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Nighthawk Empty Nighthawk

Post by NightHawk on August 23rd 2011, 11:09 pm

Real Name: James Hurst
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Nighthawk
Title: The Night Watchman
Alignment: Hero
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dull blue
Height: 5'11
Weight: 179 Lbs.

Costume Description/Image:
Nighthawk 2ele783

Personality: Nighthawk is introverted, analytical and determined. His determination brought on by the torment of the murder he commited all those years ago, fueling his efforts to put an end to crime. Seeking redemption in the eyes of his harhest critic, himself, he expects perfection from himself. As well as others. Strategic, knowledgable and adaptable, he has a natural talent in bringing ideas from conception to reality. Yet his youth makes him inexperienced as a hero, as well as occassionally arrogant. This makes him difficult to get along with. But through it all, he is thankful for his team members and those who are devoted to the same cause. Even if he never shows it. He is also commonly described as decisive, self-confident, attentive, theoretical and pragmatic.

Due to his life before donning the mantle of Nighthawk, James has a strong hatred for gangs, and subsequently all forms of criminals. After being repeatedly abandoned by those he once considered his family, he is very unwilling to trust anyone else. No longer letting anyone else into his life, he primarily works alone, and has no friends. Whilst he does not kill, he exhibits a violent tendency towards criminals, leaving many he fights with broken bones or in a comatose state, though that is a rarity. All in the pursuit to deteer others from committing crimes.

History: Growing up in a backwater city ravaged by crime and gang warfare didn't leave the boy who would become the night watchman with much hope. The stresses of life coupled with an unsupportive and morally impaired family eventually drove him into a life of crime. Abandoning his family at the age of 12, he joined one of the renowned gangs, the Black Bullets, and was enrolled as a lookout, due to his exceptional eyesight and observant nature. Now 15, he had proved his loyalty to the gang many times, even playing a hand in their more sinister operations, but had always been reluctant to take the life of another. Lately, some operations hadn't been running well, the police were always a step ahead now, and many Black Bullet members were facing years in prison. Rumours were going around about an informer in the gang. A plan was set in motion, they would stage a minor heist within a select group of people, and if the police showed up, they would remove the rat.

The plan was going perfectly. It was arranged that a small group would stage a robbery at a local pharmacy, petty cash, some drugs, nothing major as to keep the number of police forces involved to a minimum. And sure enough, two policemen arrived. The first was shot in the stomach, the second hit with the butt of a pistol, and dragged outside to the rest of the gang. The officer was thrown to the floor at the feet of the boss, who spat at him. "Disgusting pig." He said. "Hey, er... Lookout guy, Hawkeyes, come here. Got a nice little job for ya," the future dark champion stepped forward, "now be a good boy, and shoot this scum for me." He handed a gun to the hero.

"What? You can't be serious..." He began to protest.

"Oh I am. C'mon, we're family. You're not gonna let down ya family now are ya?" The leader smiled.

"No..." He couldn't lose another family. He looked down at the cop, pointing the gun at his face.

"Please. I have a family." The man pleaded. Meeting his assailants eyes.

"So do I." He pulled the trigger, the bullet breaking through the policemans skull, ending deep in his brain. Blood splashed back and splattered onto our heroes face, who collapsed to his knees as he looked at the lifeless body before him. A life, needlessly slain by his own hand. The guilt and realisation of what he'd done washed over him, almost paralysing him, as his boss picked the gun from the floor, laughing. "You did good kid. Shame, it's too little too late." He pointed the gun down the boys chest. "I guess the rumours about that informer was true, and there's only one person whose loyalty is in question around here." He smiled. "Been nice knowing ya." The future Nighthawk was thrown to the ground by the force of the bullet entering his chest, as a searing pain overcame him, his lungs began to fail him. Each breath was agonizing and short. His vision whiting out, the last thing we saw were his gang members leaving him to die. His family walking away. He closed his eyes, and waited for death.

His eyes snapped open and a blinding light washed over his vision. Blinking it away, he studied his surroundings. The walls are bright white, machines around him, tubes protruding from his skin. He was in a hospital. A doctor walked towards him, a broad smile on his face.

"How are you feeling sir?" He asked.

"Like hell."

"As to be expected I'm afraid. You are very lucky to be alive. That bullet richoted throughout your chest. It pentrated your entire chest mass, fractured and bounced off your left scapula, went back through your chest again, fractured two ribs, and punctured the pleural lining of your left lung. You are very lucky indeed."

"Yeah, really feel it. How did I wind up here?"

"Another case of excellent luck. A birdwatcher stumbled across you as he was observing a Sparrowhawk. Apparently it displayed some peculiar behaviour, flying above you before landing beside you and calling out. It caught his attention and as he got closer, he saw you."

"Be sure to thank him for me."

"I would, but I'm afraid he's being questioned by the police right now."

"The police...?" It all came back to him. The policeman he killed would've been lying next to his own body.

"Yes. They'll be wanting to ask you some questions too. Nothing serious, I'm sure," his smile wavered; "I'll let them know you're awake." He left the room.

No. He wasn't going to prison. Not now. He had work to do. Pulling out the various tubes connected to him, he struggled to his feet, and made his escape. He ran from the hospital, and reached the top of a hill. Looking down at the city, he knew he couldn't continue living in this place. He invented a new identity for himself, James Hurst, and vowed to dedicate his life making a world where no person would have to make the same mistakes as he did.

Three Years Later...

James Hurst studied at Cambridge University in a course in Architecture, a place granted to him by the kind-hearted principal who saw potential in him. He chose to study architecture in order to rebuild the city in a visual manner, whilst his darker counterpart would improve the crime levels. His interest was not limited to architecture, he spent a lot of time in the Department of Engineering, assisting in the designs and construction of an experimental Carbon Nanotube armour. In his own time he would learn the traditional English martial arts of; Boxing, Bartitsu, and Quarterstaff. In the gym he would perfect his skills as an acrobat, and train his body to achieve impressive feats of strength. During the night we would take to the streets, practising the art of parkour.

Graduating with first-class honours, James took the armour he helped developed and travelled to New York. He donned the hawk motif in memory of the hawk that aided in the saving of his life and in recognition of his own excellent eyesight, and took the streets to inflict fear upon his enemies as the night watchman, Nighthawk.

Powers: Nighthawk is human so he possesses no powers, and has the same weaknesses as any other human being. He is also inexperienced and full of rage. His anger can sometimes get the better of him, and this can be used against him. His only "powers" are his skills.

Martial Arts - During his time at Cambridge Universtity, he mastered the traditional English martial arts of Boxing, Bartitsu and Quarterstaff. Spending much time in the training rooms and gyms, he has trained in Krav Maga, Bōjutsu, Taekwondo and Muay Thai. Making him a worthy opponent to most notorious martial artists, in both armed and unarmed combat.

Visual Acuity - Gifted with 20/10 eyesight and an exceptional eye for detail. He can notice minor events that might normally go by unnoticed.

Acrobatics - He is a prodigious natural athlete, possessing a near-peak human level of agility/acrobatic skills for someone of his age who regularly engages in intensive physical exercise. He is self-taught in Parkour.

Detective Skills - Nighthawk is an amateur detective who specialises in deductive reasoning, but relies more on underworld contacts and interrogation. His knowledge of psychology also gives him a good insight into the criminal mind.

Intellect - Nighthawk has a brain that works better than any supercomputer, he is constantly analyzing and surveying his surroundings.


- Experimental form of Carbon Nanotube armour, a super-thin body suit designed to deflect bullets without deformation. Its tensile strength and low mass makes it vastly durable and non-constricting to compliment Nighthawks acrobatics.

- Kevlar gauntlets containing a grapple gun propelled with compressed air, using a strong clamp attached to a high-tensile wire for scaling surfaces and/or traversing gaps.

- Tactical boots constructed from lightweight rubbers featuring "slingshot" ankle reinforcements for extra protection when kicking or landing from high distances. The bottom is a flexible split sole design and is textured for a variety of surfaces.

Utility pouches consisting of, but not limited to:
■Hawk shaped Shurikens
■Smoke pellets
■Flash grenades
■Thermate grenades
■Cryo capsules
■Acetylene torch
■Ultrasonic device
■Covert listening device
■Miniaturized toolkit
■Forensic kit
■Lock pick kit
■First aid kit

Power Grid:
Nighthawk Nighthawk

Character Image/Description:
Nighthawk Ibfhiw

Roleplay Sample: It had been five years since his gang had betrayed him. Five years of anger and torment, building up inside of him. Nighthawk had been keeping track of the Black Bullets for years now. One of the first underground connections he established was for the sole purpose of that. The Bullets had established themselves as an upcoming syndicate. Their activities spreading across the country, with more members than ever before. His old boss became a rising power in the world of crime, going by the name Exec now. The time was now. He would travel to England, and end the torment.

Nighthawk was in one of the poorer districts of New York. He had been sweeping the city night after night in hopes of finding a Black Bullets member. They really were trying to keep a low profile. They weren't exactly a top gang around here, it would be wise not to tread on a rivals toes. Good thing not everyone was so clever. Tonight was his lucky night. Three members were in an alley below, beating a woman. Probably a mugging. Possibly rape. Nighthawk threw down a hawk-shaped shuriken, landing centimetres from the lowlifes feet. They looked up, and saw the night watchman falling towards them. He delivered a kick to one, who was sent flying to the wall, a small splatter of blood left by the contact of his head. In the confusion, the victim saw her opportunity to flee.

One of the thugs rushed at Nighthawk with a baseball bat, the blunt weapon raised above his head. He brought the bat down with full force, aiming for the skull of the dark champion. Nighthawk dodged to the right, and forced his left elbow into the nose of his assailiant and was met with a soft cracking noise. He grabbed his hair, throwing his head towards a rising knee. The hood was knocked unconscious. The other had ran down the alleyway, knocking over crates, bins, anything to slow Nighthawk down. The goon looked back, and saw no one. Bent over, gasping for air, he lifted his head and saw a gold hawk insignia before him. His scream of terror was cut short by a savage punch to the mouth. He was now being lifted into the air, up to the rooftops, and thrown to the edge of the building.

"I want information." the dark figure proclaimed,

"I kn- know nothing man... I swear." He spat out a bloody tooth.

"You're lying." Nighthawk stepped towards the shivering man, and unsteathed the knife strapped to his leg.

"What're you gonna do...?" Nighthawk plunged the knife into the thugs thigh, a horrifying scream erupted from his mouth, only to be silenced by a gloved hand gripping his throat. Nighthawk dragged him to the edge of the roof, and held the man over the edge....

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Nighthawk Empty Re: Nighthawk

Post by Guest on August 23rd 2011, 11:46 pm

Great app, but this rpg isn't set in the DCU.

So Blüdhaven doesn't exist.

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Nighthawk Empty Re: Nighthawk

Post by NightHawk on August 24th 2011, 9:49 am

Sorry about that, I changed it to New York.

What this city needs is shining light.
A beacon of hope that all can look up to and put their faith in. Until he comes, it's going to have to settle with me.

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Nighthawk Empty Re: Nighthawk

Post by The Black Knight on August 24th 2011, 1:50 pm

You're only allowed to use what is on this application, or any future item apps. Just making this clear.

The character seems like an easy approval, I see no over the top items. I've already made and added the grid for you.

So unless anyone has anything else to add, I'll approve.

"Midway in life's journey, I found myself in the dark woods, The right way lost, To tell about those woods is difficult, so tangled and rough, It's savage just thinking of it now...I felt the old fear stirring, from where my shadows were born."

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