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Dante delgi Alighieri - Aether

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Dante delgi Alighieri - Aether

Post by Doc on July 18th 2011, 4:56 am

Real Name: Durante delgi Alighieri
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Aether
Title: Dante Aligheiri, Anna Blade
Alignment: Villain
Age: 763 (Appears 13-15 area)
Gender: Female (Body), Male (Originally)
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 150 cm/ 5 feet
Weight: 42 kg/ 93 lbs

Costume Description/Image:


Personality: Dante as a whole is a man with nothing left to lose, his actions and methods are those of one who doesn't fear death or pain. However, because of his magical contract, Dante cannot allow himself to die. Dante's demeanor to others can only be described as "nice". He gives off a kind, intelligent, and polite demeanor, even to those who do not show him them in return. His anger is rare, but explosive and very little is capable of making him angry, to the point that one might think that the seven centuries have drained Dante of rage completely. However, Dante does get irritated just like any other human being, but will usually rid himself of any irritation via speaking his mind, which he has no problems in doing, sometimes causing others to be irritated with him as even though he speaks with no malice, he is prone to insulting others, combined with his unfazed calm demeanor.

When pretending under the persona of Anna Blade, though not unlike his real personality, Anna is much more "human" in personality. Anna is capable of being angry, when things such as her lacking physical traits or perverted jokes are concerned. Anna's demeanor to other can come off as being anti-social, or tsundere as some would say. Anna is also prone to sarcasm, making cynical jokes at other people's expense. Dante upholds this personality with most people and very little know the true personality behind it.


Dante was born over seven centuries ago under the name Durante delgi Alighieri during the time of the middle ages. Since a young age, Dante has always been considered extremely skilled at the fine arts. His skills were so great that Dante was given recognition as one of the three "crowns" and "The Father of Italian Language". One of his most well known works is La Divina Comedia, or The Divine Comedy, a three part work about Dante's journey to Hell. It is said that upon finishing Paradisio, the final chapter of La Divina Comedia, Dante died shortly after.

However, this wasn't the case and the real truth held much greater importance. In truth, the tales and fables strung in La Divina were actually non-fiction, actually accounting Dante's actual travels in the depths of Hell, though altered in certain areas, made to be ideal in his mind and for the public reading it. The exposure to the energies of Hell along with the horrors he was forced to witness while inside ravaged Dante's body. Dante at the time began to grow desperate, knowing full well that he wouldn't be able to finish and his exile from Florence left him in contempt from those who could potentially give him help. Due to traditional medical treatments being out of the question, Dante turned to the next thing, Magic.

Dante traveled to Greece in a desperate attempt to find a cure for his ailment and curse. During his search, he stumbled upon a shaman that offered him the chance that he was looking for. The shaman stated that Dante could achieve the time he needed to finish his life's work. After a treacherous voyage, going through tests of agility, strength, and intelligence, Dante finally reached the end of his quest. The end result of Dante's quest was an extremely powerful form of faerie magic requiring the signing of a binding magical contract. Without hesitation or consideration, Dante accepted and was instantly rejuvenated and managed to finish the Paradisio before dying peacefully, or so he thought.

Not long after his death, Dante became aware of the fact that he had become a child again. Confused and without answers in his new home, Dante returned to Greece, locating the shaman he had met before during his quest, questioning the reason for his current situation. Dante soon learned the severity of his mistake, the small, but crucial piece of information that would forever change Dante's life. In truth, Dante agreed into the Prometheus curse being placed upon him, a curse that would revive Dante upon death indefinitely, effectively making him immortal, incapable of becoming dead permanently and finding peace.

From that point, Dante set off to search the world for some way to remove the curse, studying and mastering magic. In many cases, his searches ended up fruitless, leaving his searching to span over seven centuries. In certain times of history, Dante has resorted to incredible measures in order to obtain what he wishes. Famous events that have taken place with his influence embedded within are wars such as World War II and the Vietnam Conflict, both equally creating openings inside countries and facilities that would otherwise be unattainable. Other events such as assassinations and impersonation have all been used by Dante in order to access and locate information, all for his attempts at finding peace.

In the present, Dante has taken the form of the Pope, a position he has taken many times before due to its usefulness, and using it to locate potential items that could free him of his affliction. During his attempts however, Dante met obstacles and was eventually killed in battle. The conflict and result ended in his favor though, the heroes placed as scapegoats for the death of the Pope, as he planned.

Using his connections and decades of planning, Dante had his newest body go through accelerated growth treatment to reach a usable capacity faster than the regular waiting time, which would have spanned over years. In a few short months, Dante was newly capable of setting his plans into motion, implanting certain skills within the mind of his newest subconscious, allowing him greater motor functions compared to his older form. Though young and frail looking, the scheming immortal is on the move once again, and his desperation grows everyday.


Polymath: Due to living for an unbelievable length of time, Dante has obtained an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise. His genius ranges from military, overall academics, literature, mythology, and arcane mechanics and history. His ability to formulate battle plans is incredible and is also a skilled architect and engineer. However, his skills in modern technology is lackluster in comparison.

Poet and Writer: Dante is a master in literacy arts, being known for his skills and famous works such as La Divina Comedia. He is known as one of the "three crowns" and "The Father of Italian Language"

Multilingual: Dante is able to speak Spanish, French, Latin, German, Japanese, English, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Greek, Portuguese, Arabic, Sanskrit, Latin, Hindi, Thai and possibly more.

Acting: Dante is a skilled actor, having over 700 years of practice in the art. He is able to act in different personality, when the situation arises.

Information Gathering: Dante has always been skilled at information gathering, his detective skills in terms of finding information is uncanny.

Aether Manipulation: Through usage of a magical device located on the neck, Dante is capable of controlling the fabled fifth element, Aether. Aether is said to be the upper air that is breathed by the gods. Aether in truth belies in all air, but is invisible to the naked eye unless condensed, in which case the element shines hot and bright. It is basically the same as air manipulation to an extent, but the element in question has different physical characteristics. Aether is bright and glowing, and holds a dangerous level of heat, basically making Aether glowing burning hot air.

Applications of the element are as such (Most utilized)

Aether winds

Whirlwinds of Aether

Condensed balls of Aether that explode upon impact

Walls of condensed Aether used to repel attacks

Ninjutsu Master: Using connections and modern technology, Dante implanted within his subconscious the ability to utilize ninjutsu.

Flying: Utilizing the Aether in the air, Dante is capable of levitating himself for free form flight.

Weaknesses: Dante's newest body is that of a child and is a normal human and has little to no unnatural physical abilities, able to die by all normal means.

Power Grid:
STR: 1
SPD: 2
END: 1
INT: 6
EP: 6
FS: 4

Power Grid colours:

Character Image/Description: By a random draw of fate, Dante's newest body is female and rapid growth treatments managed to grow the age that complications wouldn't be apparent with rapid growth treatment. The body is somewhat androgynous, meaning that depending on clothing, Dante can look either male or female, but prefers to use the body's true gender, unless the situation calls for otherwise.

Roleplay Sample: (I assume that I don't need to do one)

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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Re: Dante delgi Alighieri - Aether

Post by Doc on July 23rd 2011, 6:18 am

bump for being finished

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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Re: Dante delgi Alighieri - Aether

Post by Super Cutie on July 23rd 2011, 6:58 am

Annnnnd Approved.


Super Cutie

Quote : idk.

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