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Outlander Empty Outlander

Post by Bayou March 5th 2023, 3:22 pm




"The Nation's Defense."


The Bio

   Real Name: Stephen Sterling
   Hero Name: Outlander
   Title: The Poster Boy, Legend of Tomorrow
   Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
   Age: 35
   Gender: Male
   Race: Human
   Hair: Blonde
   Eyes: Blue
   Height: 6'5"
   Weight: 240 lbs
   Blood type: AB-

The Looks


The Personality

Outlander is a media darling and entertainment personality on the surface. Charming and humble, ready to serve the public's need for a true superhero. And although he is quite accustomed to a extravagant and eccentric lifestyle, it isn't always what it seems. In truth, all this corporate America paid lifestyle comes with quite the NDAs to ensure Outlander remains the governments prized Meta powered possession. His freedom only guaranteed that he follows his handlers orders; lest they lose control of their strongest asset.

The Story

The Powers

Superhuman Strength: Possessing incredible strength, his Meta powers allow him to lift upwards of 250 tons with effort. He once lifted a full grown Blue Whale out of the ocean for cinematic purposes.

Superhuman Durability: He has been recorded getting smacked by Tomahawk missiles and walking away unharmed. It would take a concerted effort and multiple blows of this caliber before his natural defenses could be breached.

Superhuman Stamina:  Great stores of energy are needed to fuel a Meta such as himself, needing the stamina to perform his feats. He could potentially fight at peak performance for three days assuming a consistent effort and lack of other factors.

Superhuman Speed: His reflexes and grounded speed allow him to 'slow things down' and see differently from his perspective, allowing him to react faster than most. Due to gravity and friction, his fastest reaction time was around Mach 8.

Superhuman Senses: Including eyesight, hearing and smell. He is able to see, hear and smell anything specific within a 100 mile radius. Though that requires concentration and effort on something specific. Otherwise, it would all sound and smell like a bunch of ruckus.

Heat Vision: Due to his powers being granted by solar radiation, he is able to utilize that energy and convert it into gamma rays. The most convenient and practical application being through his eyes for better control though it is theorized he could use it in other ways.

Flight: His top cruising speed has been clocked at Mach 10, though with enough effort and energy he could easily reach upwards of Mach 12.

The Weaknesses

Solar Radiation: He was tested upon with many types of different chemicals, metals and radiation. Though solar radiation proved to be the most successful in enhancing his powers. Due to these test, the sun is his source of power for lack of a better term but also his biggest weakness. While he would still be a relatively strong superhero otherwise, without the ability to 'recharge' himself via gamma rays he would remain rather vulnerable and weak or outright lose some of his abilities.

Diamond: For reasons unknown, this remains the only physical weakness for him. Every other metal and chemical has no effect on him. But the allotrope of carbon will slice right through his impervious skin with ease.

Puppet: Having been born a orphan and raised in a 'home' concealed as a lab has its effects on a person. The people he thought were his parents were really just the government lackeys who still control his life today. The American government wanted a Meta they could control and wield for their own national defense given the rise of Meta humans across the globe. Though he has earned some leeway in his years of service; including wealth, fame and security he still remains a prisoner to the whims of the government.

Morality: While he remains a hero on the surface, he isn't above selfish acts either. He is a physical and Meta version of what the government is like. Attempting to do good, keeping a good PR presence and policing on the terms he sets. But sometimes saving a thousand lives means sacrificing a few in returns. And Outlander is not above sacrifice. The end justifies the means so long as the status quo is kept. Order and patriotism via the American way.

Metabolism: Like most Meta humans or even high end athletes, he requires quite the daily calorie intake to fuel his body which ensures it keeps up with his solar provided powers. No machine can run without fuel. Though this is provided for via specially created nutrient bars by his handlers; he would otherwise feel sluggish, starved and dehydrated without them.

The Items

His suit is specially made for himself. The material alone consist of neoprene, silicone, ceramic, and tantalum carbide. All materials designed to resist heat, friction and radiation in the extreme. It ensures his gear doesn't burn up or dissolve at the speeds he moves or during especially grueling brawls. While he doesn't require much in the way of gadgets, he does however have a communicator set within his right and left wrist to ensure direct and encrypted communication to both his handlers and local, state or federal authorities.

The Minions


The Fluff


The RP Sample




   Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


Status :

Quote : I bring order.

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Number of posts : 1
Location : Washington D.C.
Job : Superhero
Registration date : 2023-03-05

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