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Daffodil/Purge (Story NPC)

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Daffodil/Purge (Story NPC) Empty Daffodil/Purge (Story NPC)

Post by Katrina A. Russel October 4th 2021, 9:04 am


"Beauty in Desolation
Love in Sacrifice
Human Spirit Conquers All"

The Bio

Real Name: Unknown
Nickname: Daffodil
Alignment: True Neutral (Chaotic Evil as Purge)
Age: Physically 19  (Actual Age is unknown, but hundreds)
Gender: Female
Race: Modified Human
Hair: Black and Green, glow in the dark
Eyes: Bright green, glow in the dark
Height: 5’6 (50’ as Purge)
Weight: 110 lbs (1000 tons as Purge)
Blood type: AB+, radioactive

The Looks

Also Image
Slightly Risque Image

The Personality

From a world of scorched earth and broken dreams, Daffodil has always clung onto the hope that one day, humanity can be revived. This is perhaps her most striking trait; her undiluted, hopeful optimism, even in the face of the bleakest of dangers. No matter what happens, she believes - no, she knows - humanity will persevere, and she is destined to lead them on. This optimism is tempered with a rather cynical world view; humanity, after all, are idiots. What type of sentient, breathing creature destroys its own kind? It’s inconceivable to her. The infighting of mankind led to the destruction of her Earth, the death of an entire species, and the loss of her parents; more importantly, it led to Purge who, if it had its own way, would destroy everything living.

Daffodil is an incredibly inquisitive individual, while remaining relatively aloof. She values knowledge, particularly the medical and industrial kind, and those that she can, she documents; how it works, what it does, and if possible how to build it. Her plan is to return to the wrecked ruins of her world, scrounge up any survivors, and rebuild a civilization upon the ashes of a burnt world like the Rome of old.

The Story

The world was burning.

That was Daffodil's only memory as a child. A burning world and a cold, metallic container, the face of her concerned parents', and the hissing, pneumatic container of the cryogenic chamber. A flash of white, then nothing. She woke to a new world, a dead world, and a very confused her. Despite being frozen as a child, she woke up a woman, fully developed and with thoughts and opinions she didn’t know she developed; knowledge she never learned, information that nested in her head like empty eggshells.

The pod existed more than to just persevere her for hundreds of years; it pumped information into her brain, nourished her body to go, kept her safe from harm and radioactive fallout. This pod was located in a bunker, located deep underground; built before the war to keep the select few safe, the information told her. But there was no else; a bunker a hundred feet below ground, three feet of steel and lead on all sides, fit for the nuclear family.

But she was all alone, her only companions a pair of skeletons, embracing on the dirty steel floor. Between them, a steel-encased tape; somehow, she knew just what to do. With curiosity, mixing with the confusion of her being, she numbly realized she knew what to do. Prying the odd device off the skeletons arm, she latched it onto her own, wiping the dust from the screen. Letters flicked to life, text that her brain automatically put together to form words. A rapid series of “1”s and “0”s, the screen went blank, and then …


Scanning Entertainment and Assistance Device


The message played, but Daffodil could only stare in confusion. They were two people, presumably her parents, embracing as the world shook, and talking to a toddler on the floor. It was a sad message, she guessed, but she had no emotional connection to it. The only thing she hoped for was a name; that’s some of the few information she didn’t have roosting in her head. But the tape was badly corrupted, and she couldn’t hear it closely enough to understand. She only understood the last message, as they laid the toddler down in a pod that she realized, with a start, she had just climbed out of.

“Goodbye, our little Daffodil. Save the world.”

Daffodil? Was that her name? It seemed to fit, like slipping a lock into place. Yes. Daffodil. That’ll be her name until she finds one better.

Daffodil spent the next several years in this bunker; why shouldn’t she? It was her home, her birthplace, everything she knew. There was an extensive library, a food synthesizer, stuffed animals, and a tea set; everything a girl could possibly want. She learned to understand herself, her intelligent mind turning into a task; any empty sheet of paper was written on, scribbled with little tidbits about herself.

“loves dogs”
“writes I’s with a heart”
“has accent? Mom did”

These notes were everywhere, bound up irregularly to be stored in loosely-organized notes simply titled “ME”. The handwriting was atrocious, barely more than chicken scratch for her excitement (the fact that she has messy handwriting was one of the first notes she writes!) but they didn’t have to be legible; they were hers, the only personality she could claim to. No past, no future, it was the only proof she was real. It helped stifle the itch behind her ears, the scientific curiosity to explore more. The door was right there, she had unlocked it long ago. Why shouldn’t she leave?

This other force taunted her, prodded her and cajoled her; through the years, it wore her down and finally, she snapped. Pushing down the worries about her mental state (there were plenty of books about what isolation does to a developing mind, she didn’t even want to go down that path) she packed the necessities; ERT’s, or Emergency Radiation Treatments, some SAI’s, or Subdermal Autoimmune Injections, and plenty of rations and fresh water. She didn’t know what to expect, other than an irradiated wasteland, the only sort of information the limited sensors around the bunker could tell her. So she packed what could be expected logically and with a gulp, stepped outside the only home she had ever known.

It was much worse than she could have imagined, and more beautiful than she had dreamed.

Windblasted ruins of mile-high buildings surrounded her, the only thing left of the human race. In the distance, a series of lights signified a town, a pale imitation of the world that they had destroyed. She spun in wonder, a girl in a gold and blue suit, unable to comprehend the magnificence laying in ruins around her. Her eyes fell on a strange site; a children’s doll, laying on a pile of rubble. It’s china face was crumpled, leaving its head hollow, and its pretty dress was smudged and ripped in place; but through some miracle, in the hollowed-out doll, broken centuries ago on the day the world ended, a single flower grew. A pitiful, frail thing, it nonetheless thrived in such horror, growing in soil that by all rights should never support life. Yet it thrived in such adversity.

It was little miracles like these that brought Daffodil searching the wasteland, returning home often to shower, clean the grime off her, and keep her RADS under control; as convenient as it might be, the cancer that comes with a third arm simply isn’t worth it. The isolation of the city was as welcome to her as any town; she thrived in it, questions and queries, innumerable equations, and theories on the state of being keeping her busy. It was this that brought her to the L building; that’s what she called it, at least. She wouldn’t know it was a library until later. The crumbled lion statues outside became good friends; over the next few years, she got to know them well, even wearing down the shoulders as she patted, day after day, night after night, decade after decade, she read the books in the library.

She started on fiction first. Non-fiction had been her life until now, books on medicine, science, social studies, every subject under the sun. But the first time she cracked open a fiction book, it was like entire new worlds opened up. Dreams and ideas written on paper and number to make a new reality, words arranged in a pleasing way to make a turn of phrase, to create conflict and adoration and emotion. It was a concept that Daffodil could not get enough of. And the more she read, the more she thought; if every book is a universe, how can I get there? Ideas began to form, and Daffodil began planning.

But before she could begin preparations, she found a necklace. A beautiful, golden necklace with a gemstone of four different stones, perfectly cut to resemble one. It belonged to an Egyptian monarch, thousands of years before the bombs fell; and in a moment of emotional stupidity, she put it on.

The Powers

Purge: A monstrous entity, created from the mingled radiation and cryogenic fluids in the same accident that woke her from her sleep, Purge is the creature that haunts her nightmares. Almost a separate entity in itself, he is hatred incarnate, existing only to wreak havoc on the mortal world, destroying and wrecking anything in its path. A being of pure radiation and irradiated material, Purge is terrifying and powerful, its hate and strength incomparable. Due to his existence within her, Daffodil walks a tightrope; she must remain on edge, lest he break free and destroy everything she loves, but too much stress and Purge grows stronger.

His powers follow:
Super Strength: Purge is a monstrous entity, capable of lifting entire houses off their foundations with little effort. His punches leave shock waves in the air capable of ripping trees out of the ground. This tremendous strength is mostly used to bring the pure world to its knees. Purge is immensely powerful, its strength possessing nearly no limit.

Super Durability/Density: Purge is as indestructible as it is strong. Its body, being sludge, is resistant or immune to a great many things, including most forms of physical or ballistic damage. Even magic doesn’t have an effect, as he doesn’t have a single mind or consciousness to affect. The only real way to guarantee damage to Purge is to blow chunks out of him, either with powerful explosives, superhuman attacks, or large-scale magical abilities.

Matter Assimilation: Though Purge possesses no ability to heal himself naturally, his intense radioactive nature and unique physiology allows it to take in matter, primarily inorganic, and convert it into the metallic sludge that comprises its body. It can absorb cars, roads, even entire buildings and use it to replace damaged parts of him that were destroyed in battle. This cannot be used to add more mass into himself, though he can store inorganic materials in his body for limited periods of time for later assimilation.

Freezing Sludge Manipulation: Though it’s purplish in nature, the sludge that makes up its body is actually a culmination of various metal and metalloids from the cryogenic chamber in which Daffodil had frozen herself in, in an attempt to outlive the apocalypse. These metals, combined with the effects of radiation and the extremely volatile chemicals she used to extend her life, is what make up Purge’s body. It hovers near absolute zero, freezing everything it comes into contact with. It can control this to an extent, as well, capable of firing off glops of this sludge to immobilize things at high speeds over long distances. This sludge is cold enough to freeze nearly anything with extended combat.

Radiation Manipulation: In addition to the freezing sludge, Purge has the ability to emit powerful beams of radiation. These beams burn with green fire and ignite nearly everything, acting almost like lasers capable of cutting through solid steel. The short blasts of radiation are high-intensity but low density, meaning the chance of receiving cancer from it are relatively low.

Atomic Explosions: Purge can manipulate the radioactive elements in his body and create miniature atomic explosions. Though this is easiest accomplished between the two membranes of his skin, he can do at any point between his sludge and him, whether its connected or not. These explosions have all the force of regular atomic blasts but none of the radioactive fallout, due to Purge absorbing it all.

The Weaknesses

Sand: Sand is one of the few substances that can bar entry to Purge. The organic makeup of most sand means it cannot assimilate it, and the porous design means it can be dispersed and absorbed. Sufficient amounts of sand will actually completely disperse Purge, effectively freeing Daffodil temporarily from his grasp.

Porous Materials: Porous materials, even things like sandstone, have the same effect as sand; though Purge can assimilate inorganic materials if possible, if he is unable to assimilate, Purge will slowly be pulled apart. Large enough sections of things like limestone can completely disintegrate it, causing it to revert back to Daffodil.

Superhuman Cleanliness: Though rare, any abilities or technology that have superhuman cleaning properties will completely destroy Purge. Even the smallest amount can cause pain to the creature, one of the few things that can.

Love (or any other reasonably calm emotion: Purge is merely a representation of the tangled anxiety, loss, and anger that Daffodil feels. It’s just expressed in a fantastically exaggerated way. If someone is able to get through to her - either by expressing their care for her and reaching her through sentiment, or otherwise emotional manipulation through ability or magic. Doing so will cause Purge to disperse, returning Daffodil to her, typically weepy, self.

Powerful Electromagnetics: As Purge is mostly made of metal kept liquid through pure force of will and chemical disruption, powerful magnetic abilities or technology can completely disrupt him.

Large Bodies of Water: Entering any body of water larger than a pond will cause Purge to slowly lose mass until it no longer remains. The body of water will likely freeze, unless its large enough. Oceans and massive lakes will hardly be affected.

Magic: Purge has no resistance to magical abilities, nor any reality-bending or molecular manipulation abilities. These will impact it as normal.

The Items

S.E.A.D.: SEAD stands for Scanning, Entertainment, and Assistance Device. Similar to an early-twentieth century computer, but far more advanced, it attaches tightly to her wrist with a bio-lock and magnetic clamps; SEAD cannot and will not be removed short of completely removing the arm. Even then, built-in failsafe devices will cause the entire thing to short out if removed without the user’s consent. It is a simple green, with a chromatic sheen to it. On the side of  it is the image of a cartoon guy giving a thumbs up, dressed in a blue jumpsuit. SEAD is navigated by a series of knobs and dials that allow the user to switch to the various screens.

Despite its clunky and seemingly innocuous appearance, SEAD is one of the most powerful computing devices ever devised. It keeps constant track of heart rate, health, injuries, illnesses, even radiation and exhaustion levels; the technology is so advanced, it can even tell the user when they’re hungry, thirsty, or need to rest or sleep. SEAD is constantly sending out low-level omega radiation from a device within its hardy case. This radiation extends for hundreds of miles across the landscape, creating a map as accurate, if not more so, than geostationary satellites used in modern day technology. In enclosed structures, it can even make a detailed map.

SEAD can connect to any device, either through it’s patented Malleable Connection Technology, or by wirelessly connecting to any source, using advanced computer software to bypass most, if not all, encryptions, allowing unrestricted access to any system. Some, more advanced systems, such as those based on military infrastructure, may require some skill in computer engineering to bypass. More than that, SEAD can connect directly to the STOR, our patented technology for all your storing and informational needs. Any object placed in STOR is automatically catalogued and digitized, capable of viewing through one of the handy menu screens of SEAD.

In addition to these basic functions of SEAD, Daffodil has improved hers immensely. A multiversal scanner has been added, capable of not only scanning any known material, but cataloguing new ones, assessing its use, and comparing it to anything they have on her Earth. A simple AI will also assemble blueprints and, if it is a technology that never developed back home, speculate on the divergence of  the timelines that caused such technology to develop. She can also tag certain materials, items, or even people. When in proximity to anything tagged, SEAD will alert and light up, warning Daffodil. This multiversal scanner works not only on mechanical devices, but people, allowing her to pinpoint the history and diversion of history.

In addition to these functions, SEAD can act as a gaming device, compatible with any modern gaming system.

STOR: STOR stands for STorage and Organization Replacer and is the multidimensional storage aspect of the now-defunct company that first created SEAD and the brand. Through prodigious hacking abilities, Daffodil has reopened the private servers for these, using SEADS own prodigious computing abilities. This allows nearly infinite ability to store inorganic targets and the ability to organize them at ease. She must touch these objects.

Serum 44: An experimental serum developed by Daffodil designed to counter autoimmune responses. In short, if injected into her heart, it can counter the effects of Purge and prevent it from taking over. The downside, however, is that she will definitely be knocked out of action for several days as a result, and then must synthesize more Serum. Her final goal is to create a Serum that can permanently suppress Purge.

The Fluff

Due to the cryogenic fluids and radioactivity in her veins, Daffodil is effectively immortal, so long as she isn’t killed by some outside force.

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Daffodil/Purge (Story NPC) Empty Re: Daffodil/Purge (Story NPC)

Post by Chellizard October 5th 2021, 6:36 pm

Approved Story NPC.

Purge is scary. I feel bad for Daffodil.

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