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Henshin Heroes, a Kamen Rider RPG

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Henshin Heroes, a Kamen Rider RPG

Post by Dragon Master on November 13th 2010, 6:38 am

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"Even if there is no God, Buddha or even a fair system of law there is without a doubt, a Kamen Rider ..."

Henshin Heroes is an RPG based on the Japanese Kamen Rider series. You can choose a rider from the series, or make your own from scratch. It takes elements from all the television series's and some of the movies to create it's own individual universe, enjoy =)

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Re: Henshin Heroes, a Kamen Rider RPG

Post by Guest on November 13th 2010, 12:34 pm

More detail, mate?

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Re: Henshin Heroes, a Kamen Rider RPG

Post by J-Ninja5 on August 5th 2011, 12:30 am

Me 2


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Re: Henshin Heroes, a Kamen Rider RPG

Post by Taranith on September 28th 2011, 11:28 pm

Lets do this!

I found another Kamen Rider rp site that was inactive.
I made a profile for it though.

Here is is. ;D

Name:Neil Mauldin
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Occupation: Restaurant worker. Actor.
Species: Human-Earthlings

Picture or Short Description: 6'4" Athletic build, brown curly hair, deep blue eyes, Caucasian/American.
Kamen Rider Name: Gold. Atlas. Or Caucasus.
Kamen rider placement: Belt
How to henshin/transform: Says "Henshin" and slides the bug shaped zecter on the front of the zecter belt.
Growing up in America, he went to school and lived a fairly normal life.
He was raised by Christian parents and became one himself.
He was raised well and though many thought him very different, because he was in may ways, rare personality type, good, polite upbringing, and growing up with movies and tv since he lived in a bad neighborhood and could not play with the other kids on the street because of that, he was very different, but a nice guy and great friend you could trust.

He loved cinematic things and always did.

In college he thought he wanted to join the army, then the U.S marshals, then the FBI and SECRET SERVICE. In the end, after criminal justice classes and 4 years of ROTC he decided he did not want to do any of those things.
He in fact wanted to do what he saw on tv that inspired him to think all those things.

He wanted to act.

After college he auditioned for nearly everything that was within his bounds of morality. He got no parts because of his limits on what he would do in acting when it came to kissing and portraying moraless characters.

In the end, he decided to move to japan. Maybe he could get a part there on one of their tv shows. He sold all he had, took his savings, and moved to japan and using Rosetta stone, learned Japanese, which he is always getting better at.

Upon arriving in Japan, he began trying to find work, and auditions.
But one day whilst walking to an audition, he came upon someone getting mugged.
He stepped into the mugging, and being in great shape and learning basic martial arts from his action movies and a few classes, Neil rushes to the man's aid and fights the three off, eventually sending them running.

The man however had been stabbed in the gut. Neil tries to help the man but with the man's dying breath he takes a metalic belt off he had on under his shirt and places it in Neils hands.
“Use it well.” He says just before he dies.
Neil takes out his phone and runs for the end of the alley, yelling for help, and talking to the police, but when he turns around, the man is gone.
Neil hangs up the phone with the police asking on the other end what went wrong.
The man is nowhere to be found.
Neil takes the belt with him and keeps walking, with a strange look on his face as he wonders what happened.

The Caucasus zecter flew from the debris in God Speed Love, hit the asteroid, and fell off in the dimensional rift Hyper Kabuto made transporting the asteroid.
There it fell through time and space before falling into this story.
And here it became or will become further augmented.

Neil has yet to call the zecter, but he shall soon.

First Form Name: Masked form Caucasus.
*description: an armored up version of the Kamen Rider Caucasus' form. Pistol/dagger/axe combo.
Second Form Name: Rider form Caucasus
*description: The exact same image of Kamen Rider Caucasus. Pistol/dagger/axe combo. Rider Kick. Rider punch. Clock up.
Final Form Name: Hyper form Caucasus
*description: This form does change by modifying the armor of Kamen Rider Caucasus and gives it wings. Hyper Kick. Hyper Punch. Hyper Clock up. Pistol/dagger/axe combo.


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Re: Henshin Heroes, a Kamen Rider RPG

Post by Sponsored content

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