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Sonia, Penumbra Corps Cadet (WIP)

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Sonia, Penumbra Corps Cadet (WIP) Empty Sonia, Penumbra Corps Cadet (WIP)

Post by K'Ren November 30th 2021, 3:32 pm


"The Penumbra Crops Top Cadet…Maybe"

The Bio

Real Name: Sonia
Hero Name: N/A
Title: Penumbra Corps Cadet
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: One of the few surviving members of a warrior people from a distant frozen planet.
Hair: Dark brown with blonde ends
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 5’6
Weight: 124lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks


The Personality

The Story

Sonia’s story begins on her home planet that has since lost its name. The planet itself at a glance was nothing special. A frozen planet with sparse forests, frigid lakes and seas, and an abundance of hostile wildlife. By this description alone it would seem like the planet was inhospitable, however, there did exist a hearty people that called the frozen rock home. Their civilization was much akin to that of the Norse or viking peoples of Earth, though these space Nords are much more durable and less inclined to care about their living conditions.

For whatever reason, these people were placed here, or formed here in the frozen fjords of this icy planet. Hearty as they were, they somehow made due with what little the planet had to offer them. Though they were able to advance as far being able to fashion and smith weapons and tools for building and hunting, many of the precious materials that would have allowed them to become a very advanced race, lay buried miles below the frozen surface of the planet. Nevertheless they pressed on and survived. Many tribes of these people called the planet their home, though all were unified under the singular purpose of protecting one another. Their resolve would unfortunately be tested when a war broke out across the stars. And those precious materials that they couldn’t reach? Well the two warring factions could, and both had set their sights on the frozen planet. Anyone who controlled the planet would easily win the war.

And so initially the ‘villains’ of this war would arrive on the planet first, and though they were technologically advanced and their numbers vastly outranked those of the planets inhabitants, the warrior peoples would hold their own for a time. For every one of them that fell in battle, a hundred or more of their foe would also fall. Still the invaders pressed they attack and just as all would seem lost, the combined might of the Penumbra Corps descended upon the planet, sparing the last of the warriors their lives. Among those who were rescued, was a small Sonia who had been placed in hiding as her parents went forth to defend their home. Scared and alone with only the sound of battle to go by, Sonia coward in the small hideaway she was placed in.

Eventually the invaders had reached the village where Sonia was. One entered her house and began to overturn the place. Pottery smashing against stone walls and wooden furniture being tossed about only fed the little girls fear so much so that she couldn’t help letting out a frantic squeak. The invading alien used this sound to locate her hiding spot and tore the floor mat away. Peering into the hole, the alien revealed itself to be insect-like in appearance. Upon seeing the young and terrified Sonia, the creature began to reach for her, but it’s attention was suddenly called away as more of its kind began to cry out.

Before long the sound of fighting filled the air once more and the Penumbra Corps, the most advanced military civilization in the galaxy had arrived on the scene. They had been battle the insect like aliens across multiple planets and were the only thing standing in the way of total annihilation at the hands of the insect like aliens. Truth be told, much like the insectoids, the Penumbra Corps had their sights set upon this icy planet themselves. Much to their surprise they had no idea it was actually inhabited by people. Still, while they arrived in the guise of saviors, they did have their ulterior motives in coming here. It was just a chance for them to play the hero when they discovered the truth.  

Once the fighting had died down, almost all of Sonia’s kind had died in defending their home. What few did survive where rounded up by the Penumbra Corps, including Sonia who was mystified by the shiny armor and overall marvels of the corps. The Corps would move in almost instantly, owing the sucess of claiming the planet as a foothold, to the warriors of the planet. But of course this part of the story would be left out, after all it would make for much better propaganda if they appeared as the unsung heroes that saved these few unfortunate souls from being wiped out. Sonia and the survivors were shipped off to the world where the Penumbra Corps headquarters was located. Upon their arrival, the few warriors left, offered themselves to the Corps waning numbers, a way to pay them back for their timely intervention.

Though she was young and now alone, Sonia also wanted to join the corps. Of course she was met with laughs as they played off her adorable enthusiasm. But that would not deter the young girl. Despite being now a war orphan, The crops did all they could to provide for the refugees of the worlds they had saved, and those that had been ravaged by the insectoid hoard. It was from this kindness that Sonia got a proper education. She learned much and more about the universe as a whole, or at least whatever was possible to learn from the institutes set up on the Penumbra Corps home world. She never once gave up on her dream of repaying the corps for saving her life. As she got older, she began to learn of what it took to be a member of the corps and trained rigorously until the fateful day finally game when she was old enough to enlist. By this point she had been adopted out of the system by a wealthy and permanent family that had lost their only child, whom had died fighting in the war. Apprehensive at first, her foster parents eventually and reluctantly caved and allowed her to enlist.

For all the good the corps had done across the galaxy, they were constantly in need of new recruits. Their foe was tenacious and seemed unending in their numbers. Far be it for them to deny the wish of such a dedicated individual. Sonia was accepted into the academy where she had to undergo a crash course in legionnaire training. Gone were the days when the corps could spend months or even years training their soldiers, they needed fresh bodies and so training was brutal and quick.

Luckily for Sonia she had a slight advantage over other trainees. Not only had she been preparing for this moment her whole life, she also had that warrior blood coursing through her veins and where others might have given up, she had the stamina to push on.

Sonia would eventually graduate top of her class, but that hadn’t meant much ever since the training regiment had changed. Still it was an honor she held on to. She was granted the rank of cadet and was assigned to a squad almost immediately. It was upon their first mission that Sonia would discover something quite unique about herself. You see, stories of her kind and their incredible battle prowess had begun to circulate around the Penumbra Corps. So naturally when it was discovered that Sonia was one of them, expectations were high. However, when put to the test, it wasn’t her strength that left people in amazement, it was how tough she actually was.

During their first assignment the squad was ambushed by the insect like beings, their ship was attacked while still in flight on its way to survey a planet. The ship crashed leaving all unconscious or severely injured, except Sonia. Keeping her wits about her, Sonia was able to tend to her injured comrades before the wreckage of the ship was beset by the insectoids. Being the only one capable of fighting, Sonia held of several waves of enemies before help finally arrived. Because of her freakish durability, she was able to save the lives of her teammates and for that she was rewarded upon their arrival back home. Her ‘talents’ also landed the eye of several higher ups who have been watching her closely ever since that day.

The Powers

Power 1: Down right nearly indestructible- Unbeknownst to Sonia until recently, this was a power she has had since birth. Like much of her kind there are things still unknown about the strange tribal warrior peoples of that frozen planet. However, unlike the other survivors of her kind, Sonia does not posses incredible strength. Instead her strength is focused elsewhere, her skin and skeleton. The degree of toughness granted to Sonia by her durability makes her pretty much resistant to all manner of damage. Munitions of any caliber or make, blades of any caliber or make, both extremes of the temperature spectrum, energies, radiations, the list goes on. It is possible that these things do inflict damage upon her at some point but due to the nature of her durability it will take an incredible amount of work and time before she begins to show any signs of wear or tear.

Power 2: Mischievous portals- Much like her durability, this is a power that Sonia has recently discovered she has. Through the use of magic, unknown to her, Sonia can create portals in various shapes and sizes and employ them in a assortment of different ways. She can use them to teleport around (In battle this has a maximum range radius of 40 yards). She has also mastered using these portals as a way to attack and overwhelm her opponents. By opening up a small portal in front of her firearms, she can then generate up to a total of twenty or so other portals. Upon firing into the two initial portals the other group of portals will then unleash a torrent of bullets or single shots, depending on how much and how long Sonia fires into them. She can position these portals anywhere from around or above her body, to completely trapping her opponent in a veritable cage of portals. In order to close her opponent in this cage of portals they must be within 10 yards of her.). It also goes without saying that firing her weapons into the portals isnt the only thing she can pass through them. Other people and equipment can also pass through them as well.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Like I said “nearly indestructible”- For all things explainable in the universe, there are also things that can’t be explained or accounted for. And though her kind, and Sonia herself all are capable of using magic in a variety of ways, Sonia’s currently being limited to creating portals, This is the one type of damage that Sonia’s body is not equipped to deal with. Magic spells will hit her with their full effect, completely ignoring her incredible level of durability.

Weakness 2: Concentrated Fire- When using her portals to increase her volume of fire or attempting to trap her opponent within a cage of portals, she must remain firmly planted in one spot. She is able to turn, but she is not able to advance or retreat without first dispelling the portals.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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The Characters
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