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Lax' Advancements

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Lax' Advancements Empty Lax' Advancements

Post by Descendants January 24th 2022, 2:07 pm

Item/Character Advancement Name: Isolation of Ephialtes

Item/Character Advancement Description: A yellow and black dagger in his left hand, glowing with faint energy. A lion is emblazoned on the hilt.

Item Power(s): There are several things that the Isolation of Ephialtes does. While also possessing all the powers of the Nightmare Blade, the Isolation of Ephialtes brings its own terror to the table. First and foremost, all of Lazarus’ abilities, physical, mental, and magic, are tripled while in use, his fear and madness impossible to avoid. This stacks with any previous increases from his Descendant abilities. Thai also amplifies the pain caused by his Bane of Creation ability by double, every hit enough to drive a sane man to anything to escape it.

The Isolation of Ephialtes, like the Nightmare Blade and Bane of Creation, focuses on creating fear and pain with every cut. But The Isolation brings something new with it. The pain caused by the strikes with this dagger do not fade, even after it has been dismissed; and more than that, they only grow in intensity. Every cumulative hit by the Nightmare Blade or Isolation of Ephialtes doubles the pain, with no upper limit. But more than that, the Isolation of Ephialtes ramps up with intensity for every second spent in the company of an ally or friend. It will fill them with a desire to end their pain, no matter the way, be it leaving the company or killing their allies. Only by this act of utter betrayal will the pain end.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 10

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Lax' Advancements Empty Re: Lax' Advancements

Post by Zonkes January 24th 2022, 4:54 pm

Approved and moved.

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