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Miss Midas

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Miss Midas Empty Miss Midas

Post by Baaqir on September 27th 2011, 4:18 am

Real Name: Molly Manse
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Miss Midas
Title: Goldy locks
Alignment: Villain
Age: Eightteen
Gender: Female
Race: Cyborg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Left white, right golden, the whites of her eyes are black
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 320lbs

Personality: Molly enjoys inflicting pain on others, since she cannot feel anything on the outside of her body, it is the closest she gets. She has gotten to the point, where she will do just about anything for money. From drug smuggling, to torture, to out right assassinations, she does not care who she hurts to get what she feels is hers. Prone to mood swings, which are often have violent results, she does not work well with others. She has become quite jaded, and sees the negatives in anyone she meets, hardly ever looking at positives, and always assuming people want something for themselves.

History: Born in France to a minor politician and a bioengineer, she dreamed of being a ballet dancer. Since the age of three she had been committed to the practice. But one day she was in a terrible car accident. She was paralyzed from the neck down, and had all but lost the will to live. That is, until a criminal organization approached her mother. They offered to give her the resources to work on a way to graft a special allow to the human skeleton, in exchange, they would have their scientists give Molly an enhanced cybernetic operation, that would give her mobility again. They tested both the graft and the cybernetics on Molly, luckily it took. Afterwards they killed her parents. In a rage, Molly killed several members of the organization, as the begged for mercy and screamed that it was "only business", which became her motto for her life of crime, she crushed his skull. She also destroyed the research her mother did, so no one could ever replicate her, and began her life as a mercenary criminal.

Powers: Her skeleton has been replaced by an unbreakable alloy, that is the colour of gold, known as "Soloid". Once the object is no longer touching the arm, it is back to normal. Anything killed with this arm takes on a glossy golden sheen. Her arm, gives her the ability to temporarily coat anything touching it in the same metal, other than organic matter. Just bellow her flase skin, is an exo skelton of Soloid rather than real skin. Upon taking enough damage the skin shreds and reveals it, the casing of her right arm is removable upon being damaged, leaving her without her coating ability. She also has super strength, due to her augmentations.

Weaknesses: Her false skin has no nerve endings, so she cannot feel anything with it.

The touch of real gold negates the compound of the alloy, making it only slightly more durable than bone, it also prevents the arms abilities from activating.

She uses an artificial skin, that looks and feels real, but is only slightly tougher than leather. Meaning, in most fights it will rip. She needs to return to a safe house to apply another coating, or else her exoskeleton is exposed, making it very difficult to blend into crowds.

Power Grid:
STR: 6 (2 when reduced)
SPD: 2
END: 6 (2 When reduced)
INT: 2
EP: 4 (0 when reduced)
FS: 2
Miss Midas Midas2

Power Grid colours: Gold for normal strength, silver for reduced.

Character Image/Description:
Miss Midas Lily_Petals_by_Keena53

Miss Midas Lisa_by_drag_5

Roleplay Sample: The man took a clumsy swimg at the french girl. She giggled as his fist broke off her jaw. He fell to the ground cursing as he backed away from her, she followed slowly, her high heeled boots clicking lightly. When he pulled the gun she did nothing but smile. The bullets hit her, ripping small holes in her flesh and clothes. Though she felt no pain, and no blood came out of the wounds. Instead the glint of gold could be seen where the bullets connected, slowly the holes closed over. "Vous allez mourir maintenant. Est-ce que c'est bien ?"

The man spat at her, and spoke in a southern drawl. "I don' unnerstand what the hell ya'll just said bitch. Speak a real language why don't you?" He gritted his teeth at the pain. The girl just frowned at him. "Le Français est une langue plus belle que l'anglais! Porc Américain." She back handed him with her right hand, then kicked the headless body. "You Américains 'ave no respect for your betters." Turning she noticed another man, this one with a flame thrower.

She screamed as the flames licked over her flesh, clothing and hair. Her metal piercings melted and running down the ruin of her flesh. "Savez-vous combien de temps il m'a pris pour obtenir mes cheveux qui manière ? Et vous avez ruiné mes vêtements!" She shirked in french. "You 'ave ruined my hair, and I 'ad to order those boots special! You are how you say... The dead man." She reached up and ripped the ruined flesh from her face. "It shall take 'ours for me to reapply that." She snarled as she launched herself at him, plunging her arm into his rib cage and crushed his heart, staring him in the eyes. She leaned forward and whispered into the dead mans ear. "Do not worry, I understand. Business is all it was yes? Yes. That is all this is."

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Miss Midas Empty Re: Miss Midas

Post by Da Boss on September 27th 2011, 4:59 pm

" Her arm, gives her the ability to temporarily coat anything touching it in the same metal, other than organic matter."

Explain what that does exactly, does it just work for on your body?

" the skin itself regenerates automatically"

Thats a regen ability, you'd need more EP for that


Miss Midas Ivanz
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Miss Midas Empty Re: Miss Midas

Post by Baaqir on September 27th 2011, 5:03 pm

Ok, I'll take the regen off. It was really just to explain how she got it back, didn't really do anything important. Hahaha.

Also, it just implies that the object, say a crow bar, is now coated in the highly durable metal. So it's stronger. But Say she did that to a gun. The bullets would come out normally, because she is not touching them.

Edit: Fixed. Her skin is now in her weaknesses section.

Edit 2: I should also note that there is a limit. The largest thing she can cover is a car, and that's only the exterior of it. She can't cover every inch of it.

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Miss Midas Empty Re: Miss Midas

Post by Super Cutie on October 2nd 2011, 4:33 am

Approved unless someone says otherwise.


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Super Cutie
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