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ALERT! All Hail the Pumpkin King

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ALERT! All Hail the Pumpkin King Empty ALERT! All Hail the Pumpkin King

Post by Zonkes September 20th 2022, 10:35 pm

So this is what power feels like,” The voice echoed through every dream, revealing a Mad Jack the size of the Empire State Building. His body pulsed with sickening green lines, almost like cracks leaking the fire in his head. Every now and then, becoming purple and then black. His pumpkin head was split, and cracked in several places, leaving pieces floating around his skull.

He lifted a gnarled hand, and flexed the black vine like fingers. “I’m going to enjoy this.”

A piercing laugh rang out through the entirety of the world, and those that knew it instantly recognized it. There was only one man who could laugh with that sort of derangement…

Mad Jack finally found his way to true power.

The throne of thorns and bones appeared with its owner over Las Vegas. Beside him sat his queen, smiling placidly, as tears left black makeup tracks down her joyous face. The owner of Olympus, Katrina Russel.

Her hair was disheveled, and the black dress seemed as if it had been thrown on. She had clearly been taken from sleep. The flaming green crown, nearly a tiara, dug golden spikes into her scalp, digging deeper the more she struggled against its will.

Jack clapped his hands, and raised his booming voice. “Citizens of Las Vegas,” He said, raising his arms in a showman’s pose. “You’ve had your fair share of nightmares. From the Duke of Demons, Isroh, to the Kingpin of Vegas, Martyr…” He stood, visible to all whether they be asleep or awake. But you still pretend to be fearless… you still gamble, you still play your games.”

Jack swept his hands across the city, a tree rose dead center in the city. In its branches, a hero in silver and blue hung, motionless by his own life force.

The dead rose from their graves and started swarming the casinos and the hotels. Giant spiders made titanic webs between high rises, catching people in their wake.

Demons rose from a crack in hell, spinning a wheel with a man in the dead center. When it landed on Jackpot, the man spewed molten gold from every orifice.

In an instant, half the city was asleep. Jack found his way back to his throne to survey the city once more. His pumpkin head replaced the moon in the sky, laughing as the city fell into fear. Every fear.

He put a hand under his chin, grinning wide. He took a news van off the street, and placed a crown of fear upon the cameraman’s head, allowing him to start rolling. He spun it around in a titanic hand, ”Vegas is mine. All heroes welcome.” He proclaimed, giving the cameraman a wide eyed grin before he placed the van into his mouth and crunched down.

The feed cut, revealing a shocked newsman in a studio.

This was broadcast across the entirety of the United States, ensuring every hero saw the feed. If anyone wanted to stop Mad Jack, they’d just have to think about it and the monstrous God would worm its way into their dreams and drag them kicking and screaming to Las Vegas to try their hand.

All Hail the Pumpkin King.

This alert sees the heroes going up against the black beast empowered Jack O’Leary, what I posted above is what the world saw as the event began.

Will you put fear aside, take on this Scion of Horror, or will you allow the Black Beast to devour this reality, by standing by and letting his scion win? The choice, if there is one, is yours.
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