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Prometheus, The Golden Knight

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Prometheus, The Golden Knight

Post by Mechafox on January 17th 2011, 9:11 pm

Real Name: Jason Whitehurst
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Prometheus
Title: The Golden Knight.
Alignment: Villain
Age: 34 (Spells slow his aging process)
Gender: Male
Race: Asian
Hair: Brown, medium short
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’8 (6’11” Armoured)
Weight: 102 kg (117kg Armoured)

Personality: Jason goes beyond calculating to outright ruthless at times. He has a habit of speaking like a medieval re-enactor due to his upbringing. He maintains a professional attitude, calm and diligent. His master instilled in him duty and discipline that would be the key to taking place and gaining the title of Prometheus. But duty goes hand in hand with forethought and Jason will question an order if he feels there is a better way. Chivalry to those beneath him were also taught, there is enough suffering in the world, better to end it quick, and barring that alleviating it from those around him.

History: Jason was raised by Walter Whitehurst, the previous holder of Prometheus and First Knight of Thrones. Found in the ruins a building razed by Walter, who had no heir to pass on the title of Prometheus too. He was taken in as his son. Wanting not wishing his son to feel bound by the oath he had sworn to the Queen of Thrones, Walter kept him separate from them, the number of times Jason encountered as other Thrones as a child was limited. Instead he spent his time at Walter’s mansion in Andorra raised with tutors and Walter’s manservant, Gordon. He was also trained as a swordsman, first by coaches and sportsmen and later, as he matured, by Walter himself, who along with Gordon also taught Jason the power of glyphs. On his 18th birthday, Walter took him on a fox hunt, but a pack of wolves jumped them and forced them to separate. Walter made it back to the mansion, but Jason wasn’t found until 5 days later, scuffed and injured, but carrying a tooth from each one of the wolves that had ambushed them.

By the time Jason was 23 he was a skilled magician and swordsman, and had also learned much about management and finances due to Walter owning Andorran Investments, a small bank often used to hold money offshore for those that didn’t like tax.

When Jason was 26 Walter was killed in a bombing at the Andorran Embassy in Switzerland while there as part of a delegation of financial leaders. Jason was the sole heir to Walter’s entire estate, including ownership of the bank the mansion, and Walter’s sword, Garoken. It would take another 8 years to master the powers it gave him.

Leaving the running of the bank and the mansion to Gordon, Jason strode out to inherit the one remaining part of Walter’s legacy; the part Walter spent many years trying to teach was not part of the mission of Prometheus. He strode out to claim the title of First Knight of Thrones.

Powers: Jason draws his strength from Garoken, a sword forged long ago. Possessing it is proof of his title as Golden Knight. This sword is a keen weapon, having seen centuries of fighting and numerous magical beings have had their blood spilled by it. Its edge can penetrate an inch of concrete.

It can also be used to summon his armour. By swirling the tip into a circle, Jason opens a portal, disgorging golden armour, emblazoned with a visage of the wolves that guard Hell. He possesses increased strength and toughness and Garoken increases in size and weight permitting it to slice cars in two with ease. In addition, he gains the ability to summon his mount, Gouten, a loyal steed glad in similar Golden armour.

The armour in composed of demonically infused Soul Metal, a substance that reacts to its wearers will, but also feeds off it. This imposes a limit of 99.9 seconds, before it starts to consume Jason’s soul.

But Garoken is more than a mere sword, it’s blade is a container for storing arcane energies. Each blow not only wounds but feeds upon the victim’s lifeforce. Armour and even skin vastly impede the transfer, but after repeated blocks foes find themselves tired and weakened and for any whose blood should be spilt by Garoken, it will feast until removed or there is no more energy left. Jason can freely supplement Garoken with his own lifeforce if needed.

Jason can channel that energy into fuelling his spells which are split into two categories: Hellfire and Glyphs.

Hellfire requires little thought, covering Jason’s sword and or armour in green fire that burns through anything living.

Glyphs are wear Jason’s true magic prowess shine through, ancient arcane simples of great complexity and power. They possess many uses from destruction and death to teleportation, movement and many more. They must first be scribed, the medium is irrelevant, then charged, which can be accomplished by an infusion from Garoken or by gradually drawing on the ambient arcane energy, a process that can take several hours too several days, depending on the size and type. Aside from destructive, most glyph effects are confined to the glyphs that generate them. EG to teleport across the room he needs to draw a glyph the size of the room.

While armoured, Prometheus's energy is shifted from his sword a red gem on his belt. He is is slowly siphoned off to power his armour and as a result Jason can't divert enough energy to power some of his strongest glyphs. These glyphs can still charge through drawing in ambient energy, but once used once are depleted until they are charged again

(OOC: Glyphs are primarily for set piece fights where Prometheus may take on multiple opponents at once. IC He’s had time to set up and charge them which is beyond impractical in most dynamic fights)

Power Grid: Jason
STR: 3
SPD: 3
END: 3
INT: 3
EP: 5
FS: 5

Jason is a highly adept swordsman and magician who's trained himself the peak of human capabilities. While planning he can etch out powerful glyphs that can help him or hinder his opponents, as well as for use in his plans.

Power Grid: Prometheus
STR: 4
SPD: 2
END: 5
INT: 3
EP: 2
FS: 6

As Prometheus, he gains tough amrour that increases his strength and stamina, while only mildly hampering his ability to move. Even this mild infringement is enough to stop him drawing glyphs though, whose complex designs must be etched perfectly. He is still capable of activating glyps already drawn. When he is Prometheus, he can instead focus is power into his armour, covering himself and his weapon in a fire that needs not for oxygen or fuel, but consumes the ambient life force of all it touches.

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Re: Prometheus, The Golden Knight

Post by VivaLaCult on January 19th 2011, 1:21 am



Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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