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The Nano-Zombie

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The Nano-Zombie

Post by Dynamic on October 9th 2011, 10:53 pm

Real Name: Darryl Jones
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: (None officially.)
Title: Most people refer to him as the Nano-Zombie or That Thing, or any combination really.
Alignment: Evil
Age: Biologically: 74 Actually: 239
Gender: Male
Race: Undead Human
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Height: 6’11”
Weight: 415 lbs.

Personality: As a zombie, Darryl acts pretty much how’d you expect. He is slow and stupid, and is usually very silent. He is actually aware that he is a zombie, and may use this knowledge to creep people out. Darryl has no fear and as such will try to take on anything without even the slightest thought. Considering that he is dead and has practically no needs, he doesn’t really work with others, but just might join to spread carnage. Unlike common zombies, he does not kill humans for food but rather just as a shred of his previous personality (not to say he doesn’t eat them though).

However, the nanobots controlling Darryl’s brain will occasionally malfunction, and temporarily gives Darryl’s original personality. Darryl’s original personality is one much crueler. Darryl will often kill and commit other crimes to bring down society. He will harm himself just to harm others and has no morals. He is only slightly smarter than his zombie personality in the fact that he knows there are some things he can’t do and has a strong desire for power. In addition, Darryl is highly anti-social and wants to be the only being alive at the end of the universe and is addicted to getting power by any means. He can sometimes leave his goals as an subconscious objective for when he goes back to zombie mode.

History: Darryl Jones was a slave in the late 1700s, but a bold, disobedient one at that. He had followed his masters orders when he was young but would secretly work out in order to get stronger. When Darryl turned 17, he beat his own master to death and started a small slave rebellion. However, it was quickly shut down and most were eventually executed, but no Darryl. He was able to take a gun form one of the soldiers, and murdered most of them. He was considered one of the most dangerous people in the early US and large bounties was placed on him.

Although Darryl knew his fun would have to end soon, he spent a long time having fun. He was a serial killer, killing for almost no reason, but murder wasn’t his only crime. He was an arsonist, thief, etc. and tried to bring down society in every way possible. He would continue these antics for around 50 years until he stopped. When Darryl got really old, he tried to think of ways to continue his legacy. He couldn’t have any kids, nor would anyone dare be bold enough to take on his legacy. Because of this, Darryl tried to explore ways of coming back to life. Having murdered the owner of a wealthy property owner, he resided there and planned the rest of his days and days after the end. It wasn’t until Darryl was 74 that he was actually found and killed by a brave young soul who had heard legends of him.

Fast forward to around present day. A descendent of that brave young soul was almost finished inventing his own nanobots. He had designed them to be implanted into humans to cure those with handicaps, or even raise the dead. He was certain that the nanobots had the ability to cure the handicapped, but he wasn’t quite sure about the raising the undead part. To test it out, he went to a local cemetery and tried to find a tombstone of a respectable person to maybe bring back to life. When he found them, he let them go…but encountered one problem. The nanobots somewhat had a mind of its own, and decided to turn against humanity. Somehow sensing the last thoughts of Darryl Jones, he thought he would be a perfect host. The nanobots dug into the grave and implanted themselves into Darryl.

Darryl rose with his own personality intact and pleased to actually have achieved after life. After more than a century of staying dormant, Darryl needed to do some evil. He saw the descendent of his murderer and decided to chase after him with the intent to kill. Darryl did manage to kill him, but not before the young inventor had tried to activate a weak EMP as a fail-safe. It did permanent damage to the nanobots and greatly weakened its AI and it's ability to spread to other bodies, but not enough to keep it down forever. He hunted down the rest of the family after he left the cemetery and got his revenge. And with that, Legends of the ghost of Darryl Jones were started and he was once again on America's watch.

Powers: Darryl is technically a zombie, and as such doesn’t need to perform any of the chemical reactions needed to keep himself alive (Nutrition is necessary, but is minimal), allowing for more energy to be spent on strength. The nanobots make Darryl’s strength even more impressive. Another side effect of the nanobots is that there is one attatched to every cell in the body, and the nanobots can manipulate themselves to create fantastic shapes. In addition, the nanobots can actually separate from the undead cells and combine with themselves to create actual weaponry. However, if the nanobots are separated from the cells for too long, the cells where the nanobots left may disintegrate (this means he can only do this for two turns at most. For projectile-like weapons, they are at the strength of his EP.)
Power Grid:

Power Grid colours: Black and Grey

Character Image/Description:

Roleplay Sample: (If new or new character)

P.S. Trash all my other chars...ALL OF THEM!

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Re: The Nano-Zombie

Post by Super Cutie on October 11th 2011, 6:44 pm



Super Cutie

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Re: The Nano-Zombie

Post by Victor Vincent on October 11th 2011, 7:04 pm

Powergrid added.

Victor Vincent

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