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Fake BFFs

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Fake BFFs Empty Fake BFFs

Post by Demonhunter May 2nd 2022, 8:36 pm

Two weeks ago…

The bar was at its usual full capacity, swarming with demons and humans alike, however tonight in particular was the rare occasion in which two vampires have wandered into the bar, lured in with the sirens song of girls, booze and most of all Nempenthe. After a long night of partying and stupor, eventually the two corner a girl in the back room.

The vampire goons lunge themselves onto the girl, jaws snapping shut as her screams are drowned out by the thumping music. They spilt blood all through the tile floor of the supply closet each trying to get their fill from the innocent party goer until she was dry but in the Nempenthe filled rage they failed to notice it, only bearing down further with their jaws until bones snapped.

Some time passes before a janitor half-hazardly opens the supply closet only to get slammed over by two rabid vampires and immediately bitten with the same ferocity the first girl was, but luckily this time the attention from three nearby pit fiend bouncers which hauls the pair up. After a solid ass kicking the two find themselves booted from the back door of the club as the pit fiends return to clean up the mess.


Isroh settles into his desk, Bella laid over his lap, her black button eyes bright as she stares at Isroh, as if demanding some form of attention other than the lazy stroking of her back. A map of the city laid out on his desk with multiple figurines, some from popular board games such as monopoly and chess, the king sitting on the current location of the Hell Hound. A knight rests at the docks next to the pewter dog from Monopoly and on each highway leading east was a blue piece from sorry.

He picks up Bella and gazes deep into her soulless eyes. “’re getting fat.” Isroh shakes her gently watching her pudgy belly wiggle.

“Eh boss… Theres a vampire here to see you.”

“Ah fuck, not another one.” Isroh groans. “Tell them to buy from the damned dealers.”

“He’s not here for the Nempenthe and he asked for you by name.” The gnoll groans as Bella shoots a glare in it’s general direction.

“Ah fuck me, They always ask for me by name, don’t they?” He asks, setting Bella back down in his lap and adjusting the bow pinned just above he left toasted marshmallow ear. “Okay I guess if I’m negotiating with terrorists better get it out of the way. Let Spike in.”
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