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The Halloween Hit

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INV ONLY The Halloween Hit

Post by The Nekromonga October 15th 2021, 2:15 am

October meant it was time for the Halloween arms show at a little teashop in a quiet corner of Isroh’s territory. A private affair hosted for local bosses, it was a chance for gangs who needed hardware when superpowers were lacking. The arms dealers were a grandfather and grandson duo, the Lu’s, Winston (the third) Lu and his grandson Drake Lu.

Together they ran the Lu Tong Long (Iron Dragon) Tea and Dimsum Shop, a surprisingly very long-lived store that had seen its founder, Winston sell rifled barrels during the civil war while operating as a general store for Chinese immigrant laborers. It was the perfect front for their more lucrative arms dealing business, and they were known very well for selling high quality goods, both state of the art firepower and more archaic and arcane needs, such as cursed swords or sentient armor.

History lesson aside, today the quaint two-storey building had a fairly authentic Rosewood and oak interior, not that gaudy red paint and cheap plastic furniture that was common in the mainland. The owners liked their real silks, their real leathers, and real precious metals on the edges of furniture. The cashier, located at the back of the main dining hall, was an elevated podium in itself, flanking the bar. There above the liquor cabinet hung the portrait of the first Winston Lu, and another ancestor named Lu Feng, who looked cheery for his age. That they managed to keep a low profile was a testament to the owners’ policy of Less Talk Less Trouble and Client Anonymity guaranteed.  

Winston III personally ushered in local bosses, a majority of whom were paid up with Isroh, with a few outliers. Tables were quickly attended to by young Asian women and their carts of tea and dimsum. "Man I don't care much for buns, but these are something else." One gangster said, taking a bite of the complimentary buns, which were the house specialty. The atmosphere was relaxed, cigarettes lit and mid priced liquor already flowing. There were only a few tables, and each was reserved for a certain ‘kind’ of client, as inter-species mixing was kept at a minimum with high powered weaponry available.

Of course, as this was Isroh’s turf now, the arms show wouldn’t begin until the man himself showed. Renee the secretary reminded Isroh of course, and it would be a minimum entourage consisting of only herself and a maximum of up to two others of Isroh’s choice.

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