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Shaun Porter

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Shaun Porter Empty Shaun Porter

Post by Guest on October 25th 2011, 12:13 am

Real Name: Shaun Porter
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: None
Title: The Convict, Chelsea Grin, and Mr. Glasgow
Alignment: Villain
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 157 Pounds

Costume Description/Image: A faded orange jumpsuit that has been restitched from wear and tear over the course of several decades, this jumpsuit’s new owner is none-other than Shaun. Having his last name stitched on the back, along with his prisoner number (#0001982), it has several small holes that haven’t been stitched up that are on the left side when someone jumped Shaun and attempted to stab him to death. Obviously, this didn’t work. Also has a front left pocket, however, it’s a dull brown fabric indicating that someone in the past added this on later to the design.

Personality: Shaun’s personality is common of most thugs. Brash, cocky and willing to back up what he’s said with violence if need be; Shaun seemingly either scares most people he meets or quickly get’s on their bad side with his thuggish personality. At the surface, Shaun seems to be exactly this and nothing else.

However, Shaun also possesses an intelligence that is highly uncommon for thugs and for most people in general. Evident in several of his own constructs, such as his shivs or other improvised weapons he’s been forced to create in order to survive in prison, Shaun’s intelligence simply comes out in way’s that most people don’t think to realize.

Another after-effect from spending time in The Pen is intense loyalty to those he considers his “own”. Considering that gang loyalty is everything in The Pen, Shaun continues the habit of protecting his friends in various situations; however misguided it may be. To Shaun, he’ll defend his friend first and then figure out what happened after-wards; whatever the consequences may be. However, he expects the same kind of loyalty from others and when he doesn’t receive the loyalty he expected the result’s are often the same in prison; a stabbing.

Finally, Shaun also has an odd habit of trying to dissuade people of trying to enter a life of crime; especially younger people. Although he’s fine with himself and other ‘adults’ committing crimes for little reason at all, he often take’s the younger members of gangs and tries to convince them to leave ‘The Game’ early.

History: Shaun was born in Northern Louisiana amongst one of the smaller of the Lobber gangs, the Four Ace’s. His father was a footman for the Four Ace’s, while his mother was a hooker that he had taken a liking too. His father adopted him, and Shaun had little contact with his mother throughout most of his formative years. Up until he was ten, Shaun largely had little doing with the actual operations of the gang. He occasionally helped clean firearms or helped load magazines with re-cased bullets, but, he didn’t go an do dirty work. Instead, he spent most of his day’s playing with other bastard children of the gang. The games they played often resembled the actual operations that the gang carried out, such as robbing banks or mugging the unsuspecting.

When Shaun was twelve years old, his father woke him up from the small apartment that they shared. Handing Shaun new .9mm pistol, he motioned for Shaun to follow him. Outside of the home, a small group of other gang member’s waited. Joining them, Shaun and his father marched several miles until they reached a small farmhouse at the crack of dawn. The thug’s quickly descended on the house, leaving Shaun to watch the carnage fully. The crew dragged the farmer out of the house, forcing him down to his knees in front of Shaun. Under his father’s guidance, Shaun shot the farmer as he pleaded for his life. From this incident, Shaun was considered a full-blown Ace.

From the ages of twelve onward until he was twenty-one, Shaun engaged in the typical gang lifestyle. He would assist in the robbing of a home, party until all of the money and good’s were gone or traded off for weapons or drugs and rob another house. Shaun’s body bears the scars from this rough-and-tumble lifestyle, and his tattoo’s loudly proclaim his love of it. However, Shaun’s life was cut short. Although his gang wasn’t a particularly large one or a dangerous one compared to some of the larger Lobber gangs; a S.W.A.T. descended on the gang's compound. Most of the gang members were killed from the ambush, with Shaun and a small handful of other’s surviving the ordeal intact.

Shaun was among the few member’s that actually held the cop’s off while other members of the Four Ace’s sprinted off into the city. Shaun managed to hold the cop’s off long enough for the surviving twelve members of the Gang (out of the original twenty three members before the ambush) to escape. As the only Ace they managed to successfully capture, they decided to bring him to the Pen (A maximum security prison for the worse scum.) However, in order to punish him for killing of one of the cop’s, they proceeded to mutilate his face in order to discourage him resisting ever again.

After the ride from Northern Louisiana to The Pen, Shaun was processed into the The Pen. He was issued a jumpsuit to wear during his stay, which was decided to be a life sentence with the possibility of execution provided he cause’s any violence against the guard’s. During his three year stay in The Pen, Shaun has quickly adapted into the prison culture. However, like most people in The Pen, he’s decided that staying in prison for the rest of his life isn’t exactly the thing he would like to do and is busy planning a escape.

Powers: Shaun is an excellent knife user, due to his time within The Pen. Although his preferred method is a quiet stabbing, Shaun is also adept in an actual “knife-fight”, when both people are equipped with knifes. Shaun has also shown a measure of talent when it come’s to developing and creating his own inventions, mostly related to violence but (in theory) Shaun could also come up with some non-violent ideas as well.

Though he may not have much class when it comes to hand to hand combat, his brawler style is rather effective. More than once, Shaun has knocked out opponents with a single punch. However, in general, Shaun look’s for the fight ending haymaker early on and most of his punches have power behind them.

Power Grid:
STR: 3
SPD: 3
END: 3
INT: 6
EP: 0
FS: 6

Power Grid colours: Black and Orange.

Character Image/Description: Shaun stand’s at five feet eleven inches, and weighs only a hundred and fifty seven pounds. However, most of his body is muscle rather than fat, but, it look’s like Shaun is a lot weaker than what he really is. He has black hair and hazel eyes.

Another prominent feature of Shaun’s appearance is his tattoos.Although crude, they communicate a variety of gang allegiances, place’s he’s been and event’s he’s survived. A seasoned criminal could look at the tattoo’s as a kind of resume, seeing what Shaun has done. Located on his chest, forearms and hand’s, they also run the gambit of local law enforcement official’s easily pegging Shaun; especially in smaller communities. He does have a large back tattoo of The Pen; allowing for other criminal’s to identify as a former resident of The Pen. Like with the rest of his tattoos, this one only to further incriminates him to local law enforcement.

Finally, Shaun also has a ‘Chelsea Smile’ or a ‘Glasgow Grin’. The scar came from several cop’s who delivered it as a punishment to Shaun after he was being interrogated by the cop’s before he was sent to The Pen. The scar healed unevenly from the journey to The Pen, giving him an overall frightening appearance. The scar itself is jagged, and when Shaun open’s his mouth widely, you can actually see the thread’s holding his cheek’s together.

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Shaun Porter Empty Re: Shaun Porter

Post by Archer Roland on October 25th 2011, 10:08 am

Seems fine to me. Approved.

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