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Pangolin [Mark C. Grant][Contest Entry (March 22)]

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Pangolin [Mark C. Grant][Contest Entry (March 22)] Empty Pangolin [Mark C. Grant][Contest Entry (March 22)]

Post by Zonkes March 12th 2022, 12:49 pm

Mark C. Grant

"Okay, giant lobster man attacks New Orleans while I’m on vacation and the local heroes are nowhere to be seen… I just wanted gumbo…"

The Bio

Real Name: Marcus Conner Grant
Hero Name: Pangolin
Title: The Indestructible
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman, Caucasian
Hair: N/A, blonde scales
Eyes: Amber
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 320lbs
Blood type: B+

The Looks

A tall and muscular individual, Mark is covered from head to toe with what can only be described as scales, though only covering his back, the top of his arms, and his tail. He is tall, easily six foot seven, with the silhouette of a quarterback.

His scales add to his bulk, making any shirt he wears bulge awkwardly. Where his hair would normally be is a mess of scales that drip down just above his amber yellow eyes, looking akin to pools of honey. His hands end in claws long enough to make most knives jealous. These claws are a lighter color than his scales, but appear to be made of the same substance.

His claws and scales can be pulled off with some effort, and slowly grow back over the course of a month, with a functional replacement after a week. As mentioned before, Mark has a long tail equal to about half his body length. This extra appendage is blunt, covered an scales and nearly entirely unmaneuverable except when Mark rolls into a ball.

The Personality

Socially Awkward - Mark is an unfortunate soul, largely bad at talking to people on the same level. He tries his best, but he’s either incredibly quiet or fails to observe social norms.

Nice - Despite his inherent awkwardness, Mark is at his core a good person. He wants everything to be fair, and when he can donates money to metahuman charities around the world.

Easy to intimidate, hard to scare off - Mark is an individual who underestimates himself. This makes him rather easy to frighten. However, Mark is bad at running away. Even when afraid, he’ll continue to fight if there’s a good enough reason for it.

The Story

Mark was born to his loving parents in 1998 in Denver, Colorado. His childhood was normal, for the most part. He experienced things like most children; school, games, cartoons… until age 14.

His father was a staunch meta-conspiracist. He genuinely believed that metahumans were created by the US government during the Vietnam war as a propaganda tool and control measure. Imagine his surprise when his own son grew indestructible scales and a tail.

That’s when Mark went to live with his Aunt Kathy. His father wanted nothing to do with him, and his mother… well. His mother listened to his father.

This was his first experience with metahuman prejudice, but certainly not his last. His body was pelted with rocks, cans, and at one point a hunting knife that stuck between his scales. Mark had nobody really. His aunt had the same opinion of metahumans that his father had, being that they should all be thrown into a dark hole where they couldn’t hurt anyone anymore, at school his bullies made it difficult for anyone to get close to him without threat of bodily harm, and the adults in his life might as well have been strangers to his plight.

At 16 he petitioned the courts to become an emancipated minor. Based on the history of his family, and the way his father spoke in court; the judge granted his request. He tried holding down several jobs, most things in the service industry were out, so he tried working at a warehouse that hired metahuman workers. But his age stopped him from getting a position.

Eventually, he applied for assistance from a statewide metahuman support program, and while they accepted him; the money was just barely enough to make ends meet.

He took his first contract bodyguard gig at 19. It wasn’t anything major, a local politician wanted some extra security for a rally they were holding to drum up support. When his charge was shot at, he rolled in front of him to provide cover while the rest of the team found the shooter.

Mark got the biggest pay day of his life, managing to make enough that he could squeak by for a month without even having to sweat. Work started flowing then, word of the young bodyguard with indestructible armor spread all over town, and soon all over the internet.

To this day, Mark still uses his misfortune to protect the innocent, even waiving payment when he can.

The Powers

Scales - Marks back is totally covered in scales that feel much like keratin, only around a thousand times tougher. These scales can block nearly any attack thrown at them, and absorb the vast majority of the shock.

Claws - Made of the same material as Mark’s scales, these claws are self sharpening and a capable of cutting into a wall of solid steel with ease. However, this are clearly dangerous weapons and Mark tries not to use them unless given no option.

Rollout - Mark is capable of folding his body into a ball, grasping his tail and folding up his back. This is due to an incredibly flexible spin. While balled up, Mark can hold an additional person inside his protective ball and move with enough force to break concrete.

Tail - While inflexible, his tail makes for an excellent blunt weapon if the situation calls for it.

Super-strength - Mark is capable of lifting up to 3 tons at max.

Super-smell - Mark can pick out scents from the air similarly to a bloodhound, capable of tracking people and things from nothing but a faint whiff after hours of their being there.

Danger Sense - Mark has an innate sense of when he’s about to be hit, and this almost precognitive ability prevents him from getting caught unaware for the most part.

The Weaknesses

Removable Power - Marks scales and claws are removable. This is a painful process, but one he has used publicly in the past to create a shield for charges. A smart or potentially well informed foe might recognize this as a potential counter. Removing all of his scales leaves him without defense, removing his claws makes his offense laughable… but using his scales against him is a good way to kill him.

Soft Belly - Marks back may be covered in indestructible armor, but his front is as defenseless as any human.

Newton’s First Law - An object in motion must stay in motion. Once Mark begins rolling, he can’t stop until he hits something.

Frostbite - Freezing Marks scales is a good way to destroy them, as they become brittle and easily broken when cold.

Dense Smoke- Dense gases of any kind screw with Marks ability to smell, but smoke and other gases that make the air unbreathable are especially hard on him.

Tail - While his tail does make a viable weapon, it’s also a liability. It’s fragile bones are easily broken, it’s almost entirely unmaneuverable, and it’s an extra grabbing point for enemies. Additionally, grabbing him by the tail makes it very hard for him to counter attack.

Indirect Attack - An attack that doesn’t target Mark exactly won’t set off his danger sense. If the attack has the express intent of harming Mark while he’s unaware, it activates. Otherwise, it won’t proc.

The Fluff

Marks scales tend to click and clatter when he moves too quickly, additionally when rolling, his scales leave gouges and scratches on the ground behind him.

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Pangolin [Mark C. Grant][Contest Entry (March 22)] Empty Re: Pangolin [Mark C. Grant][Contest Entry (March 22)]

Post by inquisitor September 30th 2022, 10:57 am

Approved and moved.
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