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Fiora Cavazza

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Fiora Cavazza Empty Fiora Cavazza

Post by Fiora on May 17th 2011, 4:29 pm

Real Name: Fiora Cavzza
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Fallen Ash
Title: Ash, Flower, Bloom
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Spanish/Italian
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6
Weight: 115 lbs

Custom Item: A Monochormatic Fireglo Rickenbacker 4003 Bass Guitar

Costume Description/Image: Her 'Super Suit' as it were, is extremely improvised. On her upper body she wears three layers of clothes: the first is a button up white shirt that's not buttoned all the way up, the second is a plain gray hoodie that she, again, always keeps up, and the last is a black leather jacket with a tribal design on the back. On her lower body she wears plain dark jeans and plain black canvas sneakers

Depending on the weather however she'll put on her 'Cold Attire' which has her clothed in Dark Sweatpants, a white hoodie with a brown bubble jacket over the top, and Ugg Boots on.

Personality: To be quite frank with you, Ms. Cavazza is considered 'Unstable.' She's known to be flirtatious with those around her... as if she enjoys tempting and ruining relationships. She's a trickster, her abilities can attest to that. She enjoys riling people up and hurting feelings, it's as if she gets some sort of amusement from it. However she's portrayed a vicious side. The first time she escaped from the base, we found one of the guards trussed up to a car battery with bamboo splinters under his fingernails. She's resourceful, adapt at using the environment around her as a weapon. She doesn't respond well to torture or any type of psychological abuse, showing a high threshold for pain. Subject 115 has a promising future with us. She appears to be a Vegan as she refuses to eat any animal by-product, refusing to eat at all unless she has access to the Kitchen, however for security concerns we've had to knock her out and feed her Intravenously.

History: Begin Recording... in 3...2....1. This is Doctor Gyrich of the Kyre Country Prison. June 23rd, 2009. Today I received a new patient, a young woman. She was brought in by the Brotherhood Soldiers, and was handcuffed to her chair with Titanium Bonds. All of her limbs were restrained and there was a guard posted by the door with some type of detonator in his hand. She was sat in front of me and I was told to get her 'Story'. A ludicrous request as it was hard enough to get information out of a regular prisoner much less one this dangerous, or this incapacitated. However I was informed that she was responsible for President Tandi's death... and so this job became much more interesting. They undid her mouth gag, giving her some room to breathe as I introduced myself to her. The first thing I can note about the patient is her stare. Cold and unflinching, her eyes connected with my own throughout the entire 45 minutes. It seemed as if she never blinked, took too sharp a breath or had any obscure thought. After the hour was up she was sent to her cell, having said nothing to me or to anyone on her way to or from. Most prisoners were silent their first time so, this wasn't too uncommon... however on her exit I could've sworn I saw something of a glow on her face... a purple sheen of sorts, however that wasn't relevant to me at the time.

June 25th 2009. Subject 115 was ushered back into my office today. The usual restraints on I finally received a word from her. Upon request she told me her name, Fiora. An interesting turn of events, I began asking her soft questions about how she got here, her interests, her hobbies and she replied to them all, courteously and with impressive detail. I didn't see how she could be a mass murderer... she seemed nice, however I was briefed on all of her atrocities, and I haven't been able to eat since, it was after the first conversation that we actually began her life story.

She was born to Abigail Cavazza and John Greymark in Nuevo Paraiso. Before she could continue her tale however she was called out of the room as our Hour was up. However I was allowed access to her files so I can piece together some of her early life. Bonnie Leblanc, otherwise known as Fiora, has a very convoluted history in which very little is known, the exception being that she is more than 100 years old, and was most likely born somewhere in Southern America. Her abilities manifested themselves around a young age and as such she began her extrmely callous streak through her home town. It can be surmised that she pulled prank after prank on her townsfolk, each..'joke' becoming more vicious by the second. It was by the end of her debauchery that someone had died due to her input. The doctor at the time found no wounds on his body, but deduced that his heart was cut in two, with no sign of physical contact. Bonnie... being seen last with the boy, was immediately arrested for the crime. Spending the next week in jail while her parents were contacted, and meetings were held to decide her fate, it was agreed that she was too dangerous to be left in town, and as such she had to be executed.

Escorted from her Jail cell she was placed in a carriage, told she was going home. Upon leaving the town she was knocked out and taken to Tall Trees, an area surrounding her town infamous for it's Bear Dens and Wildlife. The carriage rode off, however patrols were watching the roads, armed with weapons and rope, should she try to escape... she was to be hanged. Not much information is available for her encounter in the wilds however... the town of Neuvo Paraiso vanished from history 16 days after Bonnie was exiled. Bonnie was reintroduced to history some 106 years later. It's apparent that due to her powers her aging is halted... or at least retarded to the point that she has longevity to spare, as she has been recorded as a soldier in the Crossing of the Andes. Spending the next few years coasting her way through time, appearing here and there... either causing mischief or f*cking something up. It wasn't till the year 1911 that she began what became her destructive streak. In the town of Blackwater, 37 miles from her home of Nuevo Paraiso, she became something of an outlaw. Becoming famous as Sleeping Wolf, she terrorized the plains with tactics from previous wars, her Smith and Wesson #3, and tricks of the trade she learned while disguised as Falling Star, daughter of Chief Running Moon. Spending 6 years in the area, her name became synonymous with trouble. And the bounty on her head was close to 10,000 as Federal Marshalls had to step in and were summarily carried off. According to her word she took something close to 70 lives before she was finally stopped.. and not in the way most would expect. She met the most wonderful man.. a gunslinger. Nate Harlow, a young man of 26 with a scorpion scar on his hand. On a bounty to take the life of Sleeping Wolf, he met up with the lone woman in the back of the abandoned ranch about a mile off of Nuevo Paraiso. After what seemed like a long fight, Harlow took one in the arm and one in the leg. He was done and he knew it.. she'd be able to put another notch on the hilt of her Wesson. However, and forgive me for my language her exact words were, “She felt sorry for the scarred son of a bitch.. took him back to the ranch, cleaned his wounds and.. 'Fucked him until his six-shooter was empty.'

Making her way to the Militaire Sans Frontiere she toured South America as a Mercenary, looking to make loot, it was at the end of her excursion with the Militaire that she realised the world was one big ball of shit. No matter how it was rolled someone somewhere was getting fucked in the ass, and it took her 200 years to realise that. After taking her share of the Peru gig, she travelled back to the states to settle a few accounts. Visiting the grave of Nate and her Son, she left the states and never came back. That's when her 'training' came to fruition. Everything she'd learned from Gunslinging, to Survival, to Honor and to Love had cultivated in the body of this woman... and with her power she began looking for money. Going from assassination to political murder, to marrying someone just for half... she tore her way through the world making a quick buck... until she ended up here in my office. I removed her from the office for the day... reclining in my chair.. Subject 115 was in for the long haul.


Superhuman Stamina: Fiora's musculature generates considerably less fatigue toxins than the muscles of an ordinary human being, granting her superhuman levels of stamina in all physical activities. SHe can physically exert himself at peak capacity for a day or 2 before fatigue begins to impair her.

Superhuman Agility: Fiora's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete. Which ties into her Parkour abilities, known as a runner she moves through city streets with the same ease a man could run through a clear field.

Retarded Aging: Fiora's has been provided with an extended lifespan by a member of the Peruvian Deity Council. Her life span is extended to such a degree that she has been able to live for over 100 years and maintain her 17 year old form.

Power Grid: Fiora Cavazza Fioraj

Character Image/Description:
Fiora Cavazza 211657

Roleplay Sample: "Oh my god... Stacey you are crazy as hell." I fell back on the couch with my best friends as we watched Stacey do the Macarena to a club beat. It was Stacey's birthday and we decided to spend the night at her house. Stacey was about 5 foot 7 with long platinum blonde hair. C cup, she usually wore a push up so we never got complete measurements. She was wearing her mothers old Birthday Dress, a satin blue beautiful thing that came down to her ankles and her heels had been kicked off at the door. Her tiara was hanging loosely around her arm and with every move of the Macarena, it threatened to hit the floor. I was sitting next to Holly, my best friend ever. Me and her had been through so much shit that we would never separate. She had long black hair, as dark as the night sky and it was in a ponytail at the moment. She was wearing a black top with a skirt on. Leggings under the skirt and her signature pair of converses on. They were black and white but they had her initials carved into the heels.

Forgive me... Rude of me to not introduce myself. I'm Brianna, a young girl of Puerto Rican decent. 17 years young, I was just enjoying life with my best friends. Putting my cup down on the side table, I watched as Stacey pulled off a split. She came up from her split really slowly and took a sip of her drink. She opened her eyes and focused in on mine. The song changed to Lick by Joi and Holly cat called. Reaching in my pocket I took a single out of my jeans and slapped it down in front of her. She picked it up with her teeth and pulled a handstand, showing off her ass. Holly smacked it and we all laughed as she fell down. She stayed on the ground laughing it off as I burped a bit loud. “Oh my god.. sorry.” More laughs came and we were all just having a good time... until something happened. It happened all rapid fire.. I couldn't even think of what could've caused it but ya know... shit happens. I sat there as I could feel something happening in my gut and I wrapped both of my arms around it. “Ugh... Be righ...” I had planned on going to the bathroom to handle this situation but Shit was not going well for me today. I released my stomach all over Stacey's carpet and the girls were freaked... obviously. I mean I'm not bullimic, so I didn't really have a prominent memory of my Vomit but it didn't look right. It was red... like I had been just dining on Red Meat, but that was impossible. I'm a vegan you see. Stacey hit the music and went into the kitchen for some paper towels and aspirin as Holly got off the couch and told me to lay down. I lay flat on the couch as I felt my insides light up. They would find out later that I was suffering from some adverse version of Kerpals Syndrome... a disease that caused the organs in the body to turn to stone. It usually started with the lungs, but as I was such a glutton.. it went for my stomach.

I'm not too sure about what happened next but I can tell you it wasn't pretty. Holly's voice still pierces my dreams at night... she screamed herself horse as blood was the next thing to come from my mouth. It had hit me like a brick, the pain was overwhelming and I couldn't exactly move... so I had to lay there, as the bile and blood found its way up my throat... and yet not out of my mouth. I struggled and squirmed against my painful bonds but it proved fruitless... as Brianna Rhodes, age 17.. with the entire world before her, passed away.. on Stacey Lawson's Couch. Sure Sure... you have to assume this is where the story ends, but if I'm here telling you this wondrous tale than obviously... it's not over. I sat there and watched, as my once relevant form, lay lifeless... blood splattered around me, Stacey's couch completely ruined... and Holly crying herself a river. The Paramedics were there within minutes... but it was too late the second they lay me on the couch. I can't.. accurately describe how scared I was... it was like.... I don't even want to get into what It was like, my friend. I still have nightmares about it. They had trauma specialists in the room taking care of Holly and Stacey but I had to stay with my body... I had to know what would happen to it. Being dead provided certain... advantages, I'm afraid to say. Instead of walking through the crack in the door, I made my way through the door itself. My feet were on the ground, sure... but I couldn't feel the pavement beneath me. All I felt was... well I guess I was in a heated pool during a blizzard. It was so weird being in that state of nothingness... that even the elements were confused with how to affect me. My body was on a stretcher, being pushed over to the Ambulance, but even as the EMT removed his gloves and his facemask, I screamed and yelled at him to bring me back. He couldn't hear me of course, but the realization didn't exaclty help now did it? I screamed, and shouted... I cried and begged. But he got into the driver side of the ambulance and made his way back to the hospital. One of the police officers who had come by, to stem the growing tide of pedestrians and cameramen was crying. I didn't know why.. of course I didn't know why, I didn't know anything then. I was dead, the world meant nothing to me.. Knowledge was irrelevant.. I had seen my life end before my eyes and know what? It was depressing. Obviously it was depressing but that's not what I'm getting at... it was depressing to know that my life had no effect on those around me... I had assumed at first that maybe, I was going somewhere with my life.. I was going to be a doctor.. save lives, keep people from being affected like I'd been affected, but I died on Stacey's couch... from a disease that had been cured. Sorry... sorry, I'm getting on a tangent now. Now heres the interesting part... why I'm even here relaying this tale to you right now. As I sat on the roof of Stacey's home, I watched the world unfold around me. A few weeks later, Stacey had thrown the couch away, and her and Holly had stopped speaking.. probably because of pain. They buried me in Rosedale, and it was a nice little service... it brought tears to my eyes.. and Reina... god bless her, My Baby Sister stood there and cried. Not for my loss... but tears of joy. She was happy that I was going to see our mother. At 5 years old she had the coognitive presence to think of something amidst what had to have been such a world breaking event for her. After the funeral I was finally coming to terms with my exile from life when they came for me. It wasn't as awe-inspiring as I had expected it to be... but it was pretty cool. A light tap on my shoulder interrupted my thoughts and I saw her.

She was tall, lithe and wearing all white. Her hair was white as snow and she had eyes piercing and blue. When she spoke.. she was melodius, I swear her voice was what music was modeled after. We had a pretty good imitation most of the time but by the heavens... we could never fully capture it. She told me that I was destined for something bigger. Picked me up from the roof top and brought me with her, to... well I'm pretty sure you know where. There I met some amazing people... Isaac Newton, Gandhi... David Carradine. Surprisingly. But she brought me away from the hustle and bustle of the streets to serve my purpose. I was to be a guardian. I had left this person alone and now I had to spend my days protecting her.. teaching her right from wrong... and being the woman she had never had. I accepted. Wholeheartedly I accepted.. but they said they were going to have to put me through training first. It took a couple years but when I was done, it was amazing. I hadn't aged much... in what was 11 years, I had aged maybe.. 4. Going back to the planet, I caught my first glimpse of her in 10 years. She was older now... 16 years old and the spitting image of her mother. It was a sight to behold, unfortunately... in my time away the world had changed. The government had created something of a virus and fucked everything up... I know this isn't really plausible but you're going to have to accept my word. Zombies. Now you're going to have to forgive me for this bit... but I'm gonna Scorcese you for a minute... and if you're feeling particularly dramatic... I'm going to tell her backstory... from her position.

She had her back rested against a large metal device as her head slowly rose from the floor. A dark shadow loomed over her head as she spoke softly, to no one but herself.

“Artir, Maryaz, Lai.. You're safe.”

As the shadow covered her visage, the still wet blood leaking from her nose and mouth painted a dark mural on the once beautiful face of this warrior caught in the wrong war. Blood began pooling on the floor from her wound as she tried to force herself into a sitting position.

“All I ever wanted was for you to be safe.. I'd sacrifice another hundred people to keep you safe. I'd sacrifice myself to keep you safe.” Reaching over to her dislocated shoulder, she took a deep breath as she popped it back into place, giving her back her arms. Her arms dropped to her legs as she pulled up her M4.

“Aw Hell... Three of 'em... Three Goddamn Tanks.”

Her eyes opened sadly as three Lumbering creatures, the size of the Incredible Hulk, with jaws removed and discolored tongues hanging down. Each with fists the size of a Sedan, trying to barrel their way through the tiniest of doorways that protected Reina but only for the moment.

“Alright well... maybe I'll have a smoke.”

Reaching down to her pocket she pulled out a carton of cigarettes. She knocked out a cigarette, and popped it into her mouth as she took the still heated barrel of her gun and tapped it to the butt of her cigarette lighting up the end as she took a hell of a drag on it.

“Hold your horses... I'll be with you in a minute.”

She spit the cigarette out of her mouth, and shook her head sighing as the smoke exhaled into the air. God she hated the taste of those things, but she figured she might see if the taste improved in her final moments of living.

“My Job's done.”

With a loud cough, she tried to hit herself in the chest, to clear out the cough but it just brought pain to her. The tanks finally decided to break down the door barrier, as they all rushed in at once.

“Let's see what you got, you big dumb SONS OF BITCHES!”

With a cocky smile on her face she unloaded bullet after bullet at the approaching tanks, as a fire spread, covering the entire area.

-6 days earlier-

“Ha HAHH! Time ta play FETCH ya Friggin' Dumbasses!” A loud voice called through the night sky, as enemies seemed to swarm around one abandoned house in the middle of a large field. The moon shone brightly in the air, as it's full visage spread a beautiful lamplight on a field soaked in the blood of the undead. There was the smell of brimstone and latent inferno in the air. A loud 'Thump' sound resounded in the room as an object collided with a wall.

“God Damn It...” A boy cried, as he was forced into a back to back position with another girl around his age.

“Nice one Artir... maybe next time, try throwing the tags OUT the window.” A young girl, with long black hair, tied in a ponytail cried out. She was wearing all red clothing, with two white stripes going down her arms and legs.

“Lai, you must not watch a lot of baseball.. But it ain't good for a Man's pitchin' arm when a Zombie's hangin' off it by it's GODDAMN TETH!” Artir was well built like a brawler. Short brown hair and tattoo's all around his body. With his old Man's flak jacket on, he looked ready to take on the world.

“DAMN IT! Now they're all coming up here.” The last member of the group said, Maryaz was from Phoenix AZ, she had little to no hair on her head, and she was wearing dress clothes. A large white blouse, with red rosettes flowing down the center, where their should be buttons. She had on a pair of black bottoms and regular shoes, with a large Katana in her hand.

“Yea I know, Maryaz... Tell ya what, Next time I'll throw it up YOUR ASS. Than you can just clench and – AGH, Pffft... Hate Zombies..... so much..”

Artir was thrown to the ground as 2 zombies tackled him down trying to scratch the shit out of his face.”

There was a short fizzle that echoed somewhere in the corner of the room as a Pipe Bomb EXPLODED, blowing a massive hole in the wall, killing all the undead that were trying to climb in through the windows. Lai mounted the hole in the wall and glared outside.

“Well it's about fucking time.. GUYS! RESCUE'S HERE!” She yelled as powerfully as she could to catch her team's attention, cutting through a zombie's neck with her knife.

“EVAC's here, Guys! Let's get moving!” Lai's voice cut out through the storm.

“I'll be right there, dear!” Artir's voice cut out mockingly as he stabbed one of the undead in the face the head, piercing through the skull and puncturing the brain. It fell dead, to the ground as he got up, moving to Maryaz, trying to pull her over to the Evac.

“Seriously Guys, Let's Move!” Lai's voice called out as she scanned the area for the 4th member of her team. “Wheres Reina?”

Artir took this time, to cover Maryaz's back as he spoke to Lai about Reina whereabouts. “Blonde hair, german looking? Lights shit on fire, Hates smoke?”

“Artir, WHERE IS SHE?” There was no mirth on her face, as she demanded an answer from Artir.

“By the stairs.” He snapped the neck of one of the undead and kicked the body towards another sending them both down.

“Is she okay?” She flipped over Artir, heading towards the stairs.

Fighting off 3 zombies in hand to hand, he called back to Lai, as Maryza was forced to fight off a few by herself. “Do I look like a staircase to you? How the hell am I supposed to know?”

She was expending her gear like crazy, trying to keep her hands from being bloodied as she put the undead back into the dirt. “Oh For Christ's sake... GUARD THE ROOM! We'll leave through the hole. I'll be right back!” She reloaded her rifle and cut through one zombie, sending a few shells through some more

Maryza stabbed a zombie behind her, as she spun low to the ground, rising up cutting a zombie in quarters. “Think we should go with her, Man?... Maybe Reina's in trouble.” She had a dark concerned look on her face, truly scared for her partner's life.

Artir's face was calm, about as calm as it ever got as he bashed the but of his gun into a zombie's mouth, shattering the jaw, and piercing through the skull. “Reina? Na. She's been in one of her War moods all night. Two things I learned about her these last few days... Don't make fun of her weird eyes... and never interrupt her when she's workin'.”

The girl was surrounded by undead zombie, with their arms around her neck, scratching at her neck and doing everything they could to murder her in cold blood, however she was putting in work of her own. One hand, ripping out a zombie's neck and the other, stabbing through a soft skull. As bodies fell to the floor, she felt bullets rush through the barrel of her gun as bodies hit the floor.

Reaching to her belt for another round, she realized that the holsters were empty, kicking up a cartridge off of a dead body, she bashed one more in the head, with a skull as she threw one of her knives into a skull, ending a life.

“Reina? Rescue's here!” Lai descended a few more steps, as she surveyed the hundred or more bodies strewn across the floor. Reina had her eyes focused on a body lying before her, with a bullet in it's chest. It's eyes opened and it seemed to stir, as Reina fired a round into the zombies skull.

“Reina?” Her face had a permanent look of disgust on it, as if she had swallowed something bitter. Lai stepped up to her and tapped her on the shoulder as she spoke again. “Ai! We've got to get upstairs. Rescue's Here!”

The Blonde girl turned around, her short wavy hair swaying lightly in the motion. She had numerous streaks in her hair and a flowing blue blouse on her body, distorted by the reality that it was covered in bullet belts and weapons.

“I heard you the First Time, Li. I just wasn't finished.” The two turned and began to move quickly up the stairs, as Reina tried to pull herself into a more neutral disposition. “Heh... I don't suppose theres any way we could leave without...”

Lai interrupted Ai with a smile on her face. “No, Artir knows it's here.”

She shrugged lightly as they finally crescendoed over the stairs. “Ahhhh, alright..”

Back upstairs, Maryza and Artir were being forced to wait for Lai and Ai's reemergence. Artir was atop a zombie, beating the shit out of it's face. “Arir, When you gonna stop punching that thing in the head, man?”

He pulled off the still moving zombie and looked at Maryza with a contemplating face on. “Dunno... Soon as it gets boring.” Grabbing the zombie again, he threw 4 HARD punches that seemed to echo through the vibrant room, as what was left of the skin, was crushed into bloody pulp. “Nope... Still Fun.” With somewhat of a laugh he went back to his destruction.

She burst into the room, pulling her shades from her face, with a sigh. “Let's MOVE! I leave you idiots alone for Five Goddamn minutes and you forget how to run to a Rescue Vehicle!” With the 4 survivors in the room, there seemed to be an air of resistance that spread from the 4. The moment of reunion seemed to hang in the air for a long time, before Ai was forced to pull the team towards their common goal. “Lai, you take Point. I'll cover the...”

A loud “THOOM!” Resounded in the entire area as the sound of heavy feet, crushing the earth beneath it as it approached the house. “Ah, for chrissakes...” the THOOM was followed up by a massive crashing sound, as a tank burst through the wall of the house. “TANK!!” Reina called out to her team mates as she reached in her pocket for a bottle of Booze.

“Reina” Lai called out, throwing blade after blade at the Tank, Maryza adding her own arsenal to the flame, as Ai focused what remained of her Energy into her hand.

“Don't Worry about me, Li! Fall back to the Roof!” The creature rushed forward, shrugging off the attacks like they were nothing, as Reina's right hand caught, a flame. “I swear to God I musta killed Fifty of you sons of Bitches by Now... You'd think one of you'd have the common Goddamn Courtesy to go down easy!” She threw the bottle at the Tank as it crashed into his head, covering him in cheap alcohol. She jumped forward, and tapped her blazing palm onto it's head, lighting the booze and sending it's head into a Flaming torment.

Maryza, took a deep breath and exhaled about a gallon of Oil, that was off trajectory, flying to the right of the Tank. Artir, took a deep breath and shot out a burst of flame, that ignited with the Oil, lighting the Tank up. With a wall of “THK” sounds crashing into the Tank, it was felled with a crash that shook the entire house.

The four ran past the body, all very low on supplies, as Maryza called to her troupe. “Alright! Now can we get the hell out of this Farmhouse?” Pushing out through throngs of the undead, they all jumped from the roof of the building, into a sea of waiting undead. They ran silently, the sound of bodies hitting the ground and steel cutting through bone, was all that could be heard over the pounding hearts and hurried footsteps. Reina and Lai were the first in the EVAC vehicle, holding off waves, as Maryza rushed onboard, leaving Artir to pick up the slack.

“Artir, Hurry!” Lai called out as she managed to throw a shuriken through the empty eye socket of a dead being, through his brain and out the back of his skull. Artir's pace seemed to slow as he threw up his right arm, giving the finger to the hordes, lumbering to catch up.

“Hold on. I gotta give this zombie the finger.” As he ran he was unaware of the creature that rested atop a dead tree, breathing slowly eying it's prey. This creature was a Smoker, a zombie covered in bulbous boils, with a mockery of a crew cut atop it's head. They were famous for their unbelievably long tongues, able to shoot these monstrosities over 100 meters, and with such pinpoint accuracy that they can snipe a target from such a distance, wrap their tongue around the target and drag them back to where the Smoker wait. Instead of warranting the name of, “Pedobear” they were called smokers for their shown trait of discharging massive amounts of smoke, upon death. Enough to cause a considerable smoke screen, and cause the killer to nearly die, inhaling the viscous smoke. With a loud “SHKLT!” the tongue of the smoker shot out from it's mouth, heading directly for Artir.

“ARTIR!” The Soldier was pulled from his feet, and dragged towards the Smoker, hiding in the tree. Maryza stepped forward and grabbed for Artir, who wrapped both of his arms around Maryza's one holding on for dear life.

Artir: “AGGHH! SHIT!


A: Don't let GO, DAMMIT!

M: I aiin't lettin' Go, MAN!

A: I take back Alla that nasty crap I said About ya!

M: Hold on, you been sayin' nasty crap about me?


Lai: “Don't worry Louis! I'm on it!” She looked up at the creature and closed her eyes, when she reopened them they were replaced with Sharingan, Mangekyou to be exact. Her eyes locked onto the smoker and from them, she shot out a burst of black flames, catching the smoker and burning beyond recognition. Blinking, her sharingan vanished and she smiled. “Gotcha, Freakshow.” Maryza and Artir, were launched into the back of the vehicle, with their own momentum as a loud SLAM, denoted the closing of the back hatch. The Vehicle began riding off, as zombies tried to chase after it, but were soon left in the dust.

“OH HELL YES, That is how that's done! No more Fat Puking Zombies, No more Big-Ass house chukin' Zombies... No more Creepy Snow White Cryin' Bitches... Just a whole mess a' rest and relaxation in the safe zone baby! HA-HAHHH!” Maryza sat down in the vehicle with a big smile on her face, as everyone else seemed to be calming down.

“Calm Down... I'll believe it when I see it” Artir had a look on his face as if he were upset with Maryza for her optimism. She shook her arms out at him, like she was contemplating how he could NOT be excited about this entire situation.

“What the Hell kinda attitude is that? Artie, we're in an armored personnel carrier. Driven by a Hou Oh Soldier. Being taken to a safe zone. Can I finally get you to admit every thing's gonna be just fine?” She sat back down on the bench as if she had solved all of their problems with that last speech.

“Maryza, I hate to be the one to break this to ya, but we been heading to the safe zone FOUR TIMES NOW.” Holding up one hand, she counted off her fingers as she spoke. “Caravan: Crashed. Troop: Murdered. Boat: Kicked us out and LEFT US TO DIE. Trust me... Something'll go wrong and we'll all be dead. When he spoke, he had such an air of finality in his tone, it was like Maryza couldn't even find the will to argue with him about it. Before them driving the vehicle, there was a soldier, speaking on a communicator to some command somewhere.

“Rook, this is Rescue 9. We've recovered Four Tango Mikes. Please Advise” With a static Chhk, all 6 people in the vehicle were drawn into silence as 'Rock' replied to Rescue 9.

“Rescue 9, Bypass Echo and Return to Millhaven.”

“Rock, Copy That.”

Maryza stepped up to the partition between back end of the vehicle and the driver. “Hello?” She sat down on the bench so she was still completely close to the partition. “Hey uh... Man, I just wanna thank you for savin' all out asses back there. We headin' to the safe z...” She was cut off by the partition being slid shut, leaving the survivors to be alone.

Artir, reclined in his seat, hands behind his head with a smug smile on. “See? What'd I tell Ya? We're Friggin Doomed.”

Maryza had a sad look on her face, trying to reassure herself that they were being rescued. “Nice, Artir. That's a real positive attitude.” Reina seated right next to Maryza, was using her fire to try cauterize a wound, on her right leg. Lai, looked directly at Reina and noticed the flame in her hands, and the calm look on Reina's face as she worked.

“Wow, in the days we've been out here... you've really mastered your fire abilities huh... I remember when you couldn't even light a match.”

Reina smiled, lightly as she pulled her hand away from her leg. “Yea... I thought this Fire God shit would be an easy gain... but with this Undead Virus shit.... I guess experience on the battlefield is better than learning from tomes. The two smiled at each other, as Maryza's argument with Artir.

“We ARE ALWAYS about to die.., even before the Zombie Apoc. We were all Soldier... sworn to kill each other, and now..”

Maryza chimed in with a smile, as if she had a way to shut him down. “We're always about to die, and yet we're still alive....” Artir didn't let her finish however, “Sure, and we're still about to die... Face Facts.. we're livin' through a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. That's a Shit Sandwich no matter how ya chew it. Nothin's getting' better. Everything's getting' worse, all the time. Just once I'd like to hear you admit it.. Nothin's gonna be okay ever again.” The vehicle crescendoed over a hill as it came within range of the military base.

“Rescue 9, What's your status?”

“Haven, we have Four Tango Mikes for the Doc. This is Captain Mora. Is the Major There?”

“Rescue 9, Negative.”

“Haven, please advise the major I need to debrief him directly.

“Rescue 9, Copy that. You know he's gonna ask, what'd you see?”

“Haven, you would not believe it. I SAW it and I can't believe it.”

The 4 survivors were all asleep in the back of the vehicle, finally finding a time to rest amongst the murderous beings hellbent on murder. It was with a loud creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak that the doors to the back of the vehicle opened, revealing the 4 who were unprepared for what was about to happen to them.

“Put your weapons on the floor, NOW. 3 soldiers stepped up, each wielding a specialized weapon, all wearing full black clothing, and gas masks.

Artir, always being the instigator, stepped up first, speaking to the soldiers. “Hollld on. I know how this goes. You're gonna Cavity Search us, ain't ya?”

“Put your weapons down. This is your last warning.” Wind Energy began flowing around the blade of the one who was issuing commands, and the four took off all their holsters and swords, dropping them to the floor. Artir, however... was not done being an ass. As the 4 stepped out of the vehicle, hands up showing compliance he took the oppurtunity to speak up again. “Alright, Alright... Hey you should cavity search Reina.. she looks pretty suspicious.

Reina, looked over her shoulder, giving Artir a hard stare, wanting him to shut up. “Artir...”
He wasn't done though.

“Wait, I got it. Maybe you three wanna cavity search each other. With a loud KRNNK sound the flat of the sword collided, with Artir's jaw, as he recoiled. “Ow.” Taking a step forward, he swayed and promptly fell down on his face. Lai stood there, a hapless look on her face as he hit the ground.

The soldiers took no time in stopping their stride. “Bring your smartass friend. Anybody makes a break for it, that body gets shot. Welcome to Millhaven.” Reina's body was tense, as if she were about to start a fight, knowing she had to control her rage, or her team would be killed. Lai, helped pick Artir up, draping him over Lai and Maryza's shoulders.

Lai tried to speak carefully to the soldiers. “Um. Hi I'm not a Smart Ass.”

“Good to hear, Ma'am.”

“Where are we? I thought we were being taken to Echo Safe Zone.”

“Negative, Ma'am.”

“Right. Can you at least tell us where you're taking us?”


“Oh-kay. And if we pass the test?”

Lai looked to her left to see bodies being pushed into a massive fiery pit. Looking forward she saw Reina's body tense up, knowing that the tattoo's on her eyes would be glowing slightly due to the closeness to the foreign flames, knowing she'd be rejuvenated by the end of the night if they stayed near enough to the fire. Looking closely at the bodies, she realized they weren't undead... but regular people, yet to turn... and probably not given a chance too. “Actually, you know what, Nevermind. I think I get the idea.”

Being thrown into a Cell, the four were forced to sit there, as Reina was stuck in her fiery trance, trying to absorb the latent heat from the MASSIVE flame that roared outside. If she could gain enough Energy, than they wouldn't need brutal face to break out of there, she could do it by herself.

“Okay so while, Reina's doing her.... flame shit, how about we muse on what the fuck it is we're doing in some base, when we should be in the safe zone with a NOT unconscious Artir, and zombies NOT running the entire world. As they sat there in silence, the door to their cell opened up and a man in a large lab coat, wearing a surgical mask, accompanied by a soldier, carrying a large Mace, enfused with earth Energy. The doctor pointed at Reina and Lai, as the soldier stepped up to them and forced them to stand. Walking the two out of the room, the locked the door shut, appointing 2 guards to stand staionary before the door, as Lai and Reina were brought to a separate room to be tested.

In the room, The doctor pointed at Reina and inquired about the tattoo's that were glowing on her face. Lai, still in a defensive mode, kept her eyes on the doctor, as if she were protecting Reina.

“Reina.... is a Fire Goddess, those tattoo's on her face store heat in them, for her to use in substitution for Energy, so by being this close to the pyre you guys have burning outside, she's trying to recharge her batteries, so that when we DO get taken to the safe zone, she won't have to sleep it off for the first couple of days.”

The doctor nodded, complacently writing down everything Lai had said, and making notes about Reina's physical condition as well.

“...fxnnl... Told you MyMy... snrxxx... m'right... pnnxx.... Always right... hate fallin!” Artir jumped out of his sleep as he rubbed his chin from where he had been hit, by the weapon. “Ow. Aw fer.... did I get hit with a Gun Butt Again?”

Maryza, stood by the door of the small cell, hand on the wall resting as if she were just beyond tired. “Yup.”

Artir made a move to stand from the bed, rubbing the back of his neck. “It was those guys I told to cavity search each other, wasn't it.”

“That'd be them.”

“Yea, That makes sense... the hell are we?”

“Wherever we are, it sure ain't Camp Echo.”

“Reina and Lai?”

“With the Doctor.” That's all they'll tell me.

“So I was right. We're screwed.”

“Well, Now I wouldn't say...”

“Yea I know what YOU wouldn't say... that's why I'm saying it.”

“And dreaming about it.. you've been mumbling 'I told you so Mary' for an hour now.

“Heh. Yeah. It was a good dream.”

“Than you started yelling about falling.”

“Oh that. We were both falling while I was tellin' you off.


“I was pretty brave about it. You were really scared, through.”

“Artir. Man, I think we are in a lot of trouble here.”

The two ceased talking and just looked into the darkness of the room, as if they were finally submitting to the creeping darkness that they were losing.

“Alright, lemme handle this.” He walked slowly towards the door, cracking his neck he sighed.

“Um. Wait. What?”

“Follow my leaf. I got a Plan.”

“No Artir, No. Let's talk about..”


“Sir, are you trying to get me upset so I'll rush in their and you'll overpower me?”

Artir looked like he was ashamed of himself for being figured out so easily. “What? NO.... Okay Fin, Yes so What?”

“Just a Hunch Sir. And yes.. I'm a little short. All the Women in my family are.”

“Ohhh. You're a...”

“Soldier. Yes, Sir. Let me help you out here. You're in a hermetically sealed sterile room with an independent ventilation system. The only way we're coming in there is if you are dead or on fire.. The doctor's with your friends. He'll be here in a minute. Now sit down and stay quiet. SIR.

Artir made a move to sit down looking at Maryza who was already sitting there. “That was your plan..”

“Yeah let's recap some of your plans so far.. Go help that crying girl, Louis. She looks sad. Let's find the army. They'll know what to do. We're locked in a tiny room. I'll piss off the guys with weapons so they'll shoot Maryza.”

“All Good plans What's yer point?”

“HEY! Come here a second.” A voice called from outside the cell. One of the soldiers looking for an audience with a survivor.

“Who, Me?” Artir, already hopping from his bed.

“No. The Smart One.”

“I still think he means me...”

“Uh.. huh, let me go check it out anyway.”

“10 bucks says he just wants to shoot ya..”

Maryza stepped to the door, heart in her throat as she reached the door.
“Hope Not. I coulda stayed sitting for that. Yea? What do you want/?”

“Rai, what the hell?” The girl outside the room in her military outfit said to the soldier that had called Maryza up.

“I need to know this, let me do this Cali. You've been out there for two weeks, right?”

“That's not what it felt like, but yeah.”

“Have the Whiskey Deltas been... changing?”

“Whiskey Delta's?”

“Walking Dead. Are they... you know, mutating?”

“Are you kidding? Just how long you guys been cooped up in here?

“So they aren't?” Cali called back to Maryza.

“Wait a minute, you guys never seen a Boomer?”

“A... 'boomer'? Cali replied.

“A Big fatassed zombie that barfs on you.”

“Get the hell outta here.” Rai replied.

“Oh I ain't even got to the screwed up part yet. See the barf attracts OTHER zombies. It's like... I dunno, Cat Nip or something.”

“God...” Cali replied as Rai, seemed to stand there stunned.

“But they're not even the worst...”

Maryza was interrupted by a loud wailing sound flying throughout the entire base. It was the evacuation alarm, and the 4 survivor's hearts dropped as they heard the sound.

In the other room, Lai and Reina were listening to the doctor speak about how Lt. Mora was coming to kill them, for some sort of treason. Lai, yelled at the doctor, her voice louder than the siren.

“You're worried about Soldiers coming to kill us?

Reina, finally up from her heat coma, stepped towards the door, covering her hands in her own fire Energy. “Infected are attracted to Noise, Doc. Whatever Dumbass is in charge here, he just called every zombie in a Hundred Mile Radius.”

Lai Yelled at the doctor, as the siren finally stopped. “DOCTOR WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!! And we're going to need weapons..”

Now... is when I come in. The door to the room blasted open and in walked a young woman with a scarf wrapped around most of her face, so only her eyes were visible. She stared into Reina's eyes and her eyes almost lost their fierceness. “Listen to me... Reina, I'm here to protect you. You're team... are coming with us.. Although their lives aren't for me to protect.”

“Listen chick... I don't give a fuck who you are... but I'm getting out of here, and if you want to come than join up.” She tried to push past me but I had to let her know I wasn't bullshitting. Unfurling my wings, she bounced off of the feathers and was shocked. “I don't have time for your skepticism. Come with me, or you'll perish here.” Turning around I closed my wings up and stepped out the door as her the three followed me. Pulling my Broadsword from my back I led the way down the hall, as I tried to make my way to the holding cells of Reina's friends... unfortunately... things never go the right way in my life. See... As we walked down the hall, the floor erupted and the earth shook. Rising from the floors was something inhuman.... it bore a mask of bone atop it's visage and it's eyes were inhuman. He held a shotgun in his right hand and he was shirtless. Wearing black shorts and shoes... he stared directly into my eyes as I stared back at his. I was going to have to fight for my Sister's life. Stepping up to the behemoth, I dishrouded and the fight began. Urging my sister to be on her way, I kept my back to her... as to reveal my identity would cause numerous problems for the situation... and forgive my bad storytelling but I dare not tell of what happened next... it's a bit embarrasing. But the crux of the matter is... I was on the floor, unconscious... suffering from the craziest of dreams..

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Fiora Cavazza Empty Re: Fiora Cavazza

Post by Ember_Fangs on May 18th 2011, 11:30 am

Wow... Considering you say you haven't role-played on a forum before this is... Amazing. I think everything is fine really. Perfecto Very Happy

I'm going to approve this - what colours would you like for your Power Grid?

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Fiora Cavazza Empty Re: Fiora Cavazza

Post by Fiora on May 18th 2011, 4:23 pm

Thank you, Could I have the boxes be white? If not than whatever color is easiest.

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Post by Ember_Fangs on May 18th 2011, 4:24 pm

Sure (:

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Added grid. Moving to the approved section.

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