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And the hits just keep coming...

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And the hits just keep coming...

Post by Brass on September 23rd 2011, 6:04 am

Yes, yes, Reiko's family was on yet another vacation. Did these people even work anywhere? Reiko had more vacations than a rich family could ever afford. Fortunately, her father was a travel agent. Therefore, he got discount vacations and only paid a fraction of what he should have. This time around her family decided to go to Canada. Reiko wasn't excited about that at all because she didn't exactly like the country. She had nothing against Canadians. She just didn't like cold weather and so many parts of Canada was cold.

"This sucks more than a two dollar hooker on fifty cent day..." she said to herself as she left the airport. To her surprise it was a cool eighty degrees out. Reiko couldn't believe it. All she ever heard about was how cold Canada could get. This was a sign that perhaps TV could be wrong. Perhaps this trip wasn't going to be as bad as she originally imagined it to be. Maybe she was going to have fun. Her parents allowed her to venture off on her own. Of course, that was a horrible idea but then again they were horrible parents.

The hotel room was just a few miles away. Reiko could take a cab there. Her mom and dad wanted some alone time. Some people found it hard to deal with Reiko for five minutes let alone a lifetime of dealing with her. Therefore, the rest and relaxation of not dealing with a girl with a multitude of mental illnesses was much welcomed. On the flip side Reiko would be lonely again. Her parents didn't give a shit though. They just wanted to get rid of her for a couple of days.

She did take the cab. The driver was reluctant to pick her up due to the fact that the girl was wearing what had to be the most ridiculous outfit that driver had ever seen. Disney World had to be miles upon miles away and yet Reiko still decided to wear her black Mickey Mouse cap. She wore a white shirt with black words saying, "Touch My Ant Bites", a pink skirt with an assortment of buttons that she sewed on and specially modified pink Chuck Taylors. She cut the tongues out, laces and outer edges so that only the sole would be left. Basically, she created sandals out of footwear that was originally intended to be shoes.

Reiko got into the cab with her trusty teddy bear and a single luggage bag. "Going to a hotel?" asked the driver. "No, let's go somewhere fun. What do Canadians do for fun?" she asked in response. "Well, you got marijuana but that's illegal. But there is always ice hockey. Wanna try that out? Not sure how much of a skater you are but you said what we do for fun," he went on to say. Reiko pondered skating. She wasn't that great but she could use something fun and relaxing to do. "Sure, whatever. Let's just make it quick. I hate waiting," she explained. The driver smiled. "Alright, but remember, you asked for it," he said.

The car took off at speeds that would clearly break speed limits in most countries. Reiko was having fun. She rolled down the window to her side and stuck her head out of the window. Her tongue was hanging out from her mouth much like a dog would do. She learned that, perhaps, this wasn't such a great idea. Any country had insects. A butterfly flew into her mouth. Reiko pulled her head back into the cab and gagged on it for a few seconds before swallowing the creature whole. It didn't taste that bad to her. "Guess I was hungry anyways," she whispered to herself.

Reiko was being observed by the cab driver. "So, where you from little lady?" he asked. She thought about not answering that question. Her parents told her not to give too much information to strangers. But Reiko saw no harm in conversation and telling the man the truth. "America. Manhattan, New York is where I live. I'm just here on vacation with my folks and Mr. Hereberry here. Say hi Mr. Hereberry," she said. The bear sat directly next to Reiko and didn't utter a word. "Now, Mr. Hereberry, don't be rude. Say something. I know you can talk. You do it all the time. Blah! Don't worry mister. He's just a little shy. He'll warm up to you," she explained. By now, the cab driver realized that he was talking to a nut and focused more on his driving so that he could get said nut out of his cab as fast as possible. "Uh, yeah, sure, whatever," he said before turning on the radio and cranking up the volume as loud as he could. Reiko was about to tell him about how Mr. Hereberry got his name. Well, at least one of her many stories about how he got his name. None of them were actually true.

The cab came to the hockey rink. Reiko zipped open Mr. Hereberry and pulled out a few American bills. They were acceptable in some cases and especially so for a cab that came from an airport where American travelers normally showed up. The man took the money. "Uh, yeah, nice meeting you or whatever. Bye bye," he said, trying to convince her to get her crazy ass out of his car. "Mmkay! I love you babye!" Reiko said with a lot of prep. She exited the vehicle. That driver took off so fast to the point where all that could be seen was a trail of smoke and black tire marks in the road. "Wow, must've had somewhere else to go," she said. No, he just wanted to get as far away from Reiko as possible.


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Re: And the hits just keep coming...

Post by Crime_Reaper on December 2nd 2011, 11:41 pm

Cryo-Kill was always happy to visit Montreal, especially on business. The Vance Family had alot of enemies in Montreal, Of course if they were to expand there influence they needed to take Canada's organized crime capital. Cryo-Kill was born a few miles out of town. Cryo-Kill was hired to off the son of Tommy Scorlino; Mikey Scorlino who was known to be the most violent man in Quebec. Mikey was famous for killing the owner of the Montreal Canadiens for firing him from the team. The coach was found dead with severe trauma to the head, it is said that Mikey stamped his head in with a hockey skate on. The Vance family wanted him dead to send a message to the Scorlinos. Killing the dons son was the Vance trademark, it showed that Chucky Vance did not fear retaliation for anything. Mikey Scorlino was at the hockey rink, He was playing hockey and was being rough with all the other players, many just left the rink. Suddenly *BANG!* His leg was shot, people scattered and ran out of the rink. Then out of nowhere Cryo-Kill smashed through the boards and grabbed Mikey Scorlino.

"Mikey Scorlino, the Vance Family says hello.

"what the fuck are you!"

"Name is Cryo-Kill. I am here to end your life, unless you tell me where your fathers compound is."

"Fuck you!"

Mikey spit on Cryo-Kill as a sign of disrespect.

"Feel the chill? Its just gonna get colder and colder, then your fingers will fall off, your toes, your nose, breathing will become more difficult before you cant breath at all and before you know it your blood is solid and your organs stop working."

Mikey began to shiver as Cryo-Kill dropped the temperature around them both, Mikey's fingers fell off as Cryo-Kill said they would.

"Its near the Ontario border...Pppplease Sssstop, so c c c cold."

Cryo-Kill thanked Mikey and then using his water cannon and ice and temperature manipulation, he made a large Ice Spike and slammed down Mikey, killing him. Cryo-Kill then walked away, and he passed Reiko.

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