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Post by Sam on September 15th 2011, 11:22 pm

Real Name: Ahriman
Super Villain Name: No Super Villain name
Title: No Titles
Alignment: Villain
Age: Exact age uknown...To a human he would look to be a 40 year old though
Race: Gradetian(alien)
Hair: (This is when he is in his disguise) Blood red
Eyes: Black
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 195 lbs.

Costume Description/Image:Ahriman's regular form

Personality: Ahriman is a madman he kills for the thrill of it and doesn't care who it is that he kills. Granted when in disguise he does have sense enough not to draw any attention to himself especially in crowded places but if he even thinks for a second someone is looking at him funny he would lose control and start killing just to kill. It didn't matter if it was one person an entire village or an entire city Ahriman would kill anyone he could find. If he doesn't kill someone it's because he either can't kill them, he respects there strength even in their defeat to him, or,and this probably the most likely reason, the person beat Ahriman so badly that he needed medical attention.

History: Ahriman was born on the battle scared world of Gradetia. Gradetia is inhabited by a population of aggressive and maniacle aliens that have flying abilites, live for battle, and want to do nothing but fight and kill. While most Gradetians are what a human would classify as brain dead, Ahriman has an above average intelligence even for humans and because of this felt superior to his own race. After years of planning and searching he found others among his kind like him and took them into hiding with to begin creating his own branch of Gradetians with the intelligence to advance in technology and create space flight. After many years of planning and development Ahriman left his planet on the fastest ship his planet could create and headed out to conquer any planet he came upon. However during flight Ahriman's navigation systems were damaged beyond repair and the ship was set on a course for Earth. While Ahriman was able to 'land' his ship, it sustained unrepairable damage and Ahriman took what items he could carry then left the ship to rust. After many attacks from scared humans, Ahriman dawned a disguise to keep him blended in with the indiginous population, but old habits don't die with Ahriman and he began killing people on Earth just because he knew he could. Eventually Ahriman returned to his ship to hide from the police and found a meessage that had been sent out a long time ago. He turned the message on and found a horrible recording even by a Gradetian's stand point. The message showed his planet in a civil war between the branch of the Gradetians that he created and the original members of the Gradetian speices. The war evetually got so far out of hand that the two species tore the planet apart and it imploded on itself. Now Ahriman is the last Gradetian in existence and that hasn't help him in his blood lust problem because now, although it's at night, he kills twice as much, but acts like a regular citizen during the day. Ahriman has now been on Earth for 7 months in Gradetian time(2-5 years human time) and he still continues to walk the Earth as a cold-blooded killer by night and a regular man by day.

Powers: Flight.

Power Grid:
STR: 4
SPD: 3
END: 4
INT: 4
FS: 4

Power Grid colours: Black and Blue

Character Image/Description:Ahriman in human Disguise


Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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Re: Ahriman

Post by Super Cutie on September 21st 2011, 6:49 pm



Super Cutie

Quote : idk.

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