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Harper Empty Harper

Post by SicilianDragon February 2nd 2023, 1:53 am


"I didn't mean to blow that up."

The Bio

Real Name: Harper Lockbolt
Hero Name: Lucky
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 28
Gender: Nonbinary
Race: Goblin
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 3'7"
Weight: 48 lbs
Blood type: Unknown
Blood type:

The Looks

Harper UBAxBwu

The Personality

Harper is always optimistic, despite being a little on the mischievous side. They tend to do what they want when they want, as long as it doesn't out right harm anyone directly. Indirect harm, especially if Harper told you to back up and away from the explosives, is totally fine. You were warned.

They're almost always smiling, though their face is typically the opposite of a resting bitch face. They could be angry and folks tend to mistake Harper for being in a jolly good mood. It's frustrating being a tiny goblin to begin with, but to have a resting happy face? That's annoying.

Harper is not one to sway from their goals or ambitions, especially if it is something they've been working toward. They are not really romantically interested in anyone, but can find themselves flirting to get into favors with other folk.
The Story

Harper was born from the twisted imagination of a child metahuman named Naomi. The two of them were inseparable. Harper would always find themselves getting Naomi out of trouble, and keeping her from causing herself any major injuries. Harper had become the child's silent guardian, only being seen by Naomi.

It was a chilly winter afternoon, and the sun was hanging low in the sky. Thick clouds rolled ahead, akin to cotton balls among the sea. The bright blue of the winter sky embraced New York City with a much needed uplifting hug. Because today marked the death anniversary of Harper's friendship with Naomi.

Naomi was born a paraplegic, and Harper didn't quite understand, but knew Naomi had to visit a lot of doctors while growing up. Harper accompanied her to most of her visits, even though they were naive about the true fate coming for their friendship. Naomi started to be more and more mean toward Harper, pushing them away literally and emotionally.

In a fit of teenage hormonal rage, Naomi chose to kick Harper to the streets, saying that she was too old for them now, and that they needed to get a life and move on. She was sick and tired of having a watch dog over her. Usual teenage drama. This left Harper to fend for themselves in the big bad world filled with villains and other nasties.

With Naomi's last hateful breath, Harper's form became one of the physical. Harper was no longer invisible to the other human folk.

Harper, even though they're a goblin, has the ability to speak common tongue among all human races on Earth. Because Harper is the creation of a child's imagination, their physical form manifested with wonder and childlike joy. They have almost seemingly invincible skin, and most things that could damage or should damage them, usually bounces off of them. It's a strange phenomenon that even Harper cannot understand fully.


Harper is now in present day New York City, and uses their spare time to pick on bullies that try to bully others. They usually find themselves hanging out around libraries or museums to look out for any mischief, but sometimes like to cause some harmless mischief themselves. It comes from all the pranks that they pulled on Naomi growing up.

The Powers

Luck: Harper is insanely lucky. If there's a chance that they could walk into traffic and make it out alive, it is so. Harper can legitimately walk into chaotic scenarios and come out unscathed. They may leave behind an aftermath of destruction, but their life is hardly interrupted. This also extends to any person or person's that Harper is influencing with their luck but only if they are being directly protected by Harper. This means that those protected by Harper share their luck(Permission Based).

Unseelie: At will, Harper can make themself invisible to mortal eyes. Unless someone has special eyesight or can sense inhuman or magical beings they will not be able to see Harper when they use this power. Harper blends in, meaning they are not a void in vision but instead blend in seamlessly with the area around them. This does not keep them from being heard, smelled, or touched, however.
The Weaknesses

Cold Iron Burns Hot: Iron based metals cause more harm than good to Harper. Pure iron alloys can render Harper's luck powers to a nullified state.

Willpower: Any form of telekinesis or telepathy can be easily used on Harper.

Being the creation of a child's mind, Harper is most weak to children and the influence of their innocence and wonder. Harper will put their own life on the line to save any child that's in immediate duress, no matter the cost.

The Fluff

Carries a lucky penny dated 2017

Has five fingers on each hand, but only four toes on each foot.

Their septum piercing is fake. It's a magnetic hoop.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


Harper Giphy.gif?cid=790b7611799e3a95f39d2adf93f59cce36c0f89c885d60fd&rid=giphy
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Harper Empty Re: Harper

Post by Zonkes February 3rd 2023, 8:18 pm


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