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OPEN Paradox

Post by Trashy Paradox September 6th 2021, 9:33 pm


"I have the power to do great things; end world hunger and shit. but here I am, not even able to stop a couple of thugs"

The Bio

Real Name:Laren James Krist
Hero Name:Paradox
Hair:Short, Crisspy, Ginger
Eyes:Wide, Purple
Blood type:0+

The Looks

The Personality

He gives off an unserious tone as most heroes do to hide fear and give other people hope. Only acting differently when the situation is dark or if it involves his friends and family. He's childish and laid back in his speech and movements, often floating around in costume and slinking around out of it. he's friendly to most people Even small-time thugs, giving off a feeling of homeliness. He stays mostly quiet with other people in his normal life. mostly just talking to his friends as he's considered a loser in school. He often drops everything he's doing just to go save someone. making him late for pretty much everything. and leading to villains getting away sometimes. He enjoys beating up criminals as it helps vent frustration from being bullied and his own feelings of worthlessness. Believing he doesn't deserve his powers and that he could never live up to be like his role models or friends. He tries his best at school, writing articles at the New Sation he interns at, and superheroing. striving to get better and learning to unleash his full power.

The Story

Laren grew up in the same city as his best friends, a city where heroes roamed the streets beating up bad guys and stopping criminals. it was every kid's dream to become a hero. But not being born with powers and never really having any skills; he put that dream behind him. through school, he'd always try and stand up for people but that would only end in failure as he got his ass kicked. but it all changed when he was 15 and at the labs where his best friend Gorge Thomas worked when a villain broke in and attacked the place. right after learning that Gorge was a superhero known as "Shlop", he was tossed into the reactor core with his other friend Hero. Hero was another superhero that didn't do the secret identity thing, his power was to control matter; any substance that has mass and takes up space by having volume. after waking 3 weeks later he learned he had obtained the power to harness and control not just matter. but atoms themselves, and the ions between them. After about a year he's become a popular hero with younger generations, and a powerful one too. but he's got a long way to go before he can fully utilize his powers to become a universe-controlling savior.

The Powers

Power 1-Body Conductor: To better let the energy flow through him. his body has become 5x as conducive as normal.
Power 2-Electric Shocks: He builds up static and current electricity to zap people with.
Power 3-Flight: He pushes off air molecules to lift himself up into the sky to float around. He's really good at it too.
Power 4-Power Reflection: Controlling atoms in attacks he may be able to send it in a different direction. he's got to be focused though so it works better on slow-moving things like fire.
Power 5-Reality Shifts: He can only do this after a long time of focusing on it. Even then rarely working as he doesn't understand his powers enough.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1-Low Strength: He is very lean with not much muscle. relying mostly on his abilities and speed.
Weakness 2-Weak Body: He can take a beating but not much. he can be easily knocked out and harmed. especially because of wearing fewer clothes to absorb energy better.
Weakness 3-Distractible: He puts his guard down a lot when he gets into a conversation. leaving an opening for attack or escape.
Weakness 4-Low Power: After a while, he needs to recharge, either a small charge from a fusebox. or a full one from a reactor core. he gets weaker when not charged.
Weakness 5-Core Problem: When the reactor core is damaged or in melt-down. he gets really weak as the power is zapped out. if it's fully destroyed, he will die.

The Items

Biker Chains around his wrist that he uses as weapons.

The Fluff

His eyes glow through his goggles, adding more stealth to his face and giving him a cooler look. also shows how much power he's got.
His veins have a small glow that grows as he gets more intense.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Trashy Paradox
Trashy Paradox

Status :

Quote : "I have the power to do great things; end world hunger and shit. but here I am, not even able to stop a couple of thugs"

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 1
Location : USA
Age : 17
Job : News Intern
Humor : Scarcastic
Registration date : 2021-08-12

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