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Grace Marie Daniels

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Grace Marie Daniels Empty Grace Marie Daniels

Post by Ember_Fangs on May 14th 2011, 8:29 pm

Real Name: Grace Marie Daniels
Renegade name: -Will be decided in RP-
Title: Mynx
Alignment: Renegade
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Mixed African + White American
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Golden brown
Height: 5ft 4
Weight: 109

Costume Description/Image:
Grace Marie Daniels Sonya_blade_mk9_by_alsquires-d3e8ryj
A army style bullet proof vest with leather pants and leather boots. Holsters around her thighs where her guns are usually stored and fingerless leather gloves with built in knuckle busters, surprisingly light but extremely painful to be punched by.

Personality: Gracie isn’t your typical orphan sob-story girl. She’s quick to anger though usually she isn’t that rough when it comes to small time arguments. However, you betray this girl or mess her around your unleashing a fury that is just damn scary. She’s slow to trust people and is a strong, fair leader, listening to what her group want or have to say. She’s very protective of the people she lets into her heart and into her life as there are so few of them. Grace also holds a grudge till death and is slow to forgive someone, feeling no guilt in making them grovel for her forgiveness. Grace loves to have a laugh and mess around but when it comes to safety she’s thoughtful and slow to develop a plan of action, making sure all risks are thought of and resolved. Over all she’s a lovely girl if you don’t piss her off.

History: Grace was dumped at a Church Orphanage when she was just a week old, left on the door steps without so much as a name or an ‘I’m sorry’. All that was left was the name Daniels and a gold ring with an engraving on it in an odd language. The nuns looked for a mother but found no-one and so took her in and named her Grace Marie Daniels.
Grace grew up with the nuns and other girls who had been left or sent away like she had. Instead of growing up the sweet little girl they had expected, Gracie wanted nothing more than to break out of the orphanage and see the world. The only times she was allowed out was on school trips with the rest of the school to the cities, or with a nun shopping. It was as if she were locked in a prison. Sure, she loved the nuns and girls she grew up with but she longed for more, knew there was more.
As Gracie grew up she found she outdid the other girls in all of her subjects she could be bothered in (And 99% of the girls in lessons she couldn’t be bothered in). She had a natural talent with knowledge and loved to learn, only, not about how to be a good little girl. Every first Friday of the month they would meet up with the boys from a brother orphanage two towns over. They were such better company than most of the girls, apart from her small group, at her orphanage. From around the age of 10 they told her of their ‘boring’ lessons on metal work and mechanics, electronics and science. It enthralled her but the nuns believed it wasn’t lady like to learn. Determined to learn as much as the boys and more she brought books secretly and begun reading up on electronics and machinery. Soon she was fixing gadgets as easily as someone would switch a light switch on. She had a natural love for the gadget world and a fantastic ability.
As she got to the age 13 she wanted even more freedom and so did her friends. It became a weekly game to try and escape the orphanage and go out and do things. At first it started off just playing tag outside the gates as a sort of ‘fuck you nuns’ but soon they were heading into town, sneaking into movies for free, stealing odd bits of greasy food they wouldn’t have been allowed and basically turning into an ordinary slum kid. By the age of 14 and 15 they were regulars with the undercover kid gangs in that area, Gracie had even taken over a section of the largest group, Hoodlems, and was running the intellect and gadget side. She had communication wires and special computer lines for their group only running their tunnels.
However when she was 16 things began to go horrible wrong. She got seriously sick and often couldn’t get out of bed without throwing up blood and what not. The nuns called the doctors but they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. She appeared healthy in every way apart from a fever and the fits. Anything that should have been pointing to a serious case wasn’t there.
After a month of serious worrying the nuns decided to try and find out where Gracie had come from, to find out if it was a genetic illness. They researched the only indication they had from her parents ‘The Black Knight’ and got up a series of newspaper clippings of a real-life batman. Marking it was some horrible particle joke they begun to accept Gracie was going to die.
Gracie was ill for a good three months before her body finally accepted her powers, ones she’d inherited from her mother’s genes which had lain dormant until now. Energy manipulation. Thinking the fact Gracie was alive a gift from God they decided to take more care of her which was fine by Gracie, she was terrified of these new gifts she found she had. She could feel energy whenever she touched something powered, either by electricity, fuel, or life itself and draw on it to power something else; a beam, an object, a machine – the bigger the energy she could feed off, the more she could power. Gone were the days of batteries as one of her friends warily joked after being told about the gifts Gracie had been cursed with.
When she turned 17 she decided to ask about her parents, having decided that this must be where she got her curse from. The nun’s said there was nothing from her past but a name - Daniels and a ring which they gave back to her, begging her to move on with her life and not linger on the evil and horrible actions of some people. The name nagged at her so she began to do research. Soon she found out that a man called William Daniels was last seen in Chicago. She was torn between finding out who he was and carrying on with her life – if he wanted her he’d have come and find her right?
In the end curiosity got the better of her and she left the orphanage, taking money from winning pool games or pick pocketing here and there. She was on her way to Chicago, the gold ring on the same finger her mother had worn it.

Powers: Energy taking and manipulation. Gracie can ‘feed’ off of another energy source to power her own energy projections such as beams or objects. The ONLY life energy she can feed off of is her own which leaves her incredibly weak which is the only reason she hardly does it – only in an emergency. The best energy to draw on of course is electricity though now and then she can use channel heat related energy. She cannot store the energy and has to release it as soon as she’s taken it or it can rebound and damage her instead.

Power Grid:
Grace Marie Daniels Gracemariedaniels

Character Image/Description: If description please be very detailed on it:
Grace Marie Daniels L_ciara_575
Grace Marie Daniels Ciara_3
Grace Marie Daniels Ciara-Photos-4da0ed73c8128
Grace Marie Daniels Ciara-never-ever-featuring-young-jeezy

Roleplay Sample: Grace rolled over in her bed with a groan, her hair falling over her dark skin and into her eyes, obscuring her vision of the thing that had caused her bad mood – the alarm clock. She sleepily reached out and hit the damn thing to switch it off. Blissfully the eardrum shattering noise stopped and she rolled back into the sanctuary of her bed covers, unfortunately getting tangled up in her boxers and vest top in the progress. After fussing and re-arranging items of clothing she was well and truly, annoyingly, awake. She brushed a hand through her wild curls and yawned, casting her eyes round the flat she was staying in. She’d forgotten who she’d won it off and she had no intentions of keeping it, she just needed a place to stay for the night. It was a girls flat thankfully, you could tell by the bras littered round, lipsticks and make up on the side and the pile of Vogue magazines. Outside the window she could hear Chicago. The town her father was meant to look after.
So the mission began.

Scarletta Carleen Jones
Grace Marie Daniels Signature

Gracie Marie Daniels
Grace Marie Daniels GraciesSiggie-1

Arabella Katrina Montez
Grace Marie Daniels Arissiggie

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Grace Marie Daniels Empty Re: Grace Marie Daniels

Post by Pain on May 17th 2011, 2:03 pm

Approved and grid added.

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