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Post by Lieutenant Laines on November 30th 2011, 8:40 pm

It’d been a long while since she’d been to Tokyo, but she remembered and knew it fairly well. Well enough to get around and well enough to get a decent drink. Even though all eyes fell on her, Kassandra strutted into the bar as if she were a regular. The woman bared a sinister smirk and was able to dismiss every curious eye with a glance, but her glare lacked any obvious aggression. She was a pretty gal with a dangerous smile who used it well.

She chose to dress down, being far too obvious fully equipped she sported only the boots and utility belt of her special operations suit. In her current attire she resembled a sheriff from an old western as she strutted into the bar, wearing a grey tank top tucked into fitted black jeans which her utility belt loosely hung from. Technically she was on a mission, even if she was slacking off, she needed to remain somewhat equipped.

Kassandra moved to the far end of the bar to take her seat under a dim light, crossing her legs and resting both arms on the bar. She proceeded to prop her elbow up, resting her chin on her open palm. The bar started to fill with conversation again as the bartender approached and asked in surprisingly good English. “Something tells me you aren’t a local. What do you want?” After glancing at the signs filled with a language foreign to her, she exhaled softly and simply replied to the bartender. “Something good.” Kassandra slid him a thousand yen before her eyes drifted elsewhere; the wall seemed the most interesting at the moment. She should’ve been tracking down her target, but instead chose to procrastinate and unwind a little.
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