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Parallel Empty Parallel

Post by elephantlord June 22nd 2022, 7:57 pm


"I'd love to get to know you better."

The Bio

Real Name: Vivian Baxter
Programmed Name:  Diane Wolfe
Renegade Name: Parallel
Title: The One-Woman Conspiracy
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman (Augmented)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Blood type: B

The Looks

Parallel Tumblr_lyspa9Vz0U1qb141to1_500

Though her appearance can vary wildly in her various personas, Vivian is a tall, attractive woman of German descent.  A consummate professional, she always impeccably dressed to the exacting standards of Olympus company policy.  When met in the office, she prefers practical (though stylish) business formal wear.  She typically carries no equipment save for what is strictly necessary to perform her immediate job functions, though this can change rapidly if she replaces her current Parallel with one that is differently equipped.

The Personality

If one were to peel back the programming, Vivian is a deeply empathic and compassionate person.  She possessed an unparalleled ability to get inside people's heads and understand their point of view.  A strict vegan and pacifist, Vivian believed no problem between people could not be talked through and mediated.

...that was before she signed up with Murumasa Industries.  After a decade of close psychological monitoring and intense indoctrination, Parallel is ruthless and efficient.  Though she maintains a pleasant demeanor in order to facilitate better co-worker interaction, it is a façade.  She is a zealot; uncompromising and uncaring. She is Diane now; huntress and killer. Only Olympus and their goals are of any importance now.

Her personality and preferences have been carefully flipped in order to control her 'Core' personas.  'Diane' prefers her meat bloody and believes every solution of consequence requires sacrifice.  She does not balk at violence, and her humor is often dry and very dark.  When not adopting a Parallel, she often eyes people as if she were sizing them up for a kill... or incorporation.

The Story

The Powers

Core Power: The Well of Souls
Central to Parallel's powerset is a vast reserve of psychic energy within her nicknamed 'The Well of Souls' by the research team. Originally, Parallel used this energy to facilitate a omnipresent connection to allow individuals to better empathize and understand each other.  Fragmented copies of other personas were stored in this 'well', allowing her to instinctually understand and empathize with them.

The project was subsequently taken over by Shadow Core personnel to better explore Vivian's capabilities.

Mechanics: Psychic Link, Gestalt Consciousness, Parallel Processing
Though there are some nuances, the Well of Souls is simply an extremely powerful psychic link.  The well allows all those who have 'drunk' from it to rapidly understand and communicate with one another. Parallel shares the same 'mind' with her duplicates, allowing each to function as one.  However, having so many individual minds processing at the same time allows for a unique form of parallel processing, allowing each to function independently of direct oversight.

Initial exploration of this phenomena by Dr. Murumasa and his personnel revealed the ability for Parallel to manifest clones of individuals sampled by her 'Well of Souls'.  These clones, dubbed 'Parallels', could perfectly mimic the form, personality and thoughts of anyone so copied. Though the clones themselves could persist indefinitely, a soft cap was hit of approximately thirty-six individuals.  

While the subject could manifest additional clones of both herself and others, the networked consciousness exhibited could not sustain more than three dozen.  Further clones would be individuals, though would form new, parallel consciousnesses with other 'free' drones.  Dr. Murumasa deduced that a series of traumatic sensations synchronized between subjects would cause their consciousnesses to merge.

The records seized from the Murumasa blacksite record Parallel as being able to create and maintain over 10,000 individual agents simultaneously.  They can be created or destroyed while in the presence of one of Parallel's surrogates, but no more than thirty-six at one time.  One of the more startling abilities is for a clone to 'delete' itself while instantly creating a new persona template in its place.  

Mechanics: Multiplicity, Shapeshifting, Object Duplication, Clone Destruction
Though her daily output is limited, Parallel's duplicates remain indefinitely.  She can elect to create them with any real item or object a parallel or persona is wearing or holding, but will begin to disintegrate if removed from a duplicate for more than a few minutes.  

Personae Integration
When it was discovered that Parallel was able to communicate instantly between her duplicates regardless of distance, Dr. Murumasa took a personal interest in her development.  While initially her personae duplication was imperfect and random, intensive neutral stimulation and tissue grafts created the desired outcome.  Though the original power functioned at a range of ten meters, the subsequent evolution was stymied in range while exponentially improved in accuracy.  Diane is able to perfectly recreate an individual down to a quantum level, with only the merest brush of her hand.

Mechanics: Physical and Mental Mimicry (Perfect)
Parallel is able to perfectly recreate an individual, down to a quantum level.  This mimicry is a copy of the person at the time of recording, however. They are not updated constantly and changes to the original subject may reveal the deception.

Drinking from the Well
In a process Parallel has described as 'drinking from the well', the metahuman can draw on the vast reservoir of minds she holds to enhance her own mind and understanding.  Dr. Murumasa took pains to ensure Parallel shook hands with some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. Since her emancipation, Diane has continued this practice. She will often seek out skilled practitioners in various fields, congratulate them on their accomplishments whilst giving them a firm pat on the back or a hardy handshake.

Mechanics: Skill Absorption, Superhuman Intellect, Polymath
Adding a personae to her 'well' allows Parallel to assess their skills and abilities.  This does not extend to superpowers, however.  The series of experiments being conducted by Dr. Murumasa just before Parallel's liberation were designed to allow her to express this ability.

The Weaknesses

The Murumasa Candidate ||DUNNO IF THIS IS ONE FLAW OF MULTIPLE -- See below||
Though Dr. Murumasa Madarame is insane, he is not an idiot.  Having an uncontrolled metahuman of Parallel's powerset was the height of stupidity.  Safeguards have been implanted in Diane's personality; code words and phrases that would allow a controller to assume control of Parallel.  Possession of one of these phrases can cause Diane to suddenly undertake actions or loyalties that she herself did not consent to.  

Mechanics: Implanted commands
With the correct trigger phrase, Diane be made to undertake a host of actions.  Note trigger phrases must be said with intent to use them, and Parallel will forget they were utilized.  

"Red Eclipse": Self-Termination - Parallels will self-terminate; either through power or suicide. (Controllers choice.)  Local area only.  

 "Dr. Murumasa invites you to dine with him." - Parallels will enter into a hypnotic trance and obey instructions provided.  'I am honored to accept his invitation.'

"The hungry rat must feed" - Parallel will immediately attempt to kill anyone in the area, save for her controller or those they designate.  

"Hush little baby." - Parallels will immediately fall unconscious in the local area.

Neural Scarring
The methods used to modify and enhance Parallel's powers had effects beyond causing a personality shift. Certain powers Diane used to have access to were mutilated and warped in order to align with Dr. Murumasa's design goals. Parallel no longer can form telepathic connections with those outside of her network, except for the temporary link established when she integrates a new persona.  Additionally, the range of her powers has dropped from 10 meters to touch.

Mechanics: Limited Power Access, Limited Range (Touch)
Any power that allows interaction outside of her network requires Parallel to touch them.  And though this is more a story-based aspect, Parallel cannot grow her psychic ability toward other powers until a solution can be found.

Psychic Franchising
The '36-Cap' problem, as the research staff of MI eventually came to call it, was overcome through a series of directed traumatic shared experiences between two members of the psychic cells. Parallel was 'tricked' into adding these entities into her collective by dint of aligned experience. Parallel was forced to reorder her subsidiary consciousnesses into satellite entities capable of performing independent actions.  Each of these consists of one linking member (which must be of the core persona) and thirty-six subsidiaries.

This has left a point of vulnerability in the Parallel network. Killing the member of the network that is the psychic 'hub' of the group will cause the subsidiary consciousnesses to be removed from the network.  While the subsidiaries are capable of spawning a new node themselves, it will be unconnected to the main network.  Parallel must dispatch a new 'node' to the group in order to reestablish communication.

'Diane' is actually the result of such a split, the original Parallel having been killed when a more compliant subject was created.

Mechanics:  'Kill the Officers'
Killing a hub clone will cause the others in that cell to become undirected, losing access to the benefits of the hive mind. Clones can be individually interrogated (if they do not destroy themselves), and persona clones will behave as if they were the individuals they are mimicking.

The Icy Draft of Memory
Incorporating a new subject can be a harrowing experience for Parallel, as the life they have lived up to that point is experienced in a sudden flash of revelation.  When incorporating, the Parallel will often be unable to act for several moments as she recovers from the shock.  The 'linking' Parallel will also similarly freeze, allowing the canny to identify the node for the cell.  

Mechanics: Psychic Overload on Power Use

Limited Expatriates
Foreign personae, or 'expats' as Parallel jokingly calls them, are difficult to maintain control of. While duplicates of herself are relatively easy to create, copying the template of another individual is more difficult. When producing a clone of an individual, Parallel can only maintain one or two at a time before the template begins to degrade.

Mechanics: Power Limit: Foreign Max Template Limit (2)
While this can be temporarily exceeded, the template will begin to degrade until it is swiftly unusable.

The Items

Parallel 1_4x
Neural Disruptor
A non-lethal handheld weapon used for subduing targets without leaving lasting damage.  One of the items cooked up by Murumasa Industries before their take over by Olympus, this weapon is a prototype specifically designed with Parallel's powers in mind. The weapon draws on Parallel's vast pool of psychic energy to fire bolts of disruptive energy. Organic beings struck by the weapon will experience a complete shut down of their somatic nervous system.

Item Power: Knockout Gun, Non-Lethal
Item Drawback: Organics Only

The Fluff

Due to the extreme levels of mental trauma suffered by

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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