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Kassandra R. Laines, Femme Fatale

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Kassandra R. Laines, Femme Fatale

Post by Lieutenant Laines on May 30th 2011, 12:05 am

Real Name: Kassandra Raneri Laines
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: None
Title: None really, except maybe untrustworthy.
Alignment: Well, a little bit of everything, whatever pays the best, and that’s usually the bad guys.
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Race: White/Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue/Hazel
Height: 109 lbs
Weight: 5’4”

Costume Description/Image:

Personality: Conceited, stubborn, selfish, untrustworthy, sarcastic, and cold hearted is just a few words most would use to describe Kassandra Laines. However, there’s much more to her than just that. She may be extremely obsessed with making herself happy, but deep down she’s got a soft spot in her. Kassandra is one of the most inconsistent women out there, she’s never quite sure of her alignment or what she wants, and finds herself switching teams quite often. It’s all for the wealth, and power is nice too, though she’s not into that nearly as much. Her humor is cruel and she usually gets her laughs at the expense of others. Despite her coming off as such a hard ass, she has her sweet moments, though they’re rarely genuine. She’s been known to use people, and doesn’t mind being a little sweet or flirty to get her way. She’s a heartbreaker, a loner, and doesn’t need anyone but herself, or so she thinks. Kassandra is convinced she can take care of herself through anything, but that doesn’t mean she thinks she’s invincible. She’s a smart woman who knows her limitations and is not against strategically fleeing. Better off getting away then winding up dead, she could come back later to score a victory. Kassandra can be a bit of a tease, but it’s usually just to distract or get something out of someone, and that’s just before she knocks their teeth out. Despite her being a skilled mercenary, she’s not exactly the best at keeping a leveled head, sometimes she’s easily distracted or too quick to anger. She also loves fighting, and will go out of her way to pick a fight if she’s in that mood. Due to her size, Kassandra is constantly underestimated, and she’s not afraid to use that to her advantage. It takes a lot to strike fear into this woman, she isn’t scared to go toe to toe with the biggest and strongest of fighters.

Kassandra all in all is a wild one, she’s unpredictable and you’re never quite sure where she stands on something. In life, she’s only ever regretted two things, breaking William’s heart, and not being even a half ass mother to her daughter. Though she doesn’t let that eat away at her, she simply has a very big soft spot for it. Kassandra could never bring herself to truly hurt the Black Knight, but beating him up is totally fine. Despite her obsession with wealth, she does have some morals, she’ll kill if necessary, but finds pointless killing despicable. She is not for wiping out all life by any means, but isn’t against someone else taking over. However if she doesn’t like the person trying to take over, she’s not going to sit around and let it happen. If she feels strongly about something, she’ll be sure to let you know. Kassandra is not at all afraid to express her opinion, and isn’t very considerate of anyone’s feelings on it.

Kassandra is an incredibly complex woman, and there’s much more to her than meets the eye. She can actually be a total sweetheart, but that takes a lot of work and trust, hardly anyone gets to see that side of her. It’s almost like a wall she puts up to push people away, she’s cynical and convinced she’s better off alone.

History: Born and raised into a very strict military family, Kassandra had always been raised to be an independent hard ass. As a young growing girl, she was never into dolls or anything girly, she was a tomboy to the extreme. Having two older brothers and a hardcore military father tends to do that. Sports, fighting, guns, you name it, she liked whatever her dad and brothers liked. She looked up to all three of them, and they were her heroes from a very young age. Despite being such a tomboy, she was still taught to be a respectable lady, mostly by her mother. Kassandra was raised in a bit of a dysfunctional family, if you didn’t succeed, you weren’t accepted, it didn’t even feel like you were loved. She spent her whole life trying to win her father’s approval, and up to his death it never felt like she won it. The same was for her two brothers, nothing they did was ever enough. Kassandra was very close to her brothers while growing up, but when they went off into the military to honor their father’s name, they simply drifted. It only became worse when she turned eighteen and her father passed on, he was a casualty of war, and that pushed her to join the military just like her brothers. After their father died, everything just fell apart, he was always forcing everything together, and that made it difficult to stay close when he wasn’t around. They’d become somewhat sick of each other, they were all so independent and just went in different directions. Kassandra had a special gift, something no one in her family had, she was not only brilliant, but had unbreakable willpower. When she set her mind to something, it was going to happen. She worked and trained harder than anyone, earning herself a place in the Special Forces. The young woman was trained by the best they had to offer, taught to defend herself in close quarters combat, taught to wield firearms with deadly precision, taught to kill efficiently and tactically. Kassandra served with the Military for almost two years before being promoted to the Special Forces which she only served in for a year and a half before being offered a very rare opportunity. Only a handful of others were given this offer, a man she had fallen for, William G. Daniels was one of them. William was her partner in the Special Forces, and they watched each other’s backs on many missions while serving together and eventually fell for one another. Kassandra was one hundred percent for this new program, while William was reluctant. He eventually caved and went through with it, but he only did it for her. Little did he know that would change his life forever, both their lives.

Kassandra was not considered a perfect project, while William was much greater than they could have ever hoped for. Only one other project had been able to compare, and that had been the man Brock O’Day, no project was greater than that man. Kassandra was told she was not ‘ready’ for missions constantly, which drove her mad, she hated being told she couldn’t do something. This made her extremely jealous of both of them, she remained on as security for the lab while William was used on missions, which later turned out to be simply assassinations or small battles. They were using these super human projects as weapons of war, and William wanted out the second he discovered the truth. Brock O’Day had escaped long before either of them did, but not before having a moment with Kassandra. She absolutely adored the man, she couldn’t resist him, though she cared deeply for William, she just had to have a piece of him. It was brief and all they did was kiss before she pulled herself away; she was still with William, she wasn’t going to full out disrespect him like that. She didn’t tell him of course, and felt a little guilty for that, but she wouldn’t regret any decision she made; well almost any. Kassandra’s job was to watch over all the projects and to protect the lab, she had plenty of time to get to know everyone. When William decided to break out, he refused to leave without Kassandra at his side, claiming he could not leave her in this hell. He promised her they would do something better than this, that they’d put their power to good use and fight for themselves, not these monsters. She ended up agreeing with him and aided in his escape, having known the building and all its security codes very well made it far easier. They were given some trouble, but the two super human’s were unable to be stopped and made their escape; now they had a shot at a new life.

William and Kassandra may have cared deeply for one another, but they were two very different people. Both were very stubborn and independent, which caused them to clash a lot. They tried to make it work, but things just started falling apart. She wanted to use her power to make herself happy, and he wanted to use his power to make everyone but himself happy; she was selfish, he was selfless. She helped him when he became The Black Knight for a little while, and did her own thing on the side. Eventually the two got into conflicts, it didn’t take William long to find out, she was committing jewel heists while he was working to stop the crooks like her. Soon, Kassandra found herself pregnant with William’s child, and she was left in utter confusion and depression; she had no idea what to do. Eventually she came to the conclusion that she could not raise a child, not with the dangerous and selfish lifestyle she so loved so dearly. It’s not that she didn’t love her daughter, it’s because she thought she would be a terrible mother. She thought that someone else could do better for her. Kassandra refused to dump her baby onto William, she figured he had much more important things to do than raise a child; he was the Black Knight after all. She did not want William to ever find out either, so she left him and did what she thought was best, giving her daughter up for adoption. Kassandra left her daughter with two things, a kiss on her forehead and the ring William gave her for their first year anniversary. It was a beautiful golden ring, William had invested a good amount of money into it; it even had her name engraved on the inside of it. “I love you, please forgive me.” Were the last words she said to her daughter.

Kassandra went on to live her life, becoming a well known and feared mercenary, and she makes the big bucks. She hasn’t seen William since she left him, making sure to steer clear of his city and doing her best not to cross paths with him. She’d have no idea what to say to him at this point. Kassandra makes good money, but also blows through it quickly. Whether it be gambling, pointless luxuries, new gadgets, or just because she can, she’s always looking to make more. Most know her as the Pink Fatale, or simply Pink.

Powers: Near Super Human Abilities – She constantly trains herself, both mind and body, granting her near super human physical abilities and thinking power. She can run faster than the greatest of athletes, punch and kick harder than the strongest fighters, and outwit the most brilliant of people. All of this is also partly due to her being an older member of Project Perfection, because of that she also will stay youthful for most of her incredibly long lifespan.

Super Human Body – Kassandra’s body is extremely durable, capable of withstanding punches from the strongest and deadliest of foes; even The Black Knight. Her endurance is well beyond that of a normal human, where most would fall or pass out, she would shrug it off and keep fighting. This extends to nearly anything or any situation, her body is just naturally tough.

Energy – Kassandra has the ability to create and control a bright pink energy that attempts to melt through its target, almost like an acidic mist or energy blast. If the target isn’t too powerful/durable, wherever they were hit will be severely burnt and possibly incinerated or disintegrated. She can only exert the energy in a pink deadly mist, even the strongest of super human’s will feel the effects if it were to get in their face or even worse their eyes. However with the device she created and wears on her left forearm, she can concentrate and exert her energy through it and fire out a pink energy ring. It has similar effects to the mist, but instead works as a swift and deadly projectile. She can only fire this through the device, without it, she can only use the mist. Kassandra can only exert the mist through her mouth or nose, and it has no effect on her whatsoever; her body is for whatever reason immune to it.

Advanced Military Combat Training/Super Human Fighting Skills – Kassandra has always been a very swift and easy learner, she was trained well by the military and special forces before going into Project Perfection. Her fighting style is very well balanced, heavy grapples, punches and kicks while remaining swift and agile. She’s known to be an aggressive and vicious fighter, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t think things through. Kassandra has trained with the best of the best, The Black Knight, and she learned an awful lot from him. Her fighting style is based on a mix between Tae Kwan Do, Military Combat Training (Mixed Martial Arts), and Boxing. She’s also extremely balanced and has great acrobatic skills; she’s capable of climbing buildings, running along power lines, and all kinds of crazy super human stunts.

Power Grid:

Character Image/Description: Thin/Slim/Athletic build.

Roleplay Sample: N/A

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Re: Kassandra R. Laines, Femme Fatale

Post by Super Cutie on May 30th 2011, 4:06 pm

Looks good to me.

I approve.


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Re: Kassandra R. Laines, Femme Fatale

Post by Ember_Fangs on May 30th 2011, 4:15 pm

Don't think the history is done yet Rinneh XD

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Re: Kassandra R. Laines, Femme Fatale

Post by General Administrator on June 3rd 2011, 12:14 am


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