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Jason "Cataclysm" Saint

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Jason "Cataclysm" Saint

Post by Cataclysm on September 21st 2011, 1:01 am

Real Name: Jason Saint
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Cataclysm
Title: One man Destruction field
Alignment: Evil
Race: Metahuman

Costume Description/Image: If description please be very detailed.

Personality:Psychotic, Disturbed, mentally unstable, Paranoid: All these wrap up Jason Saint. His personality is wild, unpredictable and most of all just plain wrong. Jason isn't what you would call evil but more open to the exception that mayhem is purging the planet. He enjoys causing pain to others and torture is something he would happily do, Saint doesn't understand mercy or pleading and sees anyone who does it as weak and pathetic. A being who loves watching things happen and who would dance in a rain of blood and jump in puddles of flesh and gore.

Jason Saint is a complex individual who will offer friendship with one hand and a knife in your throat with the other, he has no sense of Loyalty and no trust believing people are out to get him and stop him from enjoying himself, Jason's sense of fun is death and terror and sees himself as the one man world wide Terrorist. he has no love for nation, flags, or people and would burn money as easily he would a baby in it's crib. Jason has no morals or code anyone is open game from a small innocent kid to a old man on his death bed Cataclysm doesn't care.

History: Jason Saint was born with Paranoid schizophrenia and from a young age he was muttering to himself and answering himself, he was studied by doctors and psychiatrist's and poked and prodded. He was given Shock therapy and his parents pushed him into one "Treatment" after another for there son wasn't suppose to have problems he was suppose to be perfect and wonderful and obedient. Jason was none of these things and as he grew up it got worse and developed further into his mind, the therapy grew more severe and his mind went further and further away until it snapped.

During Halloween night Jason dressed up as Michael Myers and killed his parents with a butcher knife, he was found a week later with his parents bodies chopped up and sown together with mixed and matched parts of each other. The officers beat the young kid until he was out cold, Taken to a prison he was processed and placed in a cell at nine years old, he was tried in a jury of his peers and convicted of two accounts of first degree murder. When they asked him why he looked at the judge and responded that he wanted to play with them and than he laughed. Jason was to be placed in a mental hospital until he was eighteen than he would be put to death by lethal Injection.

During his time in the hospital he met a man named Drew who would whisper to people and leave, the man was in there for attempted suicide nine times. Drew found himself drawn to the young kid who seemed to laugh when people got hurt and plotted ways to make people hurt, Drew wasn't normal like the other people in there he saw what a person could be and had a talent that could unlock other peoples abilities. However he wasn't stupid, Drew was actually quite bright and he studied people and the person he studied now was Jason Saint. The boy was crazy anyone with half a brain could see that, the light of sanity was nowhere in his eyes. The boy would kill again and again with no mercy, no control, and without a care. But on the other hand he was something that could do great things even if they were evil.

Drew decided that he would help Jason on one condition: when he escaped he spared Drew's life. Jason accepted and Drew opened his powers by activating the areas of energy inside his brain further back. Jason awoke the next day and could actually feel the change in himself. Saint had studied what Kinetic energy was and something had to come at him even in small amounts. He learned it could be energy based or physical and all it had to do was come at him with force and he could absorb and use it to his own advantage. That night Jason and Drew killed a guard and took his weapons and used them on Jason until he was strong enough. Sadly for Drew, Jason was not one for keeping his word and using his power he destroyed Drew so he could never speak of what he had done.

Jason escaped that night leaving behind him a entire hospital of dead and fire. The next day in the papers it would be known as the Troubled waters slaughter from hell with no survivors or witnesses to what happened. Jason Saint was considered dead for they found a charred body of a boy in Jason's room so burned that nothing would ever identify him. Saint was free and he changed his name to Cataclysm.

Powers: Absorbing and releasing of Kinetic Energy. Super speed. Jason Can Absorb Kinetic energy from any type of form from Physical to energy and store it in his body and release it in any form he wishes. If he is hit with five hundred pounds of pressure he can release five hundred pounds of pressure in return in some other form or by wrapping it around his fist and delivering the same amount of power. However too much of it can overload him and cause excruciating pain until released. If he absorbed a nuclear reactor's energy he could release it but the absorption and release would kill him. As stated he can release it in anyway from a shield that deflects bullets to a explosion or beam of energy. It is nearly limitless on how he can use his power but he is limited on how much he can draw in without tearing his own body to shreds.
Power Grid: (You have 22 points to spend on your Power Grid unless you can fly, in which case you have 20. Each stat can start at 6, not 7. 7 must be earned.)
FS: 4

Power Grid colours: Red and Blue

Character Image/Description:

Roleplay Sample: Jason stood in the middle of a street his body humming with the energy he had absorbed as he faced half a street of soldiers and tanks, he had used there bullet's kinetic force and absorbed the tanks explosions into himself until he was charged enough to decimate the force. His foot pressed on the ground and the energy flowed out from under his feet a glowing light that went under the feet of the soldiers and tanks until it covered the full landscape before exploding into the air. Bodies and metal flew around in pieces as the explosion continued to go until Jason cut it off. The entire street was gone eradicated into a crater a mile wide from the first soldier back.

Cataclysm whistled placing his hands in his pockets as he walked around the craters edges and laughed at the weakness of his opponents amazed that such a country hadn't already fallen to someone else for how weak they were. He could feel the energy flowing under him but it was weak having used 80% to make that crater and he had enough to protect himself if need be. Jason stopped and looked down at a girl who was staring in shock at the destruction and walked over kneeling down in front of her, his eyes stared into hers as a glowing red light appeared on his fingertips and he placed it to her lips, the red energy flowed into her body and he stood up walking away as she screamed her insides glowing as smoke came out of her skin and blisters grew and busted. Without even looking back he laughed as a final scream and a flash of red light and the girls body vaporized. Jason turned around seeing only a backpack left of the girl and winked. He turned down a alley way whistling.


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Re: Jason "Cataclysm" Saint

Post by Super Cutie on September 21st 2011, 1:56 am

Approved. Just remember you still take full damage from whatever you're absorbing.


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