of sun" is a horrible, horrible man, and Captain Caveman hates him with all his heart

-Ibis: "The son of earth" and Gwharrs arch-nemesis forever and ever

-Bloodwraith: This little sod aught to get a good kick in the nads


Summary (Optional summary of events from the threads that you feel are important in the outline form).
(Name of Thread)
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- #
- #

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Gwharrs Experience Empty Re: Gwharrs Experience

Post by Super Cutie January 25th 2012, 1:54 am

exp gain and point buy approved


Gwharrs Experience Tumblr_mh2dgmzN7L1qiz3j8o1_500
Super Cutie
Super Cutie
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