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The Hidden Pyramids (ancient peru anyones welcome)

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Re: The Hidden Pyramids (ancient peru anyones welcome)

Post by Greco leBeau on February 23rd 2011, 6:11 pm

Inar looked around in minor confision unshure weather to attack the steelman or continue fighting the demon backing up slowly he watches the demon "what the hell do we do now..." glanceing at kane in slight anger he let's out a snort and scans the area around him for a clearing ground looking back up at kane quickly " you know what he is.."
((sorry if it's a little off I gotta get back in the groove))

Greco leBeau

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Re: The Hidden Pyramids (ancient peru anyones welcome)

Post by DerekSkiba on February 23rd 2011, 7:50 pm

The demon flew back in the air screaming about some kind of second form. It didn't matter much to Kane, he turned his attention behind him at the mysterious panther who he stuck his neck out for. He didn't mind helping the guy out, but Kane still wasn't sure if he could trust the animal. Even though it was no ordinary panther, wild beasts are not the most trustworthy creatures. Kane was going to protect the panther from Cirasis, but he had to keep a close eye on him.

Kane turned back to the demon flying in the sky, only he wasn't just a simple demon anymore. He began to transform into something. His size started to grow at a alarming rate. Cocking his head back at Inar, Kane spoke "Keep your head down, this is gonna get ugly." Turning back to the demon, he was three times his original size, and began to grow a tail, along with many other shocking features. To try and stop his transformation, Kane clapped his hands sending a large shockwave at the demon before his transformation could be complete. The range between the Kane and Cirasis was pretty far, but the shockwave should be enough to make him stumble out of his transformation. Even if he was able to complete the transformation, he would at least be hit and most likely fall out of the sky, were Kane would get some hits in.

Derek Skiba

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Re: The Hidden Pyramids (ancient peru anyones welcome)

Post by Cirasis on February 23rd 2011, 9:59 pm

As Cirasis's transformation is almost complete, he his hit by some sort of energy wave hits him knocking him to the ground. "Why you! Interrupting my transformation and now I shall tear out your entrails with my bare hands!!" Cirasis said while getting ready to move at full speed at the steel man and the panther. Although Cirasis had a quick plan, instead of attacking the steel man, he would attack the panther to provoke the panther, he puts on a very crazy psychotic smile on. Cirasis is ready to f***ing rip out there guts with his hands " Alright, I sure do hope your ready over there Steel man!" Cirasis said while spreading out his wings, when he would hit the panther with his full might, the steel man would tend to him and then he could really transform into his dragon form. Cirasis ran at super speeds, as he gets to the steel man he pretended to attack him but then quickly side steps and goes into to land a hit on the panther.

Aftan Volian

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