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Sinister Empty Sinister

Post by Yurei Shi November 25th 2021, 8:15 am


"Last of the Lunar Enchanters"

The Bio

Real Name: Kai Summers
Hero Name: Sinister
Title: Last Enchanter of Lunar
Alignment: NG
Age: 17 years old (is currently aged to 30)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: blue
Height: 6’2
Weight: 165 lb
lood type:
O Positive

The Looks

The Personality

Sinister is a very somber man, whose humor and curiosity for this world were stripped from him long ago. He now is cynical, though does his best to help others when he can.

The Story

Kai Summers, an American curious about the world and its arts hidden within lores and texts, constantly read. His twin brother and sister, Brian and Caitlyn, both were also fascinated in these lost ancient arts that Kai read on. One day, Brian thought he could recreate some of the circumstances and bring the magics of Solar back into the world from ancient Egyptian texts. His experiments worked, and he became a Sorcerer of Solar, one of the last of his kind.

The problem arose after, when a Demon from the shadows of Solar took his body and mind over. Brian was lost, and their town suffered for it. He unleashed others like him onto the town, and decided now was the time to unleash and use their energies to leach on the lifeforms of Humans. Brian was no longer. Taken over by the demon now labeled as Famine, Brian led the attacks on his own people that lasted for months.

Time went by, and Caitlyn demanded that she and Kai recreate the same methods and unleash the counter to Famine,  the magics of Lunar, onto him. The two  held a ritual and they received their new gifts with a few others. The Enchanters of Lunar had returned to this world to once again vanquish the Demons of Solar, except the Demons had grown too strong.

Famine got into an epic fight against Kai, which almost killed him and his sister. Just when they thought all hope was lost, a voice called out to them. A spirit strong enough to defeat Famine and his allies demanded for Caitlyn to join forces with her in order to defeat them and she agreed. Teaming together, they defeated Brian and the other demons, but Famine escaped before they could capture him.

Then the unthinkable happened, Caitlyn fell. Her eyes, filled with tears as the spirit called out and said she could no longer reside in her, for her body was too weak. Kai, wanting to save his family, demanded the Spirit spare her and take him instead. The spirit agreed and released Caitlyn from her grasps and bonded with Kai. What Kai didn’t know? Caitlyn was too far gone, and no healing would ever save her. She died, leaving him the Last Enchanter of Lunar left.

The spirit, who now named herself as Sinister, suggested they kill Brian for his actions and for the death of Caitlyn, but Kai couldn’t do it. Instead he allowed for the spirit to strip Brian of his magic, though lost some years with it all. Now, the two fight together, as Sinister “Last Enchanter of Lunar”

The Powers

Water/Ice Elmental Manipulation
The ability to weaponize water/ice in combat as well as use it for defenses and any and all other necessary uses.

Healing Wave (Water ability)
Has the ability to use water as a means for healing minor wounds and burns.

The ability to read minds as long as the host is willing.

Shadow Magic
Banish (The ability to negate or extinguish magic)
This can only do minor magics, but if ever bonded with the spirit of Sinister can go as far as to temporarily take away someone's abilities.

Shadow Form
Can turn into a shadow himself, causing himself to blend in to the walls as well as hide in the night.

Night Companions
Has the ability to raise one companion in the night per day. The figure is a shadow themselves, and is one of the varying. Dog, Wolf, Snake, or Spider.

The Weaknesses

The spirit of Sinister
The more Kai uses his shadow magic he has been granted, the more his life force is drained. Sinister will feed on Kai still.

Fire Magic
Water is the opposite of fire, and it is a magic that still is difficult to fight for Enchanters of Lunar. Fire magic will hurt Kai more than normal, and can even do damage to cause the Spirit of Sinister to bond and save his host.

Light Magic
Magic using lights can hurt the spirit Sinister, and will hold and keep him from entering the material world through Kai.

The Items


The Minions


The Fluff

Eyes will turn black when Sinister takes over, as well as veins will darken.

While using water magic, his hands will turn blue or white depending on intensity.

The RP Sample

"Pride is not the opposite of shame, but its source”- Iroh

The sounds of a growing storm brewing echoes throughout what can only be described as a vacant gymnasium. Hanging over the room, like a dimly lit version of the sun, is a lone lamp fixture. Dangling back and forth like a pendulum, always in motion, the light reveals a ring that sits below its very source of light. A few lurking shadows linger where the light’s gaze doesn’t touch.

Down by the ring, small specs of dust float within what little bit of air circulates through the room. Inside of the ring, the Revolution1 Wrestling Futures Championship lies directly in the center of the ring, alongside a printed out news article. The article’s headline  reads “Local Wrestler Loses Cool, Fired from Revolution1”.

Unexpectedly, Sara Cross rolls into the ring, scoping out the shadows for a moment on one knee, before picking up her newly acquired Futures Championship. Sara, now standing, shows a rather large grin. Her teeth, like diamonds, shine brightly and contrast well with her Southern Water Tribe war paint on her face. As Sara’s smile slowly fades into an expression of determination, her eyes lock in on the camera like a predator on its prey.

“It’s simple, I’m glad to be back! So many things have changed, and I just can’t wait to tell you all about them! Like for instance, I’m a champion now, but you already knew that huh? First day back under contract, and I went on my own terms and decided to take what was mine. GAH! It’s honestly still insane to think I’m even here talking to you all right now!

Right! Rebirth is coming up, and I have a fatal fourway match against three of the best that Revolution1 has to offer from both brands. Amber Payne, Cerise, and Sora Weaver.. All forces of nature in their own right, and all capable of not only stopping my Futures Championship run dead in its tracks, but also my very momentum I NEED if I’m going to take Sin over like I did before..”

As Sara gives herself a moment, she wraps the Futures Championship around her waist, locking its position before continuing on. Her eyes, still as determined as ever, but her mouth reveals a quick smirk, almost as if it were uncontrollable.

Sara bursts into laughter, her eyes shutting tightly as she chuckles for a few moments. Sara, now giving herself time to recuperate, refocuses on the camera before continuing.

“Now I know, this match is not for my championship, that can be taken from me anytime, anywhere. But let’s just see how these three step up to the Champ, huh?  We’ll start with Sora Weaver!”

Sara’s eyes quickly dart up to a rather well lit area on the wall, where three banners of her opponents for Rebirth hang on the wall. The three banners appear to be well crafted besides the one of Katarina “Cerise'' Starr, which looks to be a badly drawn angry stick figure on the back of a blank canvas with the words “Cheater” painted over.

“Sora! So to put this as best as I can, I’m a fan! You really have shown that there is room in this industry for heroes like you, and I.. Especially when I was gone, and lost myself, people like you remind me of what I’m fighting for. With that being said though, if you think for one moment that just because I look at you and respect what you’re doing, and for that matter what you have done, then you’re mistaken. Y’see I’ve been working my butt off to be able to come back into Revolution1 and to continue to elevate my talents in places like IBW and Zion. Sure, you like to think of yourself as an Anime hero, well let me just burst your bubble real fast.. I’m an Anime Fanatic! Everything you’ve thought of throwing at me, I’ve seen it and I know just how to counter it.”

As Sara finishes speaking, a quirky smile on her face, she drops her attention from Sora Weaver’s banner. Her eyes drift around the room for a short moment before coming to direct contact with the banner of Amber Payne, the words ``Queen of Strongstyle '' and “the Huntress' ' underneath her embroidered name.

“Okay, so I’ll go ahead and bring up Amber Payne next. She calls herself the Queen of Strongstyle, but the truth of the matter is that’s so limiting. And before you bring up your other nickname being the Huntress, I will remind you that these are my grounds, you are the prey here not me, Amber. So please, do me a favor, and try your best. Give me everything you have, and when that’s not enough push a little harder. These fans, the higher ups, and everyone in the back knows that after I’m done there will be nothing left in either of our tanks. And to a lot of people I know, this is a dream match.”

Sara stops for a moment to breathe before focusing in on the banner of Katarina Starr hanging along the wall.

“Now we finally have made our way to Katarina Starr, or would you prefer to go by Cerise? I knew that saving you last would fill your ego to your heart's content, so take note of that. I’ve seen your work and I’ve kept my sights closely on you, simply because you’re the wildcard of this all. A real Joker in the hand, but I’m not much for card games unless its Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh. So let’s keep this simple, in an attempt to not make you lose sight of it all and attack someone who is less focused on you than even your parents must have been to produce such a sadistic child. You’re not ready, Cerise. There’s no witty remark for it, there’s no grand gesture, you just aren’t. So do us all a favor, and watch idly by with the others as I return to do what I’ve always done.. And that, is DEFY the odds DEFY the expectations and DEFY everything people like you have tried to stop me from achieving.”

As Sara finishes her last statement, a small tear forms in her right eye as she glances down at the article. She picks it up and crumbles it as she leaves the ring. The room, once again back to its lifeless state, is all that is seen as the camera slowly fades to shut off.

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