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Blaze The Queen of Flames

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Blaze The Queen of Flames

Post by Sparrow on September 19th 2011, 5:08 pm

Real Name: Ella Michelle Franks
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Blaze
Title: The Queen of Flames
Alignment: Evil
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

Costume Description/Image: She doesn't really wear a costume, but she uses a single katana, made with a metal that conducts heat in a way that makes the blade considerably hotter, but does not promote it to melt. As well as two 9 millimeter pistols.

Personality: Ella is a somewhat sadistic individual, in the reguard that she will not hesitate to torture. Especially if it will give her some sort of satisfaction in doing so. Though she is not without sympathy, those moments are few and far between. Ella much prefers to have things go her way, and will destroy anyone in her way to get it. Even a child if she is pushed to do so. Stubborn in nature, she will not back down from a challenge, but won't continue in something that a defeat is assured in. In the end, she is a manipulative person with questionable motives.

History: Ella was born to an abusive father, and a mother who did nothing for her. Up to the age of six her life was what one would call average. Then her father turned his alcoholic rage from her mother, to her. The beatings happening nightly, yet she was unable to to fight back against the man. Bruises a daily occurence for her, always dotting her body like spots, though out of sight from any prying eyes. She suffered every sort of abuse possible in silence, though hatred welled up deep inside of her. Growing larger with each passing day, week,month,and year. Till finally she acted out against him, without even realizing it. When not around her father, she rained in the hopes of one day being able to take the man down. Becoming a blackbelt, yet that only spurred the man to become more violent.

Her father was a smoker, and thats what he would do while beating her. One day, she grew sick of it. About the age of 16. He came to deliver another beating, with a beer bottle. Bringing it across her head. Blood coming down in a small stream that nearly blinded her. Though she could still see the dim red of his lit cigarette, anger flaring up. As the cigarette itself caught fire, turning on the man who had tormented her for so long. With that, she allowed her apartment to burn down, as she left. Forced now to live on the cruel streets, where she used her wit, and skill to survive. Even killing, all to release the anger burning within her, as well as to survive the best way she can think of.

Powers: Ella has the gift to control fire at her will, even turning a small spark into an inferno. Bending it into whatever shape she desires, from whips to bullets. She can even produce flames, but they will wear on her reserve of energy. So she can't continuosly release flames without some sort of fatigue. Also she is able to use the flames to propel herself through the air, and to dodge more accuratly.(Psuedo Flight) Even having fire coat her skin, and it not burn her, which extends to her clothing. Also she is a black belt in martial arts, as well as has incorporated bladework, and minor marksmanship into her style. Though her aim with a gun, and work with a blade is not all too spectacular.

Power Grid:

Power Grid colours:

Character Image/Description:
Roleplay Sample: (Not new, so don't have to make a roleplay sample.) (Please trash John, and Jimmy)

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Re: Blaze The Queen of Flames

Post by Sparrow on September 19th 2011, 6:57 pm

Ready for review whenever.

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Re: Blaze The Queen of Flames

Post by Super Cutie on September 19th 2011, 7:43 pm



Super Cutie

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