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Cold Laboratories

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Cold Laboratories  Empty Cold Laboratories

Post by SicilianDragon July 5th 2022, 7:16 pm

Cold Laboratories

Frozen criminal science complex

The Origin

Indrid created the base to be an isolated lab for him to create new inventions and exact his revenge on the world that shunned him!

The Looks

Covered by a constant snowstorm is a series of large square buildings and two large domes. A couple silos that contain gasoline and heated water are also included. Beyond this, they look like a simple laboratory complex built into the frozen wasteland that is Antartica.

The Layout

The complex is massive, with 4 separate laboratories, two large domes that serve as testing grounds, 3 large barracks that are each three stories large and contain 6 bathrooms and two shower rooms each. There are two large ware houses filled with gear (stolen or otherwise). Below the base is a subterranian armory and on the other side of the complex is an underground freezer where food and frozen victims are all held captive.

The Purpose

For science! Indrid created the complex to work as a lab for him to further research and inventing for his future pursuits. The complex expanded to eventually house a large company of people to live there and would then add warehouses to store his ill-gotten goods and weapons he intended to sell.

Cold Laboratories  Giphy.gif?cid=790b7611799e3a95f39d2adf93f59cce36c0f89c885d60fd&rid=giphy
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