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Kabel, Shadow's Master.

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Kabel, Shadow's Master. Empty Kabel, Shadow's Master.

Post by Araska on April 19th 2010, 11:56 pm

Real Name: Kabel Incuritas (No real family name, Incuritas was given by old mentor)
Renegade Name: Retribution (normal) / Iniuriae ('The Meek' form)
Title: Was titled Candidum Noctis during his stay with The Meek.
Alignment: N/a
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair: Naturally black, goes silver upon turning into Iniuriae.
Eyes: Naturally dark but dynamic, tied to his emotions. Upon transformation, they go completely silver.
Costume: Kabel has no unique costume.

Personality: Kabel is rather quiet and passive, typically avoiding confrontation whenever he can, even then only defending himself, not retaliating. And after, he holds no grudge for the other man. He, strangely, only finds fault with things that are done to others, and ignores what they do to him. He consistently remains benevolent to all others. However, seeing other people severely hurt others, emotionally, physically, anything, now drives him mad, and turns him into a avatar of another man, resulting in a near perfect inversion of his normal self. The same can happen when he is emotionally torn because of something, most of the time resulting in Iniuriae taking over, but not always.

History: Kabel was an orphan, and he never so much as knew his parents. While at the orphanage, he saw the great injustices of the caretakers to the other kids, people that were only there for their own personal agendas, preying on the ones who had been given a bad hand by fate and not their own misdeeds. Kabel grew disgusted by this, and made his way out at 15 to live on his own.
While not adopted by him, he met a man named Kezia, a local reverend, and the leader of a religious group known as 'The Meek'. Kezia believed strongly in the scripture saying 'Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth'. Kezia believed that it was his duty to 'speed up the inheritance process', so to speak. The strange reverend was also 'blessed' with mystical arts, and strong holy magiks. The Reverend mentored the young Kabel, teaching him his beliefs and powers.
However, he also awakened a strong power laying dormant in Kabel, an innate mastery of death and the unholy. The young Kabel kept this power secret from Kezia, thinking that he would be angry. After several more years he noticed a few inconsistencies in Kezia's ideals, and learned the truth about the cult, not 'religious sect', that Kezia was leading. He left for the exact same reason he left the orphanage to begin with, abuse of ill attained power by someone thinking they were above others.
He left it all behind years ago. Kabel is now in college, getting a degree in chemistry and biology. He is also a vigilante of sorts, going after those who have done a great injustice in his eyes.

Powers: Kabel has a strong mastery over 'Grey' Magik, caught between the holy power of Light and white magik, and consuming Darkness, black magik. Innately powerful with the unholy, he can do a wide range of black magiks, such as curses that hinder strength, afflicting fear and paralysis, draining life, and general attacks of dark energy. His white magiks are weaker, due to them being taught to him and not natural. They are what you would expect, healing and restorative. However, he can also use his power to blind, and attacks via holy fire.
His combined powers can be used for an even wider variety of things, such as altering light and darkness to hide himself, creating visual illusions, small jumps in space (around 5-10 feet), and severely damaging planar entitys (as in angels, demons, other such beings).
His powers are more numerous than they are strong. He casts very fast, but his individual strikes do little damage. The effects that he can spread can be easily overcome (A durable character will only move slower from paralysis, if affected at all). Also, his nature makes him extremely weak to powers like his own, those dealing with life and unholy forces.
Also, during his time with The Meek, Kezia imbued in him a transformation. While he was in proximity of Kezia, the Reverend controlled it entirely, now that they are separated, Kabel's 'Iniuriae' takes form only when he is at a moral impasse, or whenever he is feeling any strong negative emotion. In this form, his features are changed slightly (hair and eye color, slight alteration in facial structure, making his features 'sharper'), and his light magik is raised to the power of his dark magic, but no higher. He is also a bit faster.
Also, his personality, and morals, are completely inverted, resulting in an avatar of Kezia, at least the part the Reverend keeps hidden from the masses.
He wields a weapon also used by The Reverend, a cross shaped, over-sized double bladed scythe Kabel calls Grand Cross. His attacks with it are fast, but with little force behind it due to Kabel's small stature and rather weak frame. He relies on the weapons great weight for damage.

Appearance: Kabel, Shadow's Master. Dark_Wizard_by_JJH

Intelligence: 3
Strength: 3
Speed: 3
Durability: 2
EP: 6
FS: 5

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Kabel, Shadow's Master. Empty Re: Kabel, Shadow's Master.

Post by Slamfist on April 20th 2010, 1:52 am

I really really like this and am so happy that you finally got a character up. I assume this means I can expect Kezia in the near future?

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Kabel, Shadow's Master. Empty Re: Kabel, Shadow's Master.

Post by Slamfist on April 22nd 2010, 11:07 pm

Approved now. I love you Joshybear, total homo.

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Number of posts : 1686
Location : Morrisville, North Carolina
Age : 29
Job : Student
Humor : More inside jokes than should be allowed
Registration date : 2008-11-28

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