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The incident in New Orleans

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The incident in New Orleans

Post by The Perfect Sandwich on October 15th 2011, 1:15 pm

It was night in the city of New Orleans. People were out drinking, partying, and having a good time. Coronel will be waiting at a local restrant outside of town for his partner when he gets here. He got up out of bed due to the annoyance of the music. He got dressed in his everyday clothes and picked up his things and placed the in his pocket. He walked out the door and locked it beacuse he knew that some low life would try to get in. He walked down the hallway and then the stairs of the hotel he was staying in. He waved to the cashier who gave him his key and then walked out the front door. He was standing on the side walk waiting for a cab to to show itself. He seen one and made th attempt to stop it. The light was on so that means it was ready for buisness. He yelled and waved, Taxi. He wistled and the taxi slowed down and stopped infront of him. I need to go to La Fuere Gonti on the outside of town. The cab started rolling from the side walk, in minutes he was getting really close to the cafe. He looke out the window and he was over the bridge right now and he could see the ships in port and the water flowing through.

Here we are, that will be 70.75 sir. Coronel pulled out his wallet and gave the money to the man. He opened the door and stepped out of the cab. The cab spead away from his sight. Exspensive Bastard Right now it did not matter he headed down the side walk and walked into the doors of the cafe. He ordered a coffee and the stepped out side and waited for the man to show. He looked at his watch and seen the time. He was a little earllier than what he should have been. He started to sip his coffee not realising he for got to add the cream and sugar. He sipped it and the bitter taste cought him. He started coughing and put the coffee down. When he stopped coughing he grabbed some packs of sugar and poured it into the coffee and then added alot of creamer. He started to drink it and wait for the guy.

Coronel's Advancements
The Perfect Sandwich

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Re: The incident in New Orleans

Post by Sam on October 15th 2011, 1:53 pm

Aden looked around from the balcony of his hotel. Nightime was always when the life of the city became active which is what always worries Aden. The lights, the cars, the parties, the people no matter how you describe it this city is always alive at night. "Why does this city have to be the one thats a basic vampire town."He said to himself as he left his hotel and headed to the outside of town. Aden was supposed to meet someone there and decided to not be too late. After a short taxi ride and payment, Aden was waiting for his contact.


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Re: The incident in New Orleans

Post by Echo on October 15th 2011, 2:03 pm

"New orleans, new orleans..." Talia sings softly to herself. She'd become quite familiar with the city over the past moth or so. She knew who to talk to in order to get into clubs, which assholes were working alone, who not to mess with until she'd formulated a really damn good plan, etcetera. She hums to herself, a bounce in her steps as she passes houses with upbeat base lines booming through the upstairs and bars with the raucous laughter of people long past their second drink. Chinks as glasses are tapped together in toasts combined with the basses and loud music of the clubs make the night musical and exciting, a perfect New Orleans evening.
"Where to go..." Talia muses."I have got to get some energy out of me- I feel like a cokehead..." She snaps her fingers, producing a bright flame, like that of a lighter, which she gradually coaxes into a small floating fire about the size of her palm.
"The port, I think, that one cafe- I can never remember the name... it's French.. Oh, what's it called..." She mutters, turning right toward the smell of saltwater and the gulf of Mexico. A strong gust of wind catches her off guard and her small flame goes out. She sighs and drops her hand, choosing not to create a new fire. She never knows who she might have to use her power on- wouldn't want o get all tired out...


Silvia bites her lip, concerned to be making port in New Orleans. He friend had directed her here, but she felt weird this close to the border. Her spanish accent is perfect, but she doesn't remember her home language as well as she used to. It bothers her that English has overtaken Spanish in her mind. She quickly goes over a few things in her head- necessary introductions and questions that might help her with anyone here who is Latino. But mostly here are the french mixed and the Black Americans. These people are very different from her. There is loud music and impoliteness all over. People are having parties in the boats and on slick, dangerous boards of the docks. There's vomit on the decks and in the water, drunks staggering home, thugs in groups, waiting for the unfortunate person who has has a little too much to drink.

It's one disgusting city-wide party... Silvia thinks. She shakes her head and continues toward her destination, La Fuere Gonti, as recommended by her friend, whom she is beginning to doubt. This city, the perfect place for me? I don't know... It's not very friendly... She lengthens her strides and hold her chin up, as she was instructed. If you look weak, you'll be treated like you're weak. Silvia hates, more than this chaotic disorder which instills a weird feeling in her- akin to adrenaline- to be treated like she is weak.



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Re: The incident in New Orleans

Post by Lady Angeline on October 15th 2011, 4:22 pm

It was a nice night, people coming and going throught the town. Lights flashing on the bridge and the buildings were lit up. People were hard at work, but others were enjoying the night dancing, drinking, and parting. He was going to see what all the comotion was around the ports. There was a cafe that his adviser said had alot of supers headed toward that way. He decided to take the man in blacks info and head down to the cafe. He was close to the Cafe already so all he has to do is take a samll walk.

He baggan walking down the street cars passing and blowing there horns. He would walk pass people who looked like hores on the street or little kids witht their parents. He was coming up on the cafe now and he seen one person in particular, Coronel. It was an old friend who had turned aginst him a while back. Now they fight everytime they see each other. Nolen hurried to another building that over looked the cafe and that allowed the public in so he did not get gripped at. He was going to sit there and wait to see what comes of his little trip.
Lady Angeline

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