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Blood Sword 2: Vampire Detective

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Blood Sword 2: Vampire Detective Empty Blood Sword 2: Vampire Detective

Post by The Nekromonga May 31st 2023, 11:10 pm

Blood Sword 2

"I'm on the case."

The Bio

Real Name: Genevieve Velez O'Niel
Renegade Name: Blood Sword
Title: Crimson Detective
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 27 (As of Turning)
Gender: F
Race: Filipino-Irish American, Vampire
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Genevieve without her glamour is very much eerie and doll like, with midnight black hair and skin as pale as a ghost, and up close appears hardly better than a well embalmed corpse or porcelain doll. Otherwise, she looks as much as she did in life, an Asian-American woman with a sharp chin and cheekbones, and rich wavy hair. Her glamour allows her to alter her appearance, though at her rudimentary skill level, she can usually only appear as some other adult human.

The Personality

Despite suffering a rough existence, Genevieve manages to keep a level of positivity and cheer in life, and this continues in her undeath. She maintains an upbeat attitude to her investigative work, reaches out to speak to others and is first to extend a hand in friendship. While she can no longer consume the food she enjoyed, she takes the blood drinking in stride and continues to socialize with crimson fluid in hand in place of booze. Though the vampirism has instilled a beastly, predatory streak, Genevieve remains in control for the most part and remains mostly genuinely likable, and not merely due to her beguiling influence.

The Story

Genevieve was a young woman born into the rough and tumble neighborhoods of Manila, to a Filipino policewoman and an American emigrant. Her childhood was difficult as her mother was involved in the Narcotics division during the heyday of the drug wars. She would witness her mother be killed in the porch of their own home when she was 8, her father leaving to start a new family when she was 18.
Years later, Genevieve found herself in much the same line of work as her mother, becoming part of the NBI’s task force investigating high profile drug lords. One fateful day she was set to go on her most important mission, a raid on a condominium where the Cartels operated out of. However, this mission was a trap- the Cartels had lined the pockets of many politicians and police officers, and fully half of the task force was crooked. Worse, they had metahuman enforcers present to ensure the task force would be crushed.
What followed was a desperate room by room battle that saw honest cops slaughtered, and Genevieve and her remaining two junior officers were trapped in a small unit, critically wounded. This apartment though, held a dark secret- the Blood Sword – a malevolent artifact that has engineered conflict and bloodshed to bring suitable hosts to be its newest bearer. The blade had called out to Genevieve, and, forced into the situation they were in, she gladly picked up the blade and turned on the Cartel men.
When the Institute representatives arrived to recruit Genevieve, they were forced to contain Genevieve, now the blade’s host, a frothing monster that had killed every living thing in the building. With few options she was brought to the HQ in Quebec, to decide her fate. If she was destroyed, the Blood Sword would escape; but, if she were turned into an undead being, she could control and contain the blade, as its power of domination would be nulled by an undeath state. The vampiric sisterhood that the Institute housed was hence authorized to offer her the blood kiss, and Genevieve regained her sense of self thanks to the head of the coven, Carmella.
Part anomaly, part Institute agent, Genevieve finds herself now a force for order, as the caretaker of the Blood Sword and an investigator of Anomalous organizations.

The Powers

Fledgling Vampire Powers - Sired by the elder vampire, Countess Carmella of Marienburg, Genevieve's bloodline manifests more refined, subtler powers of intrigue and infiltration.

Lightning Reflexes – the vampire’s mind is heightened to a supernatural degree, and is capable of dodging projectiles and bullets, reacting at an inhuman pace to what goes on around her.

Spider Climb – the ability to climb up vertical walls and even walk upside down.

Glamour – The ability to conceal one’s true state behind a multi-sensory illusion, capable of fooling sight, hearing and smell, as well as projecting an imperfect reflection into mirrors. At present level, Genevieve can assume several human identities.

Beguiling Gaze – The vampire’s gaze can hypnotize weaker minds, making them suggestible to follow commands. Permission based and requires concentration.

Vampire Hearing – the vampire’s hearing is sensitive enough to hear a heartbeat from three rooms away, and is useful for a number of uses, such as eavesdropping. Requires concentration.

Undead State – Does not need to eat, drink or breathe to survive. Has no metabolism or heartbeat, thus is immune to poisons. Does not have critical organs so is not subject to the normal human anatomical weaknesses (pressure points, groin strike, even head damage)

The Items

The Blood Sword - The Blood Sword is an intelligent, evil cursed weapon, and has a mind of its own. It cannot control the undead but can be bound to a user that is. The Blood Sword has no qualms being used against its host, considering them far too weak if they were disarmed of it. However, it is still capable of returning to its host if they are separated. The blade demonstrates several properties:

Magical Blade, effective against living beings – supernaturally sharp, with a literal hunger for blood. Wounds inflicted by the Blood Sword have a difficult time clotting, and regeneration powers may see their recovery time slowed.

Rejuvenation – the Blood Sword can rejuvenate its wielder from the worst injuries sustained in battle, but only when it has had a chance to feed first.

Shapeshifting Weapon – The Blood Sword is not confined to a single form, being capable of changing its form to suit its wielder or the situation at hand. But it is called the Blood Sword, and as such, takes the form of any edged or slicing weapon capable of cutting. It can be a crude machete, an ornate katana, or some unusually sharp hair ornament. It is a fickle and uncooperative weapon, and will only undergo one such change per thread.

Blood Feeding – the Blood Sword has the supernatural ability to draw all spilt blood to itself, allowing it to feed on its favored sustenance.

The Weaknesses

Blood Sword Weaknesses:

Heals only battle injuries: - The Blood Sword heals its wielder at a fantastic rate, but only injuries sustained when wielding it, and only in battle. If the wielder was shot several times in a protracted gun fight and switched to the sword, those injuries would remain.

Uncooperative: If it is brought to bear against a foe without blood, the sword's unnatural sharpness goes away after the first cut, and persistent use will see the weapon rebel against the wielder. Further, there are no special defenses for an enemy to take the blade and use it against the first wielder.

Incite Battle Lust: In lesser beings (npcs) The Blood Sword incites murder lust in a protracted fight, causing warriors to be less likely to flee. Those who engage in hand to hand combat are almost guaranteed to fall to its influence.

Vampire Weaknesses:

UV light – Sunlight does not kill the vampire outright, but it suppresses all their abilities beside being undead. Walking in direct sunlight, the vampire exhibits the same traits as being hungover. Artificial light must be kept on the vampire to suppress their abilities.

Silver – This metal repulses the vampire and burns their skin on contact.

Garlic – A garland of garlic also repels the vampire.

Holy Water – Acts like napalm on exposure to the vampire, causing them to burst into flame.

Holy Symbol – As a former Catholic, the cross repels and holds the vampire at bay, acting much like silver.

The Scriptures – As a former catholic, recitation of a full verse of scripture deafens and disorients the vampire.

True Sight – Pierces the vampire’s glamour, revealing their true, pallid state.

Animal Animosity – Save for insects, bats, rats and black cats, nearly all animals find the vampire’s presence unnerving, and will run away or be hostile to them.

No reflection – the vampire does not appear in mirrors and reflective surfaces that they are not aware of, a sure sign of their unnatural nature.

Concentration – Some abilities require concentration to use, necessitating the vampire do no other task and focus on it.

The Fluff

Vampire Rules – Must drink blood to survive, and becomes ill at normal food. Sleeps in a coffin filled with dirt from their place of birth. May not enter a private home without invitation.

Firearms Handling – As a former police officer, the agent is highly proficient with modern firearms.

Taekwondo, Muay Thai and Silat – As a former undercover investigator, the agent received extensive hand to hand training to survive their missions and overcome their enemies.

Criminal Science, Forensics – As a former investigator, the agent may investigate and obtain information from crime scenes.

Singer – As an undercover agent, Genevieve has practiced and developed a passable singing voice to pose as a cabaret or club singer.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Blood Sword 2: Vampire Detective Empty Re: Blood Sword 2: Vampire Detective

Post by FantasyBound June 4th 2023, 2:36 am

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