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Historical Heresies (RESULTS)

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Historical Heresies (RESULTS) Empty Historical Heresies (RESULTS)

Post by FantasyBound December 11th 2021, 1:35 am

Character Creation Contest

THEME: Historical Heresies


1st Place:VORIK

Score: 101


Dan: 35

Rorking: 38

Tea: 37


Dan: A simple and surprisingly nuanced character that goes beyond the tropes;  his simple power-set and plethora of weaknesses give him a simplicity I quite enjoy. There were a few places where the grammar failed, but nothing to greatly interfere with reading comprehension.  I only wish there was more of it! Keep up the great work.

Rorking: I absolutely loved this sheet. The story put me on a roller coaster from the first paragraph. I found the idea of this character and his powers extremely creative and quite unique in its own right. The way you used the eruption at Pompeii as the twist ending of your epic tale was fantastic. I also got to commend you on the ironic theme of his powers, an idea, I will admit, took me a minute to realize. This was something I found only added to the appeal of the cleverness. While I did see some grammar mistakes here and there, you did a fantastic job bringing all the elements together. I can't wait to see what kind of adventures this character finds himself involved with in the future.

Tea: Really cool! It's such a neat idea with being a living statue and not just your usual night of the museum style. Powers are very unique and cool, glad its not another terracota soldier mimic when it regards soldiers of stone. I enjoyed reading about his memories, really enjoyable.


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2nd Place: Tsundernate

Score: 87


Dan: 32

Rorking: 24

Tea: 31


Dan: Amazing, like always; the concept of the different masks is an inspired idea and one I wish I had thought of earlier.  The character is fun and exciting, with all the Nate-brand quirkiness that implies, and overall seems like a character that could be a lot of fun! The only downside is the tenuous connection to historical matters; given the way this contest has been going, however, I did cut a break simply for the lack of specifics on what "historical" means. Absolutely fantastic job.

Rorking: I want to start with the fact that I found this sheet very well done. from the writing I've seen of yours in the past, this was one of your best Nate. With that said, I don't think it fits very nicely with the concept of the contest. This character is very much more Mythology than historical, I of all people understand they tend to go hand-in-hand but the mix here wasn't equal. the only markers for anything historical were the mention of the Edo period unification of Japan. The Historical event feels more like a footnote to her losing her masks or how she was born. overall, this was a great character but I don't think it's for this contest.

Tea: Super fun character! But again like the others have covered it did not exactly follow along with the contest's themes, it was just done in such a  great way I couldn't not give it good scores.


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3rd Place: Vexxlyn



Dan: 24

Rorking: 22

Tea: 24


Dan: I do like vampires; that said, what the others said holds true. While the story is gripping and appropriately scary, there's not much to set her apart from other, similar vampires; even down to her being minor nobility or person of prestige. It was a great read however, as expected of all characters by you, but and I still greatly enjoyed the concept.

Rorking: Right off the bat, I want to say I really liked the sheet. To me, it works on so many levels. With that out of the way, it does seem to lack a sort of personal identity. It very much seems like a "Business as usual" Vampire story. This point is also not helped with a lot of it reading like horror stories of the real Elizabeth Báthory, a point that makes it feel like it's just her but as a supervillain. After what I said and your grammar needing some work at times, I really found character entertaining to read. good job and I hope you do well with the other judges.

Tea: Really good creepy vibes from this sheet, but a fairly common vampire. The historical ties are really good but it overall was fairly tame in terms of creative direction, in most departments at least. I did enjoy the castle description, brief but I got the idea. A few errors like doubled wording and such but not a big deal, I would have enjoyed some details on the demons that served the vampire queen.


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Congratulations, everyone!

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