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Nykora The Melancholy

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Nykora The Melancholy  Empty Nykora The Melancholy

Post by Wolfy515 January 26th 2022, 2:46 pm

Nykora, The Melancholy

"The Remnant"

The Bio

Real Name: Nykora, The Melancholy

Renegade Name: Remnant

Title: "Of A Fallen World." "The Last."

Alignment: Neutral Good

Age: 20 Years Old

Gender: Female

Race: Guardian Remnant. Of the Wolven Bloodline.

Hair: Long, tan hair, which fades with a mixture of black and tan.

Eyes: Right eye is gold, and left eye is brown

Height: 4'9"

Weight: 85 LBS

Blood type: L Type

The Looks

  Nykora looks for the most part human. Fair skin, long hair, short. But a few features do stand out. Her hair is naturally a mix of colors. Starting as tan at her roots, flowing into a myriad of black and tan. Her hair gives way to a soft wave, though tends to have a mind of its own, with strands going off on their own from time to time. From the look of it, the flow seems soft, very soft if one were to feel it. Though poking out from the soft mess of her hair, are two fairly large ears. Canine in nature, they follow the same color scheme as her hair, a mixture of tans and blacks, with a small tuft of white at the tip of either one.

  From her hair toward her face, she holds a fairly soft rounded face. Modest features, though muddied by a scar over one of her eyes. Said eye being a bright gold, quite opposite of the eye to the left, bearing a much more normal shade of deep hazel. Though a good amount of the time, she tends to hide her right golden eye from people. Going for an array of implements, from eye patches, colored contacts, and even the odd pair of sunglasses. Or of course the typical hair flip, letting her hair fall in front of her face if all else fails. Though it does make it a bit harder to see, at least it hides it.

  Her figure is as she is height wise. Petite. Not very large in any aspect, being an overall small person. Dawning this petite form, generally is just whatever seems comfortable. A mix of hoodies, t-shirts, jeans, the occasional skirt. Over all a fairly simple set of clothes. The more plain and normal she looks, the better. Having her hood up, covering her eyes, or a hat she finds. Something that gives just enough room that she can flatten her ears to wear. Though some days she gives up with the hassle, just accepting the fact that her ears just will have to be visible.

  Though another thing that seems to be a trend in her appearance is the large fluffy tail that follows behind. Same as her hair, a mixture of tan and black all throughout the large fluffy tail, though tipped with white, much like her ears. Though hard to hide such a large tail, she tries her best. Hence the large hoodies, and t-shirts. Baggie for a reason, trying her best to hide it, to keep it from prying eyes, and mainly prying hands. Though much like her ears, there are days where she forgoes the effort that it takes to hide such things, and just accepts her fate.

The Personality

  Nykora is a reserved and generally quiet person. Choosing to be on the side, keeping from the limelight like many of the heros and villians tend to aim for. Though soft spoken, her actions speak clearly in her stead. Someone who cares. The suffering she has seen, weighs on her heavily, and it clearly shows, as she is a healer at heart. Helping those who need help, always there for those who need it. Even for some of those that may not deserve it. If she were face to face with a murder who was dying, her instinct would be to help. Even with all the pain they caused, that does not mean that a painful death is the way. Her view, offering those who are hurt the most, in hopes to show them that there is a way. There is no one that is too far gone. If they try, then there's hope, and she will do everything in her power to help spark that change of heart. There is nothing that is unforgivable, there is a redemption, one way or another. These thoughts, and wishes she has, tend to clash with those of the righteous. Often wanting to opt for speech over fight, and tolerance over judgment. For this reason she keeps away from either side. Though she believes that all can be redeemed in one way or another, it comes with its downfalls, of being manipulated by those who care not. Being victim to that before, she does her best to choose neither side, opting for a middle, helping where she can, healing those in need. Letting the heroes and villains deal with the politics.

The Story

Nykora comes from a land called The Guardian Remnant. A small country upon a dying world far off from Earth. A world stricken with world ending wars many many years in the past, with the small budding of civilization upon its surface. The Guardian Remnant being one. A small nation made of many once great and separate nations, Guardian Remnant's are merely a whisper of what the great realm of the Guardians once was. Now sticking to others of their kind, they did their best to survive. Though survive they do, the world they live in is a far cry from a home. Only a small island not taken by other city states, The Guardian Remnant does their best to preserve what little of their culture they have left.

  The Remnant, in a hope to preserve what little they have left, made a movement. A project to spread their kin across the realms and worlds in hopes that one day, their slowly dying nation and culture is not forgotten. Which brings us to that of Nykora. Born of the Wolven bloodline, Nykora was one of the more rare of the Remnant's. Few and far between, even among her own kind, it was normal to see the odd school bully find a favorite target. Within her home, already isolated from those of her own kind, she spent her childhood learning an old art of the Guardian's. That of healing. A magic curated by the once grand Guardian's, passed down generation after generation. Growing slimmer and slimmer with each passing generation. First days went by, then months, and then followed by years, growing up under the tutelage of one mastered in the arts. Honing the natural ability of the Guardian, mastering it to let it flow in a way used for not malice, but care. By the age of twenty, she reached the peak of her training, moving to self-teaching and the meaning of what she wields.

  The Guardian Remnant offered all those who wished to continue their lineage, off in places unknown, a passage off to continue their culture. Though trained to be a healer of her people, Nykora felt a need to volunteer. Something in her mind told her that she was needed, it may not have been at home, but somewhere a healer was needed. And so she did. Offering herself as a volunteer. Though reluctant to send off a healer, the Remnant still allowed her to go off. In hopes that she could show others the ways of her training. An already dying tradition, with a possibility to spread it across, in hopes to keep the spirit alive? Once thought it was clear.

  Upon arriving on Earth, Nykora took time to blend in. Learning about the traditions, the people, the clothes. Though close to that of those on Earth, she still was in a place far different from her own. A world who did not see technology as sacred, using it everywhere. The hustle and bustle of the never sleeping cities. The lack of what seemed discipline. It was near culture shock to Nykora, who came from a land of quiet and reserve. Basically coming from a village of little technology, to the heart of a metropolis. Though it took time, she found her similarities. Though still new to this land, she would try her best, offering help where she could, and tried to find her way and her footing.

The Powers

1. Healing.
- Nykora was trained in the arts of her people, an old technique which took various magics and used them to heal wounds and ailments. Generally offering a golden hue of magic, similar to her eye, Nykora has the ability to heal within reason injuries and certain diseases. Though not a cure-all by any means, but not needing the use of medical supplies or instruments, using her golden magics to will the body to offer it's own healing. Her magics allow her to heal mainly wounds and injuries, increasing the body’s ability to heal itself with her careful manipulation as a mixture of increased cell regeneration and being able to move what needs to be set back. Illness tends to be trickier for her to work with as it tends to be much more complicated. As for in the heat of a fight, if one were to be injured, her magics can reach and offer a short relief and quick fix enough so that someone can do more in depth medical work. Though more lethal wounds, she can help keep them stable, but depending on the injury it would still take time to recover. Though Nykora is capable of healing these situations, the more indepth it is, the longer it takes, going as far as days or weeks to fully heal something that was meant to kill. She is a medic, who learned to keep people alive long enough so they can go that step further, and get them to the hospital bed at the end of the day. And if someone were to die, no matter how much Nykora may try, death is still the one constant across every world.
2. Wolf blood
-Nykora has many abilities that would be attributed to a wolf. Better hearing, better smell, better sight. Her senses tend to be keen, much like a wolf would be. Or any creature with features similar to hers.
-Agility is one of Nykora's greatest tricks. Climbing, running, and similar things. If hard pressed, it's clear that her movement is not comparable to that of humans.
-Nykora's claws, one of the very few offensive traits she carries, her nails being naturally strong and sharp, if pressed into a corner, the spectral claws can be seen coming from her hands, whispering with silver, gold, and black magics as they form. Purely for defensive purposes, the magics tends to linger, doing the opposite effect of that of her normal healing, ailing the assailant for a short period of time.
3. Magicks
-Nykora's healing magics also have one other use other than healing. Being able to form solid surfaces, offers her the ability to use it to move small things, either it be a bullet out of a wound, or the soda she left on the counter, it offers her the chance to not only move things but to offer it as a shield if the circumstances come to that.

The Weaknesses

-Though Nykora can heal, it leaves her fully vulnerable. Not able to protect herself as it takes time and effort to work her magics into the wounds to help them. Though she can spot heal on the run, offering things to tide people over till she's able to get closer, she is a medic through and through.
-Though helpful are her magics, the worse the wound, the more strenuous it becomes to heal. Only having a limited pool to pull from for her magics, if it comes down to it she will get exhausted. Not just magically, but physically. Her magics are equally physically draining to a degree as they are magically draining, making long and intensive healing harder for her. Though given time, she can balance out the returns to give a steady source of magic.
2. WolfBlood
-Her senses though they are helpful in many aspects, they are harmful in many ways that one would expect. Mainly dog whistles being the bane of her existence, and anything with an overwhelming stench tends to bother her a lot. Loud and sharp noises, if loud enough, can put her to a stand still. Keeping her from moving and focusing on covering her ears.
-Though her agility is above average, it is no where near super in the sense. She can climb and jump better than most, but you won't be seeing her trying to jump any building anytime soon.
-Her claws are as mentioned. Purely in defense. Only in pure distress and danger can she call on her claws. If she is not in immediate danger of dying, or if there's any way out, then she would be hard pressed to call upon them. These claws have the feel of a ghostly steel if felt, being able to pierce at least into most materials, mainly just for grip, and not for destroying. Though one would be sure to keep from wanting to find out. As once hit by these, an overwhelming sensation of dread can be felt if caught under them.
3. Magicks
-Though her magics can be used as well to move things, and act as shields, much like her healing it is limited to her exhaustion. For moving things, her magics only have a certain range in which they can hold things, and at that, it's not a lot. She can move that soda closer to her, but she can't save you if you trip on a broom. As for her shields, they work near the same as her healing magics. If used in small quantities, she can use them as much as she likes. Though keeping a shield constantly is extremely hard. Generally aiming to go for quick burst shields, which are still draining to her, having a long lasting shield is near impossible for her.

The Items

Nykora doesn't have many items to herself, traveling with little to begin with. She has the clothes on her back. Though she does have a small device, not unlike a smartphone, which she seems to use much in the same vein. Though not metal and glass, a small device which opens with a small holographic screen across it. And yes, she can get YouTube on it. Which she probably already has.

The Minions

No minions, Nykora is a loner.

The Fluff

Despite coming from a world different from Earth, she has spent plenty of time getting used to life here. Only being here for a few months, she seemed to have taken to some things. The entertainments like the internet, generally being on the internet a few hours at least a day. Though now she merely is looking for a place to live, and tries her best to be as univasive as possible.

The RP Sample

     “Nii’ka I really don’t think I shou-” “Abutututut. None of this. You will, as it is only customary. You know this more so than most. Alright? What you are doing is amazing anyway, but that doesn’t mean you can go in looking like you just rolled out of bed.” The words came from a girl with bright white hair, similar ears and tail to Nykora, and she was walking around Nykora in circles, her own large tail swaying happily behind her. “Nykora, I know my way around dresses, stop fiddling with it till I’m done.” Nii’ka moved to slap Nykora’s hand away from the intricate lace that dawned the white and purple dress. Nykora sighed gently as she set her hands down on the side, letting the white haired Nii’ka dance about her in circles as she added and subtracted from the long flowing dress. “You know, Nii, I’m not getting married.” Her words came out defeated as Nykora’s ears wilted slightly. “No you are not but this is equally important.”

  Their conversation was interrupted as a knocking came from the door of the large elegant room. Nii’ka spoke up, pointing her head toward the door. “Who is it?” There was a brief silence before a man's voice came through. “My ladies, your sister awaits you in the plaza.” Nii’ka nodded gently, shouting back. “Thank youuuu, let Holo know we’ll be down in a moment.” Nii’ka went back to her work, putting a few ribbons over Nykora’s shoulders. “There. I think you look beautiful.” Nykora turned, looking toward a mirror within the room. “Uhh it looks nice yeah, just not really my style like it is yours.” “Nykora, I get to do this to you like once, give me a break okay? It’s rare that I get to dress up as either you or Holo. And especially if you’re to head off today, I want to make sure that I got to spend some time with you.” Nii’ka offered a small snicker. “You planned this… Fair.” Nykora sighed, motioning toward the door. “Well you have me all dressed up I suppose I should try to go make some sort of appearance.” Nii’ka set her hands on Nykora’s shoulders, holding her in place for a moment. “Nykora, promise me this. Whatever happens, where ever you do end up, make sure to keep up with us okay? Our transmitters are out that far, and most Kialakian technology won’t be able to hook up with your tome for about a week. And also please be safe? I know you can handle yourself, just try to be safe?” Nykora gave a warm smile as she nodded her head gently, going to bring Nii’ka into a hug. “I will, I’ll make sure to talk to you whenever I can. I’ll also keep myself safe I promise. Now common, Holo’s waiting for us outside, we better go before she starts bursting in here trying to be all Holo like.” Nykora pulled away, holding onto Nii’ka for a moment, offering a nod, which was returned. “Yes let us go. Er’kee, let her know we’re coming.”

  The rain of cherry blossoms over the main promenade under the gentle sky made for a pleasant experience. What seemed almost serene as the three sisters arrived. The crowd grew around the stark white capital of the slowly dying race. A tall and skinny man walked out, military jacket over his shoulder casually as he offered a wave toward the crowd. His bright white hair and wolf ears offered a very similar feel. The crowd cheered and whistled with joy as he appeared before them. Letting it sink it first, before he waved a hand to quiet the crowd.

  “We all know why we are here. One of my dear family has offered, on behalf of the Remnant, to offer her the project of our culture anchoring within planets and realms around us. And with the threat of the Blood Thrall’s pushing at our friends' borders, it seems to be fitting to offer what we can during the festival of the cherry moon. Sadly the Galimixi, try as they might, have had many of the Fairy King’s forests burnt at their borders, many of our best operatives have tried to undermine our enemy, though as the Anubian’s have closed their borders and refuse to join the Sorinae Alliance, I fear that this project is going to be a way for our people to survive in hopes that one day, our ancestors can come back and rebuild the name of the Guardian Remnant. Or even of the Guardian’s themselves.Though grave news proceeds our ceremony, my half sister, Nykora, waits for her chance to bring an ancient dying art out to others in hopes of preservation. Though our lives are long and rich with the gentle peace we have so yet yearned for, it saddens me to have to send those who have families and lives here, off to other places. They will be far from home, and though our satellites may not quite yet reach out as far as our travelers shall go, we will do our best to keep contact with them as best we can. New satellites are in development to ship after those we send, yet the distance between tend to be farther for our reach. As I conclude, may I ask you all to pray, not as your Emperor Elect, but as your brother. I ask you all to pray for the safety of our beloved ones and that one day, their actions may bring us a chance to bring back redemption to the Remnant. Thank you.” The man of white hair bowed after his speech as she took a step back, the now visible three sisters appeared after he did, as well as a crew of others following behind them. Each in groups, what seemed to be the travelers and their families.Each group walked to a small black metal ship, small in size, being able to carry one passenger and give them enough room to move a little bit about if they needed, yet each one small and compact. Each shuttle bore the Remnant flag, a black, green, blue, and white flag, with a crescent in the middle. The crowd had listened quietly at first, though as the families came out, cheers erupted from the crowd, flowers being thrown in admiration. Many of the elders bowed in prayer as asked by the Emperor Elect. This was a time of celebration, and a time of pain, for the thought of losing many of their already thinning kind, though in hopes that it would bring back the glory of their people.

  “Are you sure you wanna do this ‘Kora? This is a journey of a lifetime. This is a turning point in history, and you do not have to bear that alone.” The older sister's ears and tail are all the same, besides bright red hair, and just slightly taller than the other two. “I do.. I have this feeling that I need too. I want to stay and help where I can, but this, this was my calling, Holo.” Nykora nodded quietly to Holo as her eyes focused toward the shuttle. “And besides, this way if anything explodes here, you don’t have to worry about me.” Nykora gave a wily grin back to Holo, who just glared at Nykora for a moment. “We aren’t even sure if that’s true ‘Kora… Please don’t tell me you’re doing this because of some stupid prophosy.” Nykora shook her head, that glee draining softly off. “No not at all Holo. I just.. felt that need. Something pushed me. I am scared of course, but I feel my path here has already taken it’s path. I need to continue on.” Holo nodded in kind to Nykora’s words as she pulled her sister into a hug. “Nii already told me she’s got all sorts of plans to communicate and stuff. If you don’t I think she’ll try to kill you.” Holo snickered as she rubbed on Nii’ka’s head. “Look, just because I am prepared does not mean that you have to talk to me every waking hour of the day. But I will come find you if you don’t at least try to talk to us every once in awhile. I’m going to miss you..” Nii’ka lowered her head, as tears started to fall down her cheeks. Holo reached over and dragged Nii’ka into the hug as well, holding them all together for a long moment. “Nykora, We love you, thick and thin. We’ve been through a lot. We will be together again, one way or another. Nykora, be safe on your journey, and I hope you find whatever ushered you down this path.” Holo’s voice fell over the three like a fresh blanket of snow. Noise all around the three stopped as it seemed perfectly quiet, even if for just a moment. “We love you. Don’t die or I’ll do it. Please keep in touch as best you can, okay?” Nii’ka rubbed at her watery eyes, and Nykora now followed in same, reaching around to hug the two tightly one last time. “Till the bitter end, we’ll always be there for eachother. No matter what.” Nykora’s words were a bit more quiet as the two responded. “Till the bitter end.” In unison. Though the bell tolled as the shuttles doors opened. It was time. Nykora pulled away, moving to get into her craft, fastening herself in. She kept quiet for a moment as the clock started to count down. “I love you both. I’ll see you both soon. I promise.” Nykora’s words escaped as the shuttles all set their glass covers down. The hydraulics were aiming the shuttles skyward now as the volunteers sat ready. Like that, one by one shot off, whizzing into the sky as they went on their own travels. Soon Nykora followed along, setting forth her long journey ahead of her. Only for it to take a stop right near the city of Chicago, Illinois, Earth.

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Nykora The Melancholy  Empty Re: Nykora The Melancholy

Post by Zonkes January 26th 2022, 2:58 pm

What a genuinely excellent application! Welcome to SHRP!

If you haven’t already, be sure to join our discord using the sidebar on our site.

This application is APPROVED!

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