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Dragon Girl 3.5's Experience Sheet

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Dragon Girl 3.5's Experience Sheet  Empty Dragon Girl 3.5's Experience Sheet

Post by The Nekromonga February 1st 2022, 8:18 pm

Dragon Girl 3.5

The Krakensbane

Experience Spent/Gained

240 / 256


Advancements are purchased with experience earned. See our System Book for more information on how experience works.
8-advancements System
5 EXP: Transform at Will  
10 EXP: Dragon Fear
15 EXP: Blade Scale
20 EXP: Electroreception
25 EXP: The Prophet's Armor
30 EXP: Personal Gravity Control Device
35 EXP: Personal Kinetic Field Generator
40 EXP:  Technomancy

Advancement by Cost System
10 EXP: Suit Upgrade
50 EXP: Legendary Strength

Experience Tracker

Fire Hawk (Oct 2020 Contest Entry. 30exp)

All Demons All Queens(Dec 2020 - Nov 2021 ; 13 exp; 6802 words; 302 words leftover)

The Luminous Library of Lu Feng (Part 1) (Sept 2021 - Jan 2022 ; 17 exp; 8193 words; 193 words leftover)

The Beginning of the End (Jan 22, 2022 - Feb 02, 2022; 9 exp; 4922 words; 422 words leftover)

Dragons at Jeju Island (April 09 2021 - April 05, 2022; words: 3026 exp: 6 LOW 26)

Leftover Words

Total leftover words: 943
leftover words exp: 1
leftover of the leftovers: 443

Current Threads in Liquid Time

Tourist Trap (April 2021 - Ongoing)

The Quest for the Gygaxian Dice (Jan 25, 2022 Ongoing)

The Luminous Library of Lu Feng part 2 (Jan 28, 2022 Ongoing)

Family and Friends

Mother: Juri Yeong


Deimos - Celestial half dragon, future husbando
Jordan - Earth half dragon
South Korean Military
Assorted Metahuman Taskforces


Er Lang Shen - Chinese war god, and a major metahuman figure in Mainland China. After killing one of his clones, the original awakes, and seeks to destroy June.

The Dreamer Who Waits - A mysterious, enigmatic supreme being of the mysterious Tenebrites, aka the Aquatic Aliens. June destroyed his corporeal form long ago, but in doing so inadvertently spread his corrupt flesh through out the world.

Major Gas - scientific genius in the field of Chemistry and Biology, head of the North Korean Metahuman Program. One of the few humans she will kill on sight.

Argonath - dark lord of war from the alternate dimension of Gienius. Delivered a massive beatdown on June. A rematch is desired.

Demon Queens - A Quartet of extremely powerful, inhuman female beings that prey on humanity. Desires to corrupt June to make her a part of the Demon Queens.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Dragon Girl Experience
Dabbler Experience
The Steel Sage Experience
Thalassophobia Experience
Lady Deathblow Experience
The Nekromonga
The Nekromonga
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Mega Poster!

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