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Post by Psycho on October 4th 2011, 5:30 pm

Real Name: Subject 15
Super Hero Name: Psycho
Title: None
Alignment: Villain
Age: Technically 5, but due to accelerated growth of both his mind and body he would be at least five times older
Gender: Male
Race: Mutant
Hair: None
Eyes: Green
Height: 6ft
Weight: 205lbs

Costume Image: None

Personality: Suave, cool, collected, intelligent...These words describe the very man Psycho is not. In contrast he is rude, brutish, chaotic and dumb as they come. His style of humor ranges from the extremely violent and inappropriate to the extremely vulgar and simplistic. He is very immature and refuses to think things through or learn from his mistakes. Also, as to be expected from someone named Psycho, he is extremely psychotic and mentally unstable. He is completely and utterly unpredictable and the almost countless amount of mental disorders he suffers from seem almost random at when they will reveal themselves. Sometimes he experiences intense mood swings, quickly changing from happy and without a care in the world, to violently enraged with the slightest provocation and vice versa. He is also sometimes known to almost completely lost himself, especially when fighting, and will go into a rage, fighting friend or foe. On occasion Psycho may even suffer from hallucinations, making him believe he is seeing or hearing something when the reality of it is, it isn't there. He both a serial killer and an extreme sadist, relishing whenever he has the opportunity to bring pain and misery to others. One of the oddest aspects to Psycho is that he will do things on a whim, often randomly. These whims can range from craving to kill a particular person to obsessively to stalking birds, meaning that there is almost nothing he won't do if his deluded mind urges him to do it. The only possibly redeeming aspect of him is that he doesn't lie. When he does something, he doesn't deny it no matter what and if asked a question he will answer it truthfully.

History: Psycho was created roughly five years ago by some aspiring evil scientists, hoping to use him as their own personal weapon of mass destruction. He was created using the somehow acquired DNA of the super villain Chaos, technically making him the offspring of the mutant. Unfortunately for those who made him, he was far from sane and their attempts to control him were less than successful. Eventually, after multiple failed breakout attempts he was finally able to get free and slaughter everyone in sight after a power outage caused the electrified cell he was in to shut down. Luckily for Psycho, he was somewhat educated during his time in captivity and wasn't entirely clueless on what to do in the outside world. He is now free to be the psychopathic serial killer he was meant to be, without any annoying scientists poking and prodding him with needles.

Powers: Superhuman strength, durability and shape shifting in the form of various sizes of spikes and tentacles that can form on any part of his body, his hands are also morph into large claws or blades. He has a regenerative power that allows him to heal from injury by eating organic material of a somewhat similar composition as himself, basically meaning that if he eats a human or similar being he heals. He also has a very minor ability to conceal/reveal his mouth, which is full of sharp elongated fangs. (Shape shifting: 3 Points, Healing: 2 Points)

Power Grid:
STR: 5
SPD: 3
END: 5
INT: 1
EP: 5
FS: 3

Power Grid colours: Black and Green

Character Image:

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Re: Psycho

Post by Da Boss on October 5th 2011, 12:08 am



Da Boss

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Re: Psycho

Post by The Black Arrow on October 7th 2011, 8:42 am


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