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A little late to the party

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A little late to the party Empty A little late to the party

Post by Psycho November 28th 2011, 7:38 pm

Psycho had finally arrived. It took quite some time, but after a long and arduous journey across the country, Psycho finally made it to New Orleans. Not long after one of his more recent little killing sprees in New York, he overheard something about a massive party in Louisiana called marty something or other and decided to check it out. Apparently freaks like him fit in pretty well during that time so he thought he might be able to enjoy himself quite a bit if he decided to join in on the festivities. Of course actually traveling across the country is rather difficult for someone like him, being the serial killing mutant he is. He was forced to walk a significant portion of the trip, but he was 'crafty' enough to hitch a ride with some less than eager drivers. That is if you can call jumping into random cars and telling the driver that you'll kill them if they don't take you to 'Narlans' crafty. Though, the whole confusion on the name of the state caused some trouble for a while, he did manage to get there anyway. Along the way he stopped off in a few other states for a little of his trademark kind of fun, although most of the places he stopped off in were because he got lost due to his complete lack of direction and geographical knowledge, but he didn't really mind.

Looking around the city of Louisiana, Psycho noticed something immediately, not one person was wearing a costume of the likes he had heard of. Instead, the people there looked very much like the ones back in New York and Chicago, all normal looking and what not. His rage slowly building, Psycho grabbed the nearest fleeing pedestrian, as just about every citizen who saw him went running for fear of their lives, and started to interrogate him for information on just what the hell was going on. Grabbing his victim and dragging him away from all the screaming people, he pinned him against a wall with his right hand firmly gripping his throat.

"OK human, tell me why you're not wearing a silly costume, NOW!" Psycho couldn't help the rage that filled his voice, he was just too pissed off. It didn't help when the victim's face was contorted in look that was both confused and fearful.

"...what?" Unfortunately for the poor man, that was an answer that Psycho refused to accept.

"DAMN IT!" His grip tightened considerably around his throat. "Why are you and everyone else in this damn town not!" He probably should have remember the name of the actual thing before asking about it, but that's not how he rolled. Finally catching on to what the monster was asking him, the man felt he could answer and maybe be let go. Maybe he could live on and see his brother and father one more time.

"You mean Mardi Gras? I'm sorry to tell you, ah...friend, but that was a couple months back. So, if you don't really mind can you jus..." It was at that point in his sentence that Psycho chose to cut him off. Permanently. All it took was a quick jerk of the wrist and his neck snapped like so many before his under the mass murderer's hand. At the moment, the only thing that could describe Psycho's emotional state would be pure unbridled rage. His left eye twitched uncontrollably and he was on the verge of exploding. A bestial snarl was imprinted on his face and green blood started to drip down from his mouth where his teeth were grinding together uncontrollably. He couldn't help how he was feeling, the whole situation was infuriating. All the trouble he had gone through to get to a simple party for Christ's sake and this happens. Suddenly, the world went silent. Everything seemed motionless and perfectly still, like the calm before the storm. Then, throughout a great portion of the city, a truly horrific sound echoed. The sound of maniacal laughter bounced around the alleyways and across the streets.

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