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The Bloodlust (Chaos only)

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The Bloodlust (Chaos only) Empty The Bloodlust (Chaos only)

Post by Dark Fang November 29th 2011, 4:43 pm

He was cold, unforgiving, death dealing muscle. He was strength, and he was speed, and he was power. He was the biggest, baddest motherf@^ker of all time. He was Krieg! The wolf reared up on his back legs and howled. "Be silent, Krieg." Admonished the sleeker wolf. "Our Master requires concentration."

It was true. The human who commanded the wolves picked his way through the dingy backstreets of the filth-covered city. A large man clamped his hand down as Trace walked past, on the lawyer's shoulder. "You sent me to prison, lawyer man! Now I'm going to put you in a world of pain!" The lawyer could have maneuvered out of the painless lock, but the wolf began speaking in Spanish, the man's mother tongue.

"Disculpe senor. Si no liberan a mi maestro a partir de este momento, mi hermano aquí será la probabilidad de hundirse los dientes en la garganta." The criminal looked dumbstruck, and this gave Trace his opening to drop the man with a simple leg sweep.

"Thank you Blitz." He said to the wolf and walked on. The man known as Rascalov was apparently around this area. The lawyer did not see him anywhere, but continued his search. How hard could it be to find him.

"Trace. We have looked. He is not here. Stop wasting your time on mortals and make this world mine!" Needless to say, Romolus was cranky.

"Romolus, we agreed. You can rampage in my body one day a year. For 364, it is mine, understand?" Trace acted as though it was perfectly normal to respond to the voices one heard in their head. "So we do what I want, okay?"


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