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The Scarlett Shadow (WIP)

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The Scarlett Shadow (WIP) Empty The Scarlett Shadow (WIP)

Post by Rorking February 19th 2022, 3:15 am



The Scarlett Shadow  

"The Fates seem to be against you today, my dear moron"


The Bio

Real Name: Shiba Nyoko (Ashley Scott)    

Renegade Name:The Scarlett Shadow    

Title: Junior Death of The Decedents    

Alignment:Lawful Neutral    

Age: 25    

Gender: Female  

Race: Half-demon  

Hair: Jet Black with a Scarlet streak on the right side.  

Eyes: Scarlett    

Height: 5'9  

Weight:150 lbs  

Blood type: Type AB  

The Looks


Nyoko is best described as someone who fits very well among a crowd with her looks alone. only being 5'9 and 150 lbs makes her very average-looking. it's when you look at some of her features that start to separate her from the herd. One thing that is instantly noticed is her Scarlett red eyes that make anyone who looks at them almost intrigued by them. another feature is her hair. while the color of jet black isn't out of the ordinary, the natural red streak that runs down the right side of her head raises some questions.

The Personality
From her lifestyle and environment during her early years, Nyoko has found herself becoming a very closed-off person. The Hatred of others really hardened her shell beyond her control. she no longer cares what others think of her or what she does, she does what she wants and says what she wants.

There are moments when her flashbacks get too powerful and things get weird for her. she's had moments where they got so intense that she briefly thinks of herself as the one named Ashely. this sees her become more open and an extremely cheerful person. When she's in the middle of one of these sessions, best to avoid her in case she snaps out of it and comes after you for calling her nice.
The story

“My name is Ashley Scott”  

The Phrase flowed through her head like an active river, these five words holding a sense of meaning to her yet somehow having none simultaneously. She's held onto them for as long as she could remember, focusing on them gave her the feeling of another life she could almost understand. The images start to flash again as she focuses more on the words. Images like a skull ring, a bronze dragon, and a goggles-wearing man flashing a smile that forces a smile to develop upon her own face. The Images fade with the only consistent image throughout, the image of that same man mid-scream and reaching for her as a knife was driven into her chest. As the visions fade completely, she is left with nothing more than a pure sense of wonder about what they all mean.  

Even with these visions being so clear in her mind, Nyoko could not determine whether these were real memories or not. No matter how many times she looked back, the constant elements always seemed wrong to her. The one she always debates is how she possibly could be pondering these thoughts if the vision of her death were true. The more she ponders these thoughts, the more she finds herself slipping away and hoping for the visions in her dreams.

Growing up wasn't the most joyful thing for Nyoko, things only got worse when she started to show the start of what would become her powers. Whenever she entered a room, she always felt the hatred people had for her. No matter what she tried, everyone around her showed nothing but hatred and contention toward her. This was one of the biggest deciding factors in her leaving her hometown to attain college elsewhere. If she had only known what that choice would lead her to, she probably would have stayed home.

Arriving at college almost gave Nyoko hope that she had escaped the weird situation of her upbringing and its environment. Her classes started off great and her roommate was very kind to her, for a time there she almost felt herself open up a bit. Things started to change when she kept seeing a figure trying to follow her around campus every day, sometimes they would be spotted and booked it while other times she'd just see them watching her from the bushes. She must have been truly shellshocked by this figure as one day she walked into her dorm room before she was ambushed by her roommate. She insisted on the two of them going to a party that was being thrown by the Delta Delta Alpha sorority. Since she wasn't taking a no for an answer, Nyoko only smiled and rushed to change and get ready for a night of dealing with drunk college students and pure stupidity.

Arriving at the party, Nyoko could instantly tell things would get worse tonight. She barely got to the front door before the Quarterback of the football team jumped off the roof of the building. While she smiled slightly as he fell, she felt her smile fade as he only landed in a tree with a broken leg. When she actually got into the house, it wasn't long until she saw a number of couples run past her deep in some kind of argument. After several hours of trying her best to "fit in," no matter how useless that tends to be, Nyoko decided she had appeased her roommate long enough. She took a step forward but stopped as a figure went running past her with enough force to throw her backward. Before she could stop herself, she felt her legs take off running to catch up with them.

By the time she found the figure in the kitchen, she hadn't decided quite yet if she wanted to yell their ears off or just pound them to a fine pulp. standing at the counter stood a student spraying some kind of device with a fire extinguisher, which only gave Nyoko the idea to yell louder to be heard over the rushing dry spray. After a couple of minutes of yelling at the figure, they must have finally heard her because they turned around and looked up at her. Nyoko was knocked to silence upon seeing a pair of proto-tech goggle lenses staring back at her, it only got worse when the figure lifted them up to reveal eyes that seemed way too familiar and flashed a smile that forced one upon her face. frozen in place, Nyoko didn't know what to do. As the figure opened his mouth to speak, she took the opportunity to immediately bolt out of the room and rush for the front lawn. She just made it out the front door before a bag was thrown over her head and she felt herself getting dragged away from the house. She was dragged maybe 25 feet before one of her kidnappers reached over and elbowed her in the head, she could barely feel the impact before she fell into pure darkness.

The powers

Assassin in training:
Though she has had time to perfect the skills she has developed over the years, she is still very much training to become much more powerful than she is now. through her time she has reached the studied level of her descendancy.

Descendancy Physiology:
Being a Descendant gives Nyoko a boost in her physical power and agility. Allowing her to run faster than the average human with speeds up to 40 MPH when giving it her all. Her inhuman genetics have also caused her mental capacity and rate to evolve ten-fold. She can figure out complex problems and strategies in mere seconds when given enough of a breather.

Energy sense:
Nyoko has trained herself to be able to open the gaze of her third eye upon the world. When it's in use, she is able to tap into and witness the energies surrounding her. She finds though she can only see the energies of hatred, the arcana, and that of the other side.

Hatred manipulation:
Nyoko has learned to absorb any hatred energy around her and redirect it to increase her own power temporarily. This can be used to attack with more force behind a hit or to simply use an opponent's own hatred against them.

Whispers of the dead:
When tapping into the energy of the other side, Nyoko has found it comes with a unique side effect. The Energy is filled with the whispers of both the recent and the long-ago dead, whispers rattle in her ears as she morphs the energy to her needs. These whispers allow her to learn the secrets only the dead keep, secrets that she will happily use to her advantage if given the chance.

Power over the dead:
With her access to energy from the other side, Nyoko has learned to harness this energy to give herself control over those that have crossed over.  This allows her to summon forth and control a soul to help her in her cause. it also allows her to temporarily raise a corpse to fight for her. though the person isn't fully back and is only a husk, their durability makes them a notable ally.

Death prevention: 
A major power that comes from her control over dead energy is her power to control energy bumming off a still-living person. this works by her reaching into someone's energy field as they face death itself and suck it completely out of them. This allows them to remove the curse of death completely if the injury was quick and produced weak energy.

The weaknesses

The limits to enhanced power:
Even with her enhanced physiology and mental capacity, Nyoko still has limits like all lifeforms made of meat bags and bones have to deal with. Even though she can reach 40mph while running, she can only keep that speed for a couple of minutes before her muscles and joints start to rip apart from the inside.

the power that flows around us:
Even with the amazing power to see the different types of energy of hate, magic, that of the other side. The issue comes from the fact she doesn't;t actually have the reception to separate what energy is what. This causes issues as it disallows her to know for sure, in most cases, what type of energy she would be manipulating and absorbing into her. another issue arises as she is unable to use this ability to determine the attitude and situation by just looking at someone. this led to her social skills having more use than her own power.

Nyoko Smash:

no silence of the damned:

the issues with Rigamortus:

Death comes to us all:
While this power allows her to essentially stop someone from dying completely, it causes a huge strain on her own body. Since she's absorbing the energy into herself to release in a safe manner, the more she absorbs the more she feels herself start to fade away as it drains her own life force. another major issue is If the wound is fatal enough that death refuses to let them go, even if she somehow survives for a long while eventually, the energy will build up to a level she won't be able to stop it.

The items

1. A Skull ring she had made from one of her "memories"
2.  A dagger that's sharpened like a scythe and engraved with the phrase "Usque ad Mortem venit" along the blade.

The fluff

Can sometimes be caught staring off into space. if she is seen smiling during this time, she might be having a past life flashback.
The RP Sample

As Nyoko stood looking at the front door of the store she was asked to visit, she could only wonder why she had decided to accept the request in the first place. the big neon sign burning down on top of her as the sun peaked over the hill for its daily journey across the sky. She was about ready to abandon her quest and bail when she saw a spark explode into bright light from a garage on the side of the building. 'couldn't hurt to investigate, I guess' was the only thought that could get across her mind before she started to jog for the door on the side of the building.
Opening the door instantly solved the mystery of the bright light. the culprits being a three-eyed alien and some hot-headed figure messing around with some nitrogen gas. If it wasn't for the laughter that erupted from the two idiots as they lay on the black and charred floor she'd assume they were dead. scanning the workshop for only a couple of seconds solved the second mystery she came to solve. the victim being her time and the murderer being a figure sleeping at a workbench near the back of the room. With a roll of her eyes and a shaking of her head, Nyoko made her way across the room to meet with the person who asked her to arrive so early in the morning.

Nyoko only had enough time to place a hand on the figure's shoulder as she felt a jerk before the figure tipped over and hit the floor. she could only watch with a tiny smile as he saw the figure shift around as they slowly get to their feet before she decided to get their attention.

" happy to see you finally awake sparky," she said as she took his place on his stool. "Since I haven't slept yet, I guess that means we can start." She couldn't lose her smile as she saw the figure try to adjust his goggles before relaxing they were still on the workbench. With a smile and a nod, the figure ran over to a table on the other side of the room and grabbed something before running back and almost throwing the item into her lap.

Looking down only raised more questions as the thing sitting in her lap



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